Supreme Uprising Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Extreme Fire Meeting Divine Waters

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“The Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus has been taken!”

“The Raging Inferno Guardian Lu Tini took it!”

“Lu Tini has severely injured martial grandmaster Lu Xiu and openly stolen the miraculous herb that could have saved Lu Qubing’s life!” [Lu Qubing, Lu Xiu and Lu Tini have different family names, but the pronunciation is the same.]

The news spread like flowing water throughout the 13 Eastern Cities. In a moment, the entire 13 Eastern Cities were shaken.

Countless people who were on good terms with Lu Qubing drew their swords, while the Rising Dragon Army’s Four Great Generals mobilized the entire Rising Dragon Army.

The Royal Forest Military’s Three Great Generals had already ordered their subordinates to move even before they received the Royal Forest Military Viceroy’s orders.

When the Grand Sky Military, the Hanging Sun Legion, and the Soaring Phoenix Corps heard the news, they all took action as well.

Soon, the 13 Eastern Cities had delved into this situation with their daggers drawn.

As far as the leader of the 13 Eastern Cities was concerned, although Jin Zaitian was infuriated, he ultimately restrained himself.

Injured men could recover, but the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus had to be retrieved! Thus, after some serious consideration, Jin Zaitian asked the Edgeless Spiritual Master to come forward and tell Lu Tini to hand over the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

Everything else that had happened could be overlooked.

These conditions were unfair for Lu Xiu and everyone else who had gotten hurt. However, when Jin Zaitian listed his terms, they accepted them silently.

When the Edgeless Spiritual Master received Jin Zaitian’s request, he told Jin Zaitian that he had already met with Lu Tini.

However, Lu Tini had refused to return the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus and said that it would be a present for Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s 80th birthday. He also told the 13 Eastern Cities to behave.

Jin Zaitian couldn’t imagine the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus being used as a birthday present. Although he felt extremely sullen, he still asked the Edgeless Spiritual Master to come out again and pass on the massage that the 13 Eastern Cities were willing to provide a new present.

This issue really tested Jin Zaitian’s limits. Although he was unwilling to compromise, he had no other choice right now.

He wanted Lu Qubing to live, but he didn’t want to wage war against a god-grade powerhouse. Although Lu Tini was an extremely despicable person, his ranking on the Divine List was high.

Furthermore, he also had Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s support.

“This is not a negotiation!” the Edgeless Spiritual Master replied once again, this time in Lu Tini’s own words. When this news circulated, the 13 Eastern Cities were shocked.

The Rising Dragon Army’s Four Great Generals, all their Honorary Delegates, as well as their other soldiers immediately gathered a military force of several hundred thousand men.

Even the satellites that couldn’t be activated without Jin Zaitian’s instructions were already being used. All sorts of means were employed to confirm Lu Tini’s location over and over again.

Once the direction Lu Tini was headed in was discovered, countless soldiers gathered in a frenzy and set out towards Jinrui Mountain.

Lu Tini had to travel through an unforgiving desert before he reached the ancient city of Mei’ya, so Jinrui Mountain was an area he had to pass.

Even if they had to pay a high price, they needed to make sure that Lu Tini didn’t leave the 13 Eastern Cities.

The setting sun was the color of blood. Many young men gazed out into the distance, all of them clutching their weapons tightly as hints of killing intent emanated from them.

That day, they would be slaying a god. They might be insignificant, but they couldn’t stand this uncalled for humiliation. Thus, they would make that god-grade powerhouse pay and wash away this humiliation with his blood, even if they had to pay with their lives.

Xu Zhong’s bald head glowed as he stood in the middle of a group of young people. Although he hadn’t been familiar with Lu Tini’s name in the past, he was now itching to beat him to a pulp.

Chief Instructor Lu was a great person!

Memories of his time spent with Chief Instructor Lu flashed across Xu Zhong’s mind. The final image he saw was one of their last drinking session.

Lu Xiu had been extremely happy that day. He had cried and laughed and told Xu Zhong excitedly that the Viceroy was going to be saved.

This news had also made Xu Zhong really happy. In the heart of every single Rising Dragon Army soldier, there was only one Viceroy, and that was Lu Qubing.

Xu Zhong had already heard from Lu Xiu, so he knew that the Viceroy didn’t have long to live. While he had been wondering why good people didn’t live long, Lu Xiu had shared this good news with him.

This time, when Chief Instructor Lu had left, Xu Zhong had hoped that all their problems would be solved. However, he had never expected that Lu Tini would forcefully steal away the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

Lu Xiu had been severely hurt.

Although men only died once, there were some things one couldn’t endure.

As he clutched his battle knife, Xu Zhong had a resolute expression in his eyes. Even if he had to die, he would bite off a chunk of flesh from Lu Tini’s body before he did.

“Lu Tini is 400 kilometers away!”

“Lu Tini is 250 kilometers away!”

“Lu Tini is 150 kilometers away!”

As news reports kept coming in, a flourishing fighting intent converged on the humongous Jinrui Mountain.

While the countless residents of the Da Alliance were observing the situation, Jin Zaitian, who was the 13 Eastern Cities’ authoritative figure, was under considerable pressure.

The decision-makers of the 17 Western Cities sent him messages and told him to calm down, try not to upset the people close to him and please the enemy.

Meanwhile, the consuls of Freedom City and the other Free Cities sent messages asking him to prevent a battle.

Then, Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s disciples announced that their master needed the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus to raise his cultivation base and had been seeking it for many years. They also criticized the 13 Eastern Cities intensely for not delivering the lotus to Unrivaled Warrior Johann after the discovery of the precious treasure and choosing to assist a sick man that would not be of much use to the Da Alliance instead. These shallow actions and short-sighted insight would probably anger everyone.

The Unrivaled Warrior’s disciple had put particular emphasis on the words ‘sick man’.

As Jin Zaitian clenched his fists tightly, a subordinate opened the door and turned on the screen in the room without saying a word.

On the screen, the brutal sun was still shining. However, a kneeling figure gave off a golden glow underneath the sunlight.

The figure looked just like the image of a god. Although he was kneeling before the mountain, he seemed like a colossal presence, like a peak even higher than Jinrui Mountain

Tears flowed uncontrollably down Jin Zaitian’s face as he looked at this familiar, albeit skinnier figure.

How many years had it been since he had last teared up?

However, he really couldn’t control himself that day. He had lost complete control of his emotions.

Suddenly, a figure swept across the setting sun, accompanied by the sound of extremely pleased laughter.