Supreme Uprising Chapter 29

Chapter 29


Points Exchange!

When Luo Yunyang clicked on the words, four big categories appeared on the screen: Cultivation Techniques, Medicine, Weapons, and Food.

Almost instinctively, Luo Yunyang