Supreme Uprising Chapter 286

Chapter 286 The Return

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To be honest, Xu Zhong’s mind was spinning. He really didn’t know how to describe his current mood.

As he clutched the red fruit in his hand, Xu Zhong was suddenly roused.

This fruit could prolong the Viceroy’s life by one day. Luo Yunyang would handle the matter with the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

This happy turn of events had been too abrupt.

He would be saved. The Viceroy would be saved this time

Xu Zhong quickly contacted the Flame Emperor and said in a thunderous voice without hesitation, “Get the fastest plane ready for me. I have a miracle medicine that can prolong the Viceroy’s life! Luo Yunyang has returned. He is currently rushing over to Mei’ya!”

The Flame Emperor wasn’t in Chang’an. Ever since the incident on the Jinrui Mountain, he had been forcibly taken to Shen’du by Lu Qubing.

He, along with the Rising Dragon Army’s other powerhouses and Jin Zaitian were all guarding Lu Qubing’s house.

Lu Qubing’s house was very small, so it was ill-suited for so many people. However, this had been the most important place in Lu Qubing’s entire life, so if he died, he wanted to die there.

Lu Qubing was sitting on an old, shabby rocking chair with a blanket over his knee. Although he didn’t feel cold, everyone present had assumed that he would probably be.

No one was speaking. Everything that Lu Qubing had wanted done had already been done. Thus, there was a stifling atmosphere inside the small house.

During this silence, the Flame Emperor’s communication device started to ring. Given the ranks of all the people present, their communication devices should have been ringing nonstop. However, all of them had given strict orders not to receive any calls.

When the Flame Emperor accepted the call, everyone heard the voice that came from his communication device.

When they heard what was said, practically everyone present stared in disbelief.

The majority of them hadn’t believed that Luo Yunyang would fall inside the dimensional fracture. However, Luo Yunyang hadn’t returned, so their confidence in him had wavered considerably.

Xu Zhong’s words now allowed their broken hearts to feel a renewed glimmer of hope.

“What did you say, you brat? Say it once more!” the Flame Emperor roared into his communication device.

“I said that Luo Yunyang has returned. He gave me a miracle medicine that can prolong the Viceroy’s life by one day!” Xu Zhong raised his voice. “Hurry up and get a plane to pick me up. I have to rush over to Shen’du within three hours.”

“What about Luo Yunyang?” the Flame Emperor asked loudly.

“He has gone to Mei’ya City. He says that he will retrieve the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.” Xu Zhong sounded delighted.

Everyone had thought that the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus had been about to fall into the hands of Unrivaled Warrior Johann, so no one would basically have any hope of getting it back.

However, this depended on who the person who tried was!

If Martial God Luo Kai spoke up, even Unrivaled Warrior Johann would reluctantly have to offer the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus up with both hands.

Even if Murat asked, although Johann would be unwilling, he would ultimately have to hand over the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

If one of the other two ultimate powerhouses, such as god-grade telekinesis master Luxi, opened their mouths, Johann would still respect them. However, Luxi would have to pay some kind of price in return.

The Edgeless Spiritual Master’s word wouldn’t do, but this wasn’t necessarily so for Luo Yunyang, who had defeated the Primordial Diabolical Bull and had already surpassed Luxi on the Divine List and reached the fourth place. Unrivaled Warrior Johann was only slightly ahead of him.

If Luo Yunyang spoke up, Johann would definitely respect him. However, he would have to pay a slightly higher price.

The Flame Emperor didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, the Eagle King had already spoken into the communication device. “You stay right there. A plane will come pick you up in five minutes.”

A delighted glow appeared on everyone’s faces when the call was ended. Nothing could beat a sudden turn of events right when everything seemed to be lost.

However, Lu Qubing who should have been the happiest, had a grave expression on his face.

When the Flame Emperor and the others noticed this, they heard Lu Qubing say in a serious tone, “If this happens, I’m afraid that there will be huge repercussions.”

Although Lu Qubing’s voice wasn’t loud, the people around him were no fools. In an instant, they all recalled Luo Yunyang’s experiences over the past few years.

“Connect me to Luo Yunyang,” said Jin Zaitian.

However, he was disappointed. Luo Yunyang’s communication device was no longer contactable.

After failing repeatedly five times, Jin Zaitian stopped his subordinate and told him, “Get me the Chairman.”

A minute later, Jin Zaitian was put through to the Chairman’s communication device. An impatient voice was heard from the other end of the line. “Jin, I’ve already said that I am powerless to do anything about this. I understand how you feel, but ultimate powerhouses”

Jin Zaitian didn’t bother listening to the same tune on repeat. Instead, he interrupted the man coarsely. “Luo Yunyang has returned. He is headed to Mei’ya City.”

Although his interruption was really rude, the chairman, who usually put emphasis on etiquette, seemed not to notice this time.

“Stop him! I order you to stop him!”

“I don’t have a choice,” Jin Zaitian said calmly. “He is an ultimate powerhouse. You should know all about ultimate powerhouses”

“Jin, wait a minute. I will inform Johann.” The voice on the other end of the line had become urgent.

After putting down the communication device, Jin Zaitian felt invigorated. Ever since he had become Vice-Chairman, he’d rarely had the opportunity to blow off steam this way.

10 minutes later, the communication device rang again. It was the Chairman. “I have already spoken to Mr. Johann. The Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus can be redeemed by your people. Mr. Johann has only asked for a ton of A-grade evolution source fluid in return.”

A tone of A-grade evolution source fluid was practically 10 years worth of the 13 Eastern Cities’ allocation. Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s appetite was extraordinary.

If Luo Yunyang hadn’t returned, Jin Zaitian might have gritted his teeth and accepted these terms. However, he now declined without hesitation. “It’s too much. We can’t afford it.”

“Jin, you have to understand that this is the Unrivaled Warrior we are talking about. He has already sacrificed his dignity by suggesting these terms. You know that rejecting his kind intentions would be the biggest kind of provocation to him. You You can’t afford to make a mistake!”

The tinge of rage in the man’s voice made Jin Zaitian very uncomfortable. He suddenly felt an urge to chuck the communication device aside. Meanwhile, his subordinate informed him that they were unable to contact Luo Yunyang.

“Chairman, Luo Yunyang has already left the domain of the 13 Eastern Cities, so I am powerless to stop him. You better think of a way to stop the impending fight.”

As soon as he said this, Jin Zaitian ended the call.