Supreme Uprising Chapter 288

Chapter 288 13 Holy Weapons

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Although Alice still stood on that massive rock, she turned her gaze in the direction of Mei’ya City.

Luo Yunyang had already soared off into the air in that direction.

The Buddha Disks beneath his feet and his source-powered wings made him look like a divine entity high in the sky. In the blink of an eye, there were no longer any traces of him.

“Master, I wasn’t able to stop him!” Alice said helplessly as the call on her communication device was connected.

“I don’t care if he dies 1,000 times! How could someone with such a resolve become an ultimate powerhouse? Not being able to stop him is no shame!” said an indifferent voice with a tinge of desolation.

“Perhaps a little suffering would do him some good.” Murat’s voice was transmitted once again. “There are some things that can only be learned through experience. He should probably know by now that one can’t just become an ultimate powerhouse in a rush.”

As soon as she said this, Murat ended the call.

Luo Yunyang naturally didn’t know about this exchange between master and disciple. His speed was so astounding that he had traveled dozens of kilometers away in an instant.

The ocean in a 250-kilometer radius was like a layer of jasper. Luo Yunyang saw Mei’ya City, as well as the place where he had ambushed the Ravenous Wolf a few years ago.

The God Slayer, which was strapped to his back, seemed to sense something. It immediately became warmer when Luo Yunyang gazed at the spot where he had slain the Ravenous Wolf. That dense murderous aura seemed to be in complete sync with Luo Yunyang’s own aura.

Luo Yunyang felt as though he was one with the God Slayer. The feeling of the long spear streaking through the sky filled his mind.

“Mr. Luo Yunyang Mr. Luo Yunyang, I have been ordered by the Da Alliance’s Legislative Assembly to ask that you return to the 13 Eastern Cities immediately.” A mechanical voice was heard from a huge ship dozens of kilometers away.

Luo Yunyang glared over icily when he heard this voice.

The person repeating the message felt a wave of boundless killing intent wrap around him as soon as Luo Yunyang’s gaze was fixed on him. His entire body couldn’t help but shiver.

His originally tall body sank to the ground as fear filled his eyes.

The comrade standing beside him also sank to the floor with a tremble. Meanwhile, their other comrades were frantically pleading, “Don’t kill us, don’t kill us!”

This fear only lasted for about a minute before it disappeared completely. However, the fear etched on the faces of those ordinary martialists would make anyone who saw them think that they had been experiencing this feeling for countless years.

“The might of a god-grade entity is something we can never hope to reach, Chairman. I think it’s best that we don’t participate!” the person who had given Luo Yunyang the message pleaded into the communication device as he struggled to stand up.

Although everyone was safe, they were well aware that if that power had wanted to, it could have turned them to dust just moments ago.

The reason they had fortunately survived was because of the benevolence of that god-grade entity.

Mei’ya City was right ahead of him. However, as Luo Yunyang was about to go ashore, he saw 13 statue-like figures standing still and upright on the shores of Mei’ya. Their eyes were all quietly fixed on him.

Although their gazes didn’t seem bright, each and every one was profound.

They were 13 top-notch martial grandmasters!

Luo Yunyang determined their cultivation bases as soon as he saw them.

For him, 13 top-notch martial grandmasters weren’t much. If he wanted to, his Buddha Disks could finish them off right away.

“The God says that you should go back where you came from!” the central figure said with a dull voice that seemed to contain a majestic threat.

The figure wasn’t taller than five feet, yet as he stood on the ground, he seemed like a pillar propping up the sky and suppressing everyone around him.

In his hand was a stone rod.

When Luo Yunyang heard him speak, his eyes went straight to the stone rod.

The moment his mind power probed the rod, he felt a massive power contained within it.

The rod actually didn’t seem to be inferior to the God Slayer.

Every single one of the 13 top-notch martial grandmasters was holding a stone rod. At first, this seemed weird. However, the solemn expressions on their faces didn’t seem fake.

The 13 of them were holding the stone rods piously, as if they weren’t stone rods, but someone they loved dearly.

Luo Yunyang burst out laughing when he thought about this. He already knew those people’s backgrounds, so he just said bluntly, “Scram!”

This one word contained an immeasurable might as well as a deep disdain.

Despite Luo Yunyang’s bluntness, not a single trace of anger appeared on the men’s faces. Their stiff expressions didn’t change at all, as if they hadn’t heard what Luo Yunyang had said.

“The God says that anyone who insults me will die!” said the Bitter Cultivator standing in the middle as he raised his stone rod slowly.

As the rod was raised, a white glow started to emanate from it. In the blink of an eye, the 13 Bitter Cultivators were enveloped by this white glow and their cultivation bases rose rapidly.

The white glow extended until it covered the area within a five-kilometer radius. The aura of each of the 13 Bitter Cultivators became a god-grade aura.

Although there weren’t many god-grade powerhouses in the Da Alliance, thanks to the support of the stone rods in their hands, the 13 cultivators had just stepped into the god-grade realm.

This large stride seemed extremely strange.

As he gazed at the Bitter Cultivators surrounded by the white glow, Luo Yunyang had an epiphany. Although it seemed like there was only a white glow around their bodies, it still made them seem more powerful.

However, their souls had actually already been controlled by the soul within each of these 13 stone rods.

“Kill!” An icy shout rang out of the mouth of the first Bitter Cultivator, who brandished the long rod in his hand and swept it towards Luo Yunyang.

Meanwhile, the 13 figures also brandished their huge rods and swung them hard at Luo Yunyang.

13 blazing white glows that looked like 13 beams of light streaked across the sky towards Luo Yunyang.

Although the 13 glows seemed scattered, when they were launched, they blocked Luo Yunyang’s way out in an instant.

Luo Yunyang’s expression didn’t change as he faced a beam of light streaking towards him. He lifted his arms up and aimed a strike at the white light.


When his fists met the white light, the light disintegrated completely.

Meanwhile, the other 12 white lights surged towards him in an effort to suppress him.