Supreme Uprising Chapter 289

Chapter 289 Fire On The Left Ice On The Right

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As he faced the 12 turbulent beams of white light, Luo Yunyang decided not to dodge. Instead, he lifted his right arm up and pushed forward.

As soon as he made this move, an immense chill permeated the sky. The light beams froze within the ice immediately.

Even when the turbulent white glows stagnated, they still seemed to be struggling to break out. Luo Yunyang’s left fist suddenly punched the huge layer of ice hard.

When some golden-red flames bombarded the ice, it shattered into countless ice and fire shards that formed a whirlwind that surged towards the 13 Bitter Cultivators.

The 13 Bitter Cultivators didn’t seem surprised that their attacks had failed, as they knew very well that they weren’t facing an ordinary martialist, but an ultimate powerhouse.

As the ice and fire whirlwind picked up, the 13 of them didn’t even budge. When they waved the stone rods in their hands lightly, a white light linked the 13 of them together.

Their white lights gathered and formed a white barrier that looked like a white world. One could hear the faint voices of people singing within this world.

The ice and fire whirlwind struck the white glow as it rose up. Then, the white light acted like a curtain being violently struck by torrential winds and rain. Cracks started to appear right away.

However, the white light was very tough. Although the intense flames and frigid ice were very powerful, they weren’t able to shatter this layer of white light.

“The God says that everything is difficult!” the lead Bitter Cultivator proclaimed loudly as the violent ice and fire powers were about to dissipate.

The other 12 Bitter Cultivators didn’t say a thing, yet the circle they had formed started to shrink.

The 13 stone rods were flourished at a much faster speed now, while the white glows on the stone rods were even more dazzling.

All 13 stone rods moved in sync with every single motion. Although this technique appeared very simple, it was actually very difficult to achieve.

Luo Yunyang chose not to avoid this attack. Instead, he raised both arms as the moon and the sun converged in his left and right fist respectively and unleashed a flurry of strikes.

Although each of his strikes was blocked by the white glow gathered on the 13 stone rods, each time Luo Yunyang’s fists struck, tiny cracks would appear on the rod that countered the hit.

15 minutes later, Luo Yunyang, who was like a storm dragon that could control the winds and the rain, punched out fiercely at a stone rod swinging his way.

After undergoing many rounds of corrosion from the ice and fire powers, the stone rod had already loosened considerably. Thus, when Luo Yunyang’s full force hit it, the tip of the rod fell off with a cracking sound.

The face of the Bitter Cultivator wielding the stone rod turned pale.

For him, that stone rod was his entire life, or maybe even more important than his life.

Every single one of those stone rods had been powered up through the hands of countless Bitter Cultivators. Before the existence of source cores, these rods had already been a holy weapon that could calm one’s temperament. However, after the emergence of source cores, their might had gradually surfaced.

The rods, which could aid in cultivation, also possessed an extraordinary combat power.

Now that the stone rod that man had inherited had actually been damaged, he was as good as dead.

For a moment, there was a glimmer of a tear in the Bitter Cultivator’s eyes.

However, Luo Yunyang couldn’t pass up such a chance. The moment the Bitter Cultivator hesitated, the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fist formed in his left hand and the Sky-Ripping Violent Ape formed in his right hand. Luo Yunyang struck out viciously at the Bitter Cultivator.

The man’s stone rod had been damaged, so he was slightly distracted. As a result, tiny gaps had started appearing in his barrier-like white glow.

In an instant, the two huge palms of ice and fire power broke through the barrier of the white light and slammed the Bitter Cultivator to the ground hard.

Even an ordinary god-grade powerhouse wouldn’t have gotten up after taking this strike. However, this Bitter Cultivator climbed to his feet resolutely despite being in tremendous pain.

When he got up, his eyes were blazing even brighter.

“All evil has to be tested!” the Bitter Cultivator shouted with a crazy look in his eyes.

The lead Bitter Cultivator also raised the stone rod in his hands slowly. In an instant, a shadow with a holy aura and an indistinct face appeared within the white glow emanated by the rod.

The appearance of this figure made the lead Bitter Cultivator’s aura increase tenfold, as though all his vital energy had gathered together.

As this shadow emerged, the same sort of holy shadows appeared in the white glow of the stone rods the other Bitter Cultivators were holding.

Luo Yunyang’s expression suddenly became really serious. Although the previous fight had been easy, he felt some pressure as the Bitter Cultivators used their ultimate moves.

“Holy Judgment!” the lead Bitter Cultivator said while the 13 shadows brandished their arms at the same time.

As they did, the 13 paths of white light formed a massive cross that was at least 300 meters tall.

When this cross descended, the sky and earth around it started to shake.

Although Luo Yunyang had already made some preparations, his expression was now extremely grave.

He was able to sense that the power of this technique surpassed the strongest attack of the Primordial Diabolical Bull by far. In the past, he would never have ventured into the Divine Beast Wasteland, so his best choice when he heard these heaven-suppressing words would have been to run.

However, Luo Yunyang wasn’t the same person anymore. As the cross pressed downwards, he took a step forward and an icy-blue glow started to converge around his body, forming a 30-meter tall giant ape.

It was the Sky-Ripping Violent Ape of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart!

The two huge azure hands of the ape clawed at the cross as they came falling down.

The cross didn’t move away, so the two forces collided.

When the huge ape caught the cross, a crack appeared on its arm.

Luo Yunyang felt his heart drop. The power locked within this cross was even stronger than he had imagined.

There was no time for him to use the Ape-Dragon Variation now, so he quickly transferred all his attribute points to his Constitution.

Then, he transferred all his Fire Attribute Points to his Ice Attribute.


These conversions allowed the power of the huge azure ape to double and its already massive body to swell in size.

When all these changes were complete, the huge ape grabbed the cross in its hands and dragged it!