Supreme Uprising Chapter 285

Chapter 285 The Sun And Moon Striding Across The Nine Heavens

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Several hundred thousand men withdrew from Jinrui Mountain and fell into a momentarily sad silence.

After the Eight Armies left, Jin Zaitian made a personal call to the Martial God in hopes that the Martial God would be able to get the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus from the Unrivaled Warrior or Lu Tini.

Although he had already lost a great deal of his dignity, many people were really hopeful about Jin Zaitian’s endeavor.

This time, their greatest desire was that the Martial God, who they relied greatly on, would set things straight.

However, in the end, they didn’t get what they had been hoping for.

Lu Tini got to keep the lotus indeed!

This decision felt like a massive mountain crashing down on the Eight Armies. The only thing some staunch men were thinking about was fighting to their death.

Xu Zhong started drinking heavily.

It was the only thing he could do right now. He couldn’t do anything for Lu Xiu’s injury or help nurse him back to health.

Therefore, he could only drink.

“Luo Yunyang! Where have you run off to, you son of a b*tch?” Xu Zhong grumbled as he picked up his bottle of wine.

Among all the people he knew, perhaps only Luo Yunyang would be able to solve this problem. However, Luo Yunyang had already run off into the dimensional fracture.

Nobody was able to contact him, so people were going around spreading rumors. They said that Luo Yunyang had overestimated himself by entering the dimensional fracture.

Compared to the huge amounts of source beasts inside the fracture, the Primordial Diabolical Bull was just a negligible factor.

The bull’s power hadn’t exceeded its limits, so the space hadn’t ripped completely. Luo Yunyang had driven it away successfully, yet he would turn into food for those powerful source beasts soon after entering the dimensional fracture.

Xu Zhong was really angry about these rumors. He didn’t know exactly who had made these ungrateful speculations about Luo Yunyang, the very man who had saved the 13 Eastern Cities.

Although Xu Zhong wanted to kill someone, the people who had started the rumors were unfortunately very cunning, so he had no idea who they were.

Xu Zhong took out his communication device in a drunken haze and dialed a number he had called many times.

The device beeped, but there was no answer. Actually, there seemed to be something wrong with that beeping sound, but Xu Zhong was unable to pinpoint what it was.

After three beeps, he suddenly reacted. His eyes widened, and he felt extremely nervous.

“Instructor Xu, what a coincidence! I had just entered the Da Alliance’s domain, when you called me. Ha ha!” A subtle teasing voice wafted through his communication device.

That voice and that teasing tone were both really familiar. Xu Zhong felt as though his whole body was soaring. Without even caring about Luo Yunyang’s current status, he shouted emotionally, “Luo Yunyang, where have you disappeared to? Your Your father is getting bullied!”

His shouts were thunderous.

“Get your ass over here! Come find me at Chang’an’s largest bar in three minutes! If you don’t, daddy will fire you!” Xu Zhong said before viciously hanging up. It was only after he ended the call that he realized what he had done wrong.

He had just contacted Luo Yunyang!

Although the kid had heard what he had said, Xu Zhong didn’t know what would happen after he ended the call.

For a moment, Xu Zhong didn’t say anything. Then, he quickly activated his communication device and dialed Luo Yunyang’s number frantically.

Unable to connect, unable to connect, unable to connect

Xu Zhong suddenly put down the communication device in a frenzy, raised his hands and slapped himself hard on the face.

Even at such a time, he had still treated Luo Yunyang pretentiously. Even though this was an urgent moment, he actually hadn’t told Luo Yunyang anything substantial.

Any delay would shorten the Viceroy’s life. When he thought that the Viceroy only had half a day left to live, Xu Zhong slapped himself one more time.

Normally, when he slapped himself, he would hold back a little. However, he showed no mercy on his face that day.

One slap nearly dislodged one of his molars.

“You really have no equal, Instructor. Wow, you tried this out with so much strength! Seems like you have improved considerably!” a teasing voice suddenly said in Xu Zhong’s ear.

Xu Zhong saw Luo Yunyang standing right in front of him with a smile. Although his clothes were torn and tattered, he didn’t seem defeated. He actually seemed to be in high spirits.

“Are you really Luo Yunyang?” Xu Zhong stared at Luo Yunyang as he spoke with a shaky voice.

Luo Yunyang grinned and punched Xu Zhong mercilessly.

Xu Zhong shot out like a cannonball at his punch, flew out of the top level of the bar and landed in a pond outside.

The slightly icy water made Xu Zhong sober up completely. However, what excited Xu Zhong was the wave of energy that rushed into his source core. It felt as if a massive dosage had entered his source core, which hadn’t progressed in a long time.

He suddenly experienced a massive improvement in his cultivation base and became a first-grade martial master!

According to Lu Xiu, if Xu Zhong wanted to become a first-grade martial master, he would need at least a year of hard training. Luo Yunyang’s appearance had been shocking enough, yet his punch had actually substituted a year’s worth of work for Xu Zhong.

Xu Zhong, who now believed that Luo Yunyang was actually in front of him, laughed and then cursed loudly. “You You bastard! Why did it take you so long to return? Late It is already too late. The Viceroy only has three hours left to live. You You You”

When he saw Xu Zhong’s state, Luo Yunyang’s heart tightened. He didn’t waste any time on senseless chatter. Instead, he placed his hand on Xu Zhong’s head.

In an instant, everything that had happened during the past few days was etched clearly in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

The image of the man with the golden glow at sunset made Luo Yunyang’s throat go dry.

He waved his hands at Xu Zhong and said, “I will handle the matter with the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus. Take this medicine to the Viceroy and have him take it. He shouldn’t notice any changes for a day!”

As he said this, Luo Yunyang’s body had already become a streak of lightning that rushed towards the 17 Western Cities.