Supreme Uprising Chapter 287

Chapter 287 The God's Holy Realm

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150 kilometers away from Mei’ya was a manor with a landscape straight out of a painting. Deer strolled leisurely and swans soared in the sky, making the place exude an elegant grace.

Many top luxury models of Rapid Gem Automobiles were lined up neatly in the parking lot. Attendants in standardized uniforms guided honored guests in a courteous fashion as they walked into the large manor.

This place was called the Divine Shelter, and every person that entered the manor felt as though they were making a pilgrimage.

The owner of this place was Unrivaled Warrior Johann, the godly entity that stood side by side with Murat in the 17 Western Cities.

Although Johann wasn’t planning a lavish celebration, the people who wanted to leave a lasting impression on him found this opportunity too good to pass up. Thus, they brought along all sorts of gifts and came on their own, even if they weren’t invited.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann didn’t make an appearance to welcome the guests. The person who accompanied everyone and chatted with them was the housekeeper of the manor, an old man with refined features.

Although the old man wasn’t very tall, he gave off a refreshing vibe. Even though the people he sat with were city leaders, people on the Divine List and other impressive individuals, he was neither overbearing nor servile. He also didn’t seem to be the slightest bit in awe.

His calm, composed demeanor actually seemed to exceed his status.

Even Lu Tini, who ranked near the top of the Divine List, put on a meek smile as he glanced at him.

The guests were people at the apex of the Da Alliance, so they were well-informed and able to talk freely about anything.

“Jin Zaitian should really be taught a lesson. How dare he even think about trying to snatch away something the venerable Unrivaled Warrior needs just because of a subordinate. I believe that we should adopt a tougher stance against them,” a proud middle-aged man said with indignant righteousness.

His splendid opinion was met immediately with resonating cries of approval from everyone. Some people even hooted and demanded that the ignorant 13 Eastern Cities be taught a good lesson.

The housekeeper smiled mildly, whereas Lu Tini, who was sitting aside, had an aloof grin on his face.

The communication device of an emissary from the consulate of Mei’ya suddenly started ringing. The jarring ringing sound seemed a little rude amidst the warm, peaceful atmosphere of this gathering.

The man had a slightly unsightly expression on his face. However, when he saw the name displayed on the communication device, he accepted the call.

“What is it?” he asked gruffly. There was some displeasure in his voice.

“Sir, the Chairman has asked us to get ready to defend Mei’ya City. Luo Yunyang Luo Yunyang is coming!” The voice on the other end of the line was shaking.

When Luo Yunyang’s name was heard, everyone present turned extremely grave.

The first time they had heard his name, they had all thought that Luo Yunyang was a young man that could be nurtured into an extraordinary individual. However, when they heard his name now, it had a completely different meaning.

Luo Yunyang was a god-grade powerhouse that was publicly considered an ultimate powerhouse. When he had entered the dimensional fracture and never returned, they had all mourned a talented man who had died too early. However, they had secretly been delighted.

They had just been speaking with assurance and passing judgment on everything, when this young man had suddenly reappeared. Everyone now felt their hearts rise up in their throats.

Lu Tini didn’t look too good either. However, he didn’t regret stealing the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

After the fall of the Sky Scar Stronghold, he had needed to find someone that could give him a suitable shelter.

If he wanted to seek shelter from the Unrivaled Warrior, besides lending his support, Lu Tini would also need to add a bribe.

As far as the Rising Dragon Army Viceroy was concerned, he simply didn’t care if he died.

However, Luo Yunyang’s appearance and impending arrival made his heart tremble. He had watched his battle with the Primordial Diabolical Bull, so he believed that he was no match for Luo Yunyang.

“Don’t worry, everyone. The Unrivaled Warrior knows about this. He has already ordered people not to let Luo Yunyang come within 250 kilometers of Mei’ya, so you don’t need to worry. Just enjoy the party,” the Unrivaled Warrior’s housekeeper said in an elegant tone. His words instantly dispersed the fog that had formed in the hearts of the guests.

They all believed that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t act rashly if the Unrivaled Warrior had already set a decree.

On an island more than 250 kilometers away from Mei’ya, Alice stood quietly on a massive rock as the sea breeze rippled through her black clothes. As she gazed at the ocean, she looked like a deity that had just descended from the heavens.

Although Alice wasn’t very pretty, there was a charming grace about her.

As she moved her palms lightly, layers of sea water separated from the embrace of the ocean, gathered in the sky and formed a huge peak with a 10-meter radius.

This move required impressive control, as well as the ability to link up the sky with earth.

As Alice waved her hands, a wave of energy passed through the aperture in her forehead and flourished into her body.

Breaking through apertures made one a martial grandmaster!

However, although Alice had already become a martial grandmaster, she wasn’t really that pleased. On the contrary, her spirits seemed kind of low.

She wanted to become an ultimate powerhouse!

Just as she mouthed those words to herself, she saw a silhouette approach from afar. The silhouette was like a streak of lightning that appeared right before her in an instant.

“Long time no see,” Luo Yunyang said coolly as he looked at Alice.

Alice smiled faintly before putting on a serious expression and telling Luo Yunyang, “I know that the gulf between us is great. I am just waiting here because my master ordered me to. She is asking that you return first. Then, she will speak with the Unrivaled Warrior about the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus. Even if a price has to be paid, it won’t be too excessive. It should probably be something that you can afford.”

Alice’s master was naturally Murat.

Luo Yunyang gazed at Alice as he retorted slowly, “Why do we have to pay a price for something that was originally ours? I have come to take back what belongs rightfully to us! You will just be giving it back.”

“I know you are an ultimate powerhouse, but you mustn’t underestimate Johann,” Alice said with a faint smile. “He is an ultimate powerhouse with supporters that possess considerable strength. Forget about the others. Just the Bitter Cultivators alone could beat you. Johann is the leader of the Bitter Cultivators, so even if he doesn’t show up personally, he can still defeat and shame you.”

Bitter Cultivators? Some information about the Bitter Cultivators immediately appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind. Their strength was equal to the strength of the Ancient Martial Families of the East.

“They are just a bunch of useless people. If they dare block my path, then do not blame me for slaughtering every single one of them!”