Supreme Uprising Chapter 28

Chapter 28


The currency used there was points, so Luo Yunyang wasn’t willing to give up on any opportunities to earn some.

If his Speed was at 8, he might not be able to take on this guy, but if he raised his Speed to 15, it could be possible.

Power: 5.9

Speed: 15

Mind: 1.8

Constitution: 1

As soon as he adjusted his attributes mentally, Luo Yunyang felt his body become much lighter, despite the fact that he hadn’t moved.

He suddenly had the urge to fly.

“Are you ready?” he asked Lin Poshan bluntly.

“Ha ha… Do I have to prepare to fight against you? Bragging Xu and I aren’t on the same level, kid. His tortoise speed is a far cry from mine. You can start whenever you are ready. I will consider it a loss if you are even able to hit me! I can hardly wait to go to the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace!” Lin Poshan shouted happily.

“Ha ha ha!” A few veteran soldiers joined in. Suddenly, jubilant cheers filled the silence.

Xu Zhong’s sinister face had turned dark. He had a foreboding feeling that he would lose this bet.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t care about what was going on around him, said calmly, “Here I come then!”

As he spoke, he threw his fist out without using any technique. Everyone stared at him as he moved like a flash of lightning. He was so fast that they couldn’t even see him move clearly.

Lin Poshan, who had been confident about winning, only saw a flash before he was sent flying out of control.

He just hadn’t been on guard. If Lin Poshan had wanted to, he could have just shifted his body slightly and dodged Luo Yunyang’s attack.

However, he hadn’t been able to dodge before he was sent flying dramatically.

Xu Zhong was dumbstruck!

Yang Yirui and the other new trainees were all flabbergasted.

The veteran soldiers were just as astonished by the shocking scene before their eyes.

Yang Yirui and the others hadn’t expected this either, but the veteran soldiers watching from the sidelines were completely shocked by the speed of Luo Yunyang’s punch.

They were very familiar with Lin Poshan, so they knew all about the fella’s speed. They had never imagined that a newbie like Luo Yunyang would be able to actually hit a third-grade martial instructor like Lin Poshan with one strike.

They all knew that Lin Poshan’s strong point was his speed.

“Ha ha ha! Who’s that person who just fell down? Oh, it’s Lin Poshan! Unmovable Lin Poshan who moves like a broken mountain!” Xu Zhong roared with laughter as he patted his own head with his coarse hands.

Lin Poshan leapt up instantly. His face looked really ugly as he pointed at Luo Yunyang and said, “Let’s go again!”

Luo Yunyang’s gaze instinctively went to Xu Zhong, who looked delighted. Although this new kid still had a long way to go, his speed was remarkable and his fighting skills were outstanding.

When he heard Lin Poshan’s request, Xu Zhong laughed heartily. “No more fighting! If this goes on, daddy will go broke!”

Lin Poshan beckoned at Luo Yunyang. “If you hit me again, I will give you 10,000 points!”

The few people that were familiar with Lin Poshan knew that he was serious. However, they also knew that Luo Yunyang would be able to hit him again.

Luo Yunyang looked at Lin Poshan and nodded. The Rising Dragon Army was a place with rules, so everyone liked sparring fairly.

“On your marks Go!” Xu Zhong, who was also anticipating the result of the spar between Luo Yunyang and Lin Poshan eagerly, waved his hands. His tone was very serious.

Luo Yunyang punched the other man straightaway once again. The instant his fist struck out, Lin Poshan leaned back awkwardly.

This movement seemed really strange.

The majority of the elites who had joined the Rising Dragon Army couldn’t mimic Lin Poshan’s movement.

He looked like a bent iron panel.

When Xu Zhong and the other veteran soldiers saw this, they exhaled sharply and started cheering Lin Poshan on.

Lin Poshan’s fighting method was basically bullying, but the sounds of exhaling stopped mid-way as the target suddenly landed on the ground.

“Damn it! That was quick!” This time, Lin Poshan had landed on his back. He rubbed his butt and looked at Luo Yunyang solemnly. “Kid, your B-rank elite title was no exaggeration. We need someone with your speed at the Wind Division. You should come join us later. You will definitely have great prospects!”

Before Luo Yunyang could reply, Xu Zhong had already started scolding the man, “You despicable fellow! Are you trying to steal him from the Mountain Division? Luo Yunyang has been cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. He is a member of the Mountain Division. Don’t you dare get any funny ideas!”

“Can cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint give one such a speed? Now that Bragging Xu said this, I have to save this kid!”

As he spoke, Lin Poshan, who suddenly seemed to remember something, got up and ran fast in the direction of the city.

His speed was amazing. Although Luo Yunyang had already raised his own speed to 15, he believed that, if he were to run, he wouldn’t be able to run as fast as Lin Poshan.

He was like a gust of wind. Luo Yunyang finally came up with a suitable phrase to describe Lin Poshan.

“Alright! All you pieces of trash can rest over here!” Xu Zhong told Yang Yirui and the others as he patted his head. “Someone will bring you food later. Luo Yunyang, follow me.”

Yang Yirui and the others watched enviously as Luo Yunyang and Xu Zhong walked towards the city.

The density of the sixth factor was higher in the city, but the places one could live in there made them even more jealous.

However, jealousy would not help them obtain any of these things.

“Next time, we have to act like Luo Yunyang. I want to live in the city.” Yang Yirui clenched his fists. His eyes were burning with determination.

Xu Zhong found a one-bedroom apartment at the side of the city for Luo Yunyang. Although it wasn’t big, it was very clean.

“If you want to train, you can visit the practise room. If you want to eat, just head to the dining hall. You don’t have enough points to visit the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace yet!” Xu Zhong said before he left. His smile was especially radiant when he mentioned the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace.

Luo Yunyang put down his plain luggage and opened his second-hand laptop. He wanted to go online and tell his family that he was safe.

A message suddenly appeared in front of him. He had to authenticate his identity. Luo Yunyang entered his name just like Xu Zhong had instructed him to.

“Luo Yunyang, B-rank elite. Provisional Mountain Division. 35,000 Points. Newcomer King!”

Luo Yunyang’s mind went blank as he looked at his status. The Provisional Mountain Division was nothing, but why was he a Newcomer King?

What did this mean?

There was an annotation below the words. When Luo Yunyang clicked on it, an explanation appeared.

“The Newcomer King is the strongest trainee in each Rising Dragon Army Elite Class.”

“The Newcomer King receives a 70% discount when purchasing goods. The title of the Newcomer King is valid for one year. The Newcomer King’s elite rank is upgraded and he gets 10,000 points a month!”

Luo Yunyang’s heart beat faster as he read this. He still didn’t know how he would use these points, but a 70% discount was a great benefit. It was enough to make a normal person go crazy.

Plus, he would get a minimum of 10,000 points every month.

He would also keep this status for a year, and his elite rank would be upgraded by one rank.

The benefits of being the Newcomer King were great!

Luo Yunyang gripped his fists tightly in excitement. No matter what happened, he could not lose the Newcomer King’s status.