Supreme Uprising Chapter 282

Chapter 282 A Bright Moon Shining In Every Direction

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The majestic aura made the Primordial Diabolical Bull shiver. This powerful aura had clearly surpassed its expectations.

As soon as it appeared, a fighting intent emerged in Luo Yunyang’s eyes.

He had just cultivated his ice-based source core to the god-grade realm, so he had basically cultivated the first phase of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart successfully.

His strongest technique, the Ape-Dragon Variation, had reached its peak, so he didn’t need to use the attribute regulator.

He suddenly felt a desire to test his limits. How could he lower his head before such a powerful aura?

Luo Yunyang used his ice and fire source cores without hesitation. As these two powers circulated in his body, he had a flash of understanding. A gold-and-white pillar of aura rose straight up to him.

This aura rose thousands of meters into the air and formed a massive Scaled Golden Ape that threw its head back and roared towards the sky. Its war-like intent resounded like thunder!

Compared to the previous powerful aura, the aura of the Dragon-Ape was even more overbearing and ferocious. The Dragon-Ape’s eyes were like bright moons that froze up any item they landed on.

These two moon-like eyes were the core component of the Ape-Dragon First Variation, also known as the Great Divine Elemental Eye.

As long as Luo Yunyang wanted, he could freeze his opponents with just a gaze of the Great Divine Elemental Eye.

Of course, using the Great Divine Elemental Eye consumed a tremendous amount of power, so it was only used at critical times.

As the Great Divine Elemental Eye covered the surrounding area, the boundless aura that had been surging over halted. While Luo Yunyang pondered whether to use his mind power to view the aura’s direction, yet another wave of powerful aura surged over from a distance.

This aura was no weaker than the previous one. However, compared to the previous aura, which had been as vast as the ocean, this one was much more berserk.

The owner of this aura didn’t try to fight Luo Yunyang. When someone came into contact with Luo Yunyang’s aura, it strangely calmed down.

An ear-splitting roar that shook the sky suddenly rang out. Big fiery clouds rose up into the sky and dyed it red in an instant.

The flaming clouds had just risen up, when streaks of lightning filled the sky. Lightning flashed maniacally, each bolt containing massive power.

One streak, two streaks, three streaks

As these massive waves of power filled the area, the sky seemed to tremble. The Primordial Diabolical Bull looked like a frightened quail that had buried its head in the ground.

Eventually, a total of 18 waves of power appeared in the sky that was linked with Luo Yunyang. Amidst these overwhelming powers Luo Yunyang saw a vague golden eagle soar. Meanwhile, divine birds were flitting through the sky and massive beasts were creeping out.

Each colossal beast emitted its own unique aura and had its own unique grandeur.

After a while, the first massive aura that had appeared dissipated without a trace. Then, the others also disappeared.

In the end, only the Scaled Golden Ape that Luo Yunyang had unleashed remained in the area.

As he retracted his own aura, Luo Yunyang realized that all the power in his body had been more or less consumed. Luo Yunyang suddenly had difficulty squeezing any more power out of his ice and fire source cores.

Luckily, he also had a wood-based source core. Although this source core wasn’t at the god-grade realm yet, thanks to its support, Luo Yunyang was still able to hold out.

“Was that the king-level source beast?” Luo Yunyang asked as he turned his gaze to the Primordial Diabolical Bull.

When the bull glanced at Luo Yunyang once again, its body trembled even more violently.

“Yes, that was a king-level source beast, my king!” The Primordial Diabolical Bull’s voice was shaking as it spoke.

“What did you just call me?” Luo Yunyang, who was taken aback by the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s words, asked right away.

“You are my king,” the bull replied hurriedly. “Your earlier imposing manner has already been recognized by most of the kings. From now on, you will be the king of this region.”

The king of this region? Although these words sounded pleasant, they actually meant that Luo Yunyang had become a king-level source beast.

Based on what had just happened, Luo Yunyang knew that he hadn’t lost to those source beasts. This was basically because his Ape-Dragon Variation had evolved.

However, he still felt a little lacking. It seemed like if he wanted to strive against these king-level source beasts, he would have to master the Ape-Dragon Second Variation.

The Ape-Dragon Second Variation Luo Yunyang kept repeating this phrase over and over in his head as he turned his gaze to the Primordial Diabolical Bull once again.

“How will I benefit from being the king of this region?”

“You will have full control over the life and death of your underlings in your domain.” As it spoke, the Primordial Diabolical Bull was on the verge of tears.

After conversing a little with the bull, Luo Yunyang had a better understanding of the area.

The Divine Beast Wasteland was filled with all sorts of source beasts and divine beasts.

Naturally, source beasts were at the top of the food chain, so the dire beasts were their underlings as well as their source of food.

However, there was also a differentiation among source beasts. The basic grading system of the Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow Grades had already decided the place of each source beast.

Any source beast that reached the king-level needed to meet the standards of an Earth-Grade source beast, and every Earth-Grade source beast occupied a huge territory.

As far as what lay further up, the Primordial Diabolical Bull did not know anything beyond that.

The king-level source beast that had made the Primordial Diabolical Bull and the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard come to a truce had been a tyrant of its generation, a King Golden Eagle. It had also been the first entity that had used its aura in a bid to suppress Luo Yunyang.

According to the Primordial Diabolical Bull, although the King Golden Eagle had currently chosen to acknowledge Luo Yunyang, it wouldn’t be happy to lose half its territory and would definitely think of a way to regain it.

“Why don’t the King Golden Eagle and the other kings enter the dimensional fracture?” Luo Yunyang finally asked the question he considered the most important.

When the Primordial Diabolical Bull heard this, it stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was an idiot before it said carefully, “The kings are indeed really powerful. Although the space barrier can’t contain them, it would be very easy for them to make the space crumble.”

“If that happened, the violent storms that would occur would be too much even for a strong powerhouse like the King Golden Eagle to handle.”

Luo Yunyang felt like he had gained a lot from this conversation. As he gazed at the luxuriant mountains, he felt the urge to return.

Although this place wasn’t bad, Luo Yunyang still had many things to handle back at the Da Alliance. He pondered this for a bit before he said, “Go get the source beasts of this domain and tell them to prepare some offerings for me!”