Supreme Uprising Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Reaching The Limits

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The Primordial Diabolical Bull roared ferociously as it flew into a fit of rage over the treachery of that little bug.

It had originally wanted to use someone else to do its dirty work, yet it had never expected that this vile human would betray it. Although it was unlikely that it would die at the hands of the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard, the Primordial Diabolical Bull would still have to pay a considerable price.

Just thinking about it made the bull feel as though it was about to go mad.

However, as the Primordial Diabolical Bull was using all its might, the surrounding area suddenly started shaking.

The bull was a Dark-Grade source beast, so its senses weren’t ordinary. Even a single falling leaf couldn’t escape its eyes, let alone something that seemed like a meteor crash.

However, it still found it difficult to react to this kind of speed.

When the Primordial Diabolical Bull finally reacted, it realized that the Heavenly Source Stone between the necks of the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard had disappeared completely.

What the f*ck was going on?

The Two-Headed Monitor Lizard roared furiously, yet the variations created from using the Heavenly Source Stone had already vanished.

It should grab this chance to take its life!

The lizard turned its head and rushed over in a different direction. It was shaking with rage so hard that it had already forgotten about beating the Primordial Diabolical Bull.

The bull’s four huge hooves stamped heavily against the lizard’s back in a flash.

How pleasant it felt!

The Primordial Diabolical Bull felt the urge to raise its head and howl at the sky. How many years had it trembled in fear before the huge Two-Headed Monitor Lizard and felt as though it had been walking on thin ice? These days of pain and suffering were finally over. All its old and new grudges had finally been paid back!

The Two-Headed Monitor Lizard, which had been lost in its fury, finally seemed to regain its senses. Its two heads suddenly swiveled and spewed out a fiery, frigid power at the bull.

However, now that the Primordial Diabolical Bull had obtained the upper hand, it would definitely not let go of such an opportunity. The two giant horns on its head were like extremely sharp blades as they sliced at one of the lizard’s heads.

Blood started immediately flowing freely. Although the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard’s head wasn’t decapitated, two long scars had appeared on its neck.

The lizard roared furiously and rolled around. In an instant, the massive power emitted from its body nearly caused the Primordial Diabolical Bull to flip on its back.

The battle between the two colossal source beasts became even more furious.

Luo Yunyang didn’t care about the Primordial Diabolical Bull. He had already obtained the Heavenly Source Stone, so he started fleeing frantically.

This Heavenly Source Stone was even better than the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s. The moment Luo Yunyang grasped it, he felt the Ice and Fire Powers within his body surge frantically.

One day later, Luo Yunyang stopped at a mountain range. He spread his mind power in every direction in a five-kilometer radius and made sure there were no threats nearby.

Then, Luo Yunyang made his body sink into the ground soundlessly. In just a minute, he had already sunk 100 meters deep in a massive rock. Luo Yunyang used his Buddha Disk to carve a hole the size of a person and then sat inside it.

Given his cultivation base, he was no longer restricted by breathing or other similar bodily functions.

As long as he wanted to, he could not take a single breath for a year without suffering any harm.

As he clutched the Heavenly Source Stone in his hand, all Luo Yunyang thought about was methods of using this stone. After some derivation from the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart’s techniques, he held the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart and started to try and transform the first flame.

The True Sun Flame was the most important of the nine essence flames within his body, so Luo Yunyang chose it in order to ensure a successful upgrade.

Everything went really smoothly. When the first bit of True Sun Flame controlled by Luo Yunyang passed through the Heavenly Source Stone, it turned into a frigid drop of water.

However, as soon as this drop of water was produced, Luo Yunyang’s delighted expression turned into a startled one.

He wasn’t startled because the transformation had failed, but because the frigid water that the True Sun Flame had turned into was Divine Moon Water.

When Luo Yunyang had linked up with the sky and earth and broken open the first apertures, he had already used the Divine Moon Water, which meant that he couldn’t use it now. Luo Yunyang cursed silently as he started to use the second type of essence flame.

On his second try, he chose to use the Earth Demon Poison Flame. After his earlier experience, his second attempt went even smoother.

Furthermore, what surprised him pleasantly was that the divine water that the Earth Demon Poison Flame transformed into wasn’t extremely cold. It actually seemed like a type of water that contained poisonous intent.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know its name, but based on how it felt, he believed that this water had an intimate relationship with the Earth Demon Poison Flame that made them correspond perfectly.

Luo Yunyang incorporated this water into his body. As the third aperture of his ice-based source core was broken, he felt extremely relaxed.

Then, the third, fourth, and fifth aperture were also broken

In half a day, Luo Yunyang had already broken through the ninth aperture.

This breakthrough allowed his ice-based source core to overflow with all sorts of shattering water-based True Intent. Thanks to his prior experience, Luo Yunyang prepared a spurt of energy. When he raised his ice-based source core to the god-grade level, he felt the land all around him start to tremble.

Luo Yunyang quickly realized that the Primordial Diabolical Bull was moving around.

Why had it come? As this thought entered Luo Yunyang’s mind, he had a feeling that something wasn’t right about this.

Therefore, he didn’t move straight away. Instead, he shrouded himself with mind power and waited quietly for the Primordial Diabolical Bull to leave.

An hour later, the bull had already left. After confirming that there were no longer any traces of it, Luo Yunyang used his experience to push his mind power towards his ice-based source core.

In a spurt of energy, Luo Yunyang’s mind power rushed to the place where all his ice-based True Intent was gathered. A vast frigid feeling nearly made his mind power freeze up.

