Supreme Uprising Chapter 283

Chapter 283 The Ascending Nine Orifice Sky Lotus

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The landscape looked magnificent at sunset.

Lu Xiu stood at the foot of a small hill with a worried expression on his face.

As a martial grandmaster, he had already reached a state that allowed him to be unwavering.

However, Lu Xiu currently looked like a young man waiting for his lover. From time to time, he would glance at his communication device fretfully and then look up at the sky uneasily.

When he heard a sound, Lu Xiu unconsciously raised his head and saw three hawk-like figures flying over from a distance.

The three of them streaked through the sky with wings made of source power. The instant the three silhouettes appeared, a ferocious roar was heard from the depths of a distant mountain.

“Was it successful?” Lu Xiu, who didn’t care about anything else, walked quickly over to the man at the front.

“Yes, the mission was successful!” said the middle-aged man. Although his expression was staunch, there was delight in his eyes.

As he spoke, he handed a transparent bag over to Lu Xiu and said, “Chief Instructor Lu Xiu, you must deliver this to the Viceroy quickly. The Rising Dragon Army cannot go a day without without the Viceroy”

As soon as he said this, the middle-aged man, who had been looking full of vigor just a moment ago, crashed to the ground.

Lu Xiu suddenly discovered that the man’s meridians had snapped. This type of break wouldn’t usually be life-threatening. As long as one didn’t use source power, they would be able to recover after a few days of rest.

However, this man hadn’t chosen to rest. Instead, he had used his source power to fly over, which was the main reason he had lost his life.

“Chief Instructor Lu, Big Brother Lu was a virtuous man. This was all worth it!” the man to the right said. “Several S-Grade dire beasts on the mountains have gotten startled, and a few Honorary Delegates are currently stalling them. This shouldn’t take too long. They are just asking that you follow the plan.”

Lu Xiu nodded. If this had been any other battle, he wouldn’t have abandoned his comrades.

However, the object in his hands was too important. He needed to take this to Lu Qubing as fast as possible.

At first, he had thought that he would lose his commander. However, heaven always found a way. Just when Lu Qubing’s path had seemed to be set in stone, an Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus had surfaced.

Although the Rising Dragon Army was one of the strongest forces of the 13 Eastern Cities, it had used its full power to come up with numerous plans to find this Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

Given the current situation, this course of action was the most appropriate plan.

Practically the entire Rising Dragon Army’s vast power had been mobilized. The Four Great Generals were guarding the entire area, while the Eight Honorary Delegates and some other Rising Dragon Army powerhouses were in charge of obtaining the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

Although the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus was already in their hands, the plan was only halfway through. If the lotus was delivered to Lu Qubing, then the plan would be a complete success.

25 kilometers away was a Rising Dragon Army secret base. Three planes were already on standby, ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

Lu Xiu didn’t say anything. He just nodded at the two Rising Dragon Army warriors before speedily heading in the direction of the base.

Lu Xiu was a martial grandmaster, so he had always been confident in the past. However, his heart was now filled with apprehension.

The object in his hands would decide the fate of their Viceroy after all.

The Rising Dragon Army’s top brass had always worried about Lu Qubing’s body. Although the Rising Dragon Army wouldn’t crumble if Lu Qubing was gone, he was still the soul of the entire army.

Without him, the Rising Dragon Army’s fighting strength would decrease.

Lu Xiu had been among the people who had known that Lu Qubing’s body wouldn’t last long. When he had heard this news, the normally calm man had actually teared up.

He knew that the Viceroy wouldn’t want him and the others to cry, but Lu Xiu couldn’t help it. Everything was going to get better now.

If only that brat Luo Yunyang was there!

As Lu Xiu’s heart started brimming with hope, he suddenly saw a figure standing in front of him.

Lu Xiu froze and instinctively changed direction in the air.

In a moment, he had already created a distance of several dozen kilometers. However, just as he descended, he discovered that the figure had strangely appeared in front of him again.

“Have you gotten it out, kid?” the figure asked in an unquestionable tone.

Although Lu Xiu hadn’t seen who this person was yet, he felt a chill go down his spine. He could sense that a big turn of events was about to happen, but no matter who this was, his mind was set.

“Sir, I do not know what you’re talking about!” Lu Xiu had just spoken, when he felt a chilly wind pass by him and sweep up his body. He didn’t even get a chance to do anything.

Only a god-grade entity could have trapped him in such a manner!

When he thought about god-grade powerhouses, Lu Xiu’s blood froze. He struggled to open his eyes to see this person’s face.

It was the Raging Inferno Guardian!

When this name flashed through Lu Xiu’s mind, his mood hit rock bottom.

By the time Lu Xiu tried to urge his source core to struggle, the Raging Inferno Guardian had already taken the box containing the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

“He he It really is an Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus. I am reaping the reward without making any effort. Ha ha ha!” The Raging Inferno Guardian chortled heartily.

“Sir, this Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus is meant to save the Rising Dragon Army Viceroy’s life. We went to a lot of trouble to obtain it.”

Lu Xiu had never begged anyone in his life, but he needed to do so that day.

“If you returned the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus to the Rising Dragon Army, I I would be willing to be your servant for the rest of my life.”

“Just you? He he I don’t lack servants!” the Raging Inferno Guardian said disdainfully as he glanced at Lu Xiu icily.

Lu Xiu gritted his teeth. Although this humiliation was unbearable, he still had to get on with it.

“Sir, if you return the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus to me, the Rising Dragon Army will surely help you out on a certain matter.”

The Raging Inferno Guardian roared with laughter before he pointed at Lu Xiu and said, “You are really overestimating your abilities. Do you think I need the Rising Dragon Army’s help on anything? If whatshisname dies, then so be it. He’s just an insignificant bug anyway.”

As he spoke, the Raging Inferno Guardian waved his sleeves, causing fervent flames to envelop Lu Xiu’s body. “You delivered the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus to me, so I shall spare your life today, kid. However, you will need to be punished for trying to take me down along with you. These flames won’t kill you. They will just let you experience the raging inferno burning your soul day and night. Ha ha ha”