At the most crucial moment, Luo Yunyang sensed some activity once again. However, this was not just the Primordial Diabolical Bull. This activity was even greater.

As the Primordial Diabolical Bull, the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard and a handful of other humongous source beasts moved, it felt as if the whole world was about to split apart.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power automatically detected traces of those source beasts. Meanwhile, he discovered something that looked like a giant rat shrieking and rushing over to its hiding spot.

“Here! It’s here!”

Although Luo Yunyang couldn’t understand the rat’s words, he could understand the meaning of its shrieks.

He had been discovered! Luo Yunyang only had two choices now. He could either break off his advancement midway, which would cause considerable harm, or hurry up and advance.

Luo Yunyang chose the latter after practically no hesitation. Unlike the way he had slowly mixed his mind power with his fire-based source core, this time Luo Yunyang wanted to advance by leaps and bounds.

His mind power, which had been entering slowly at first, started to rush towards the source core frantically. In just an instant, it had already rushed within it.

However, as it rushed in, Luo Yunyang felt the mind power fused into his ice-based system stagnate.

It was crumbling and failing at the final step

Even if Luo Yunyang wanted to fuse his mind power into his ice-based source core, it would be impossible now.

Suddenly, a giant claw swiped heavily at his hiding spot. In a second, the rock and dirt above Luo Yunyang’s head disappeared completely.

When it saw Luo Yunyang, the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard, which was only left with one head now, let out a carefree, maniacal howl.

It had lost one of its heads because of this vile bug! If this human hadn’t stolen its Heavenly Source Stone, it would never have lost a head!

Plus, it had been suppressed by the Primordial Diabolical Bull!

When it thought about the humiliation it had suffered, the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard went even more crazy. The instant it saw Luo Yunyang, a look of delight appeared in its scarlet eyes.

As far as the Primordial Diabolical Bull was concerned, although Luo Yunyang had helped out a little during its fight with the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard, he had still abandoned any shred of loyalty and run away.

This shameless fellow had finally landed in its grasp!

When the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard opened its mouth without hesitation, a mass of black fire descended towards Luo Yunyang.

A hint of fear appeared on the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s face when it saw the black flames. During its fight with the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard, it had found facing this soul flame the hardest.

This should actually be called a soul-burning flame, as it could pass through any clothes or other items as though they didn’t exist.

Any source beasts that had seen this flame seemed a little frightened, so they clearly felt a lingering fear for this sort of flame.

As the flame merged with Luo Yunyang’s body, Luo Yunyang, who had already appeared before all the source beasts, didn’t seem to undergo any changes. However, as the black flames entered his body, his eyes flickered.

A layer of black Qi started to envelop Luo Yunyang’s body. In an instant, his body swelled over 100 times and he transformed into a huge ape.

As the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard sensed danger, its remaining head once again spewed that extremely frantic blaze. However, this time when the blaze got close to the huge black ape, it vanished completely.

The blackness, which was a glow similar to water, quickly gathered as Luo Yunyang waved his palms in a vast wave and rushed towards the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard.

The lizard simply couldn’t react quickly enough, so when it was struck by the jet black palms, its entire body was sent flying.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull was flabbergasted. Even though it had cooperated with Luo Yunyang a while ago and didn’t really trust him, when it had fought with him, it had discovered exactly how strong he was.

Although Luo Yunyang had been stronger than it, he hadn’t been able to send that unlucky lizard flying.

It seemed like he was way stronger now.

Just as the Primordial Diabolical Bull started having second thoughts, the huge black ape surrounded by that boundless black Qi lifted the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard up and tossed that tyrannical entity straight towards a mountain.

Practically every source beast that had followed the Primordial Diabolical Bull and the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard suddenly seemed to realize something and didn’t make a move against Luo Yunyang. Instead, they all scattered in different directions.

The rat that had found Luo Yunyang was even more frantic. At the first sign that things were not going well, it quickly disappeared out of sight.

Luo Yunyang didn’t stop the source beasts. He just turned his gaze towards the Primordial Diabolical Bull that also wanted to flee.

Although the bull really wanted to escape, when it locked gazes with the huge black ape, it realized that there was nowhere to escape to.

Thus, it made the choice not to run.

“What’s this? Have you made up with the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard already? Or perhaps you two have been conspiring all along to trick me and attack me sneakily?” Luo Yunyang asked bluntly as he cursed the tactfulness of the Primordial Diabolical Bull, which had calmly decided not to try to escape.

“The two of us weren’t working together. In fact, when you took its Heavenly Source Stone, I was still prepared to kill the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard. I just never expected that our activity would alert a king-level entity.”

“It was that king-level entity that made us stop. When he heard about you, he gave an order to make sure that you stay in the Divine Beast Wasteland.”

This was a matter of life and death, so the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s explanation was very quick. The bull, which was afraid that Luo Yunyang would sense that it was lying, said loudly, “I didn’t have a choice. All I could do was come along when they tried to kill you. In fact, you are the best partner I’ve ever had. How How could I bear to kill you?”

Luo Yunyang’s expression turned grave as he looked at the crying Primordial Diabolical Bull and the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard that he had almost beaten to a pulp.

Anyone that could make these two forget their grievances was no ordinary individual after all.

“Is that king-level source beast very strong?” Luo Yunyang asked.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull nodded. “I am just an ant in comparison.”

Luo Yunyang was about to ask some more questions, when an extremely powerful arrow swept across from a distance. When he sensed it, Luo Yunyang felt his body shudder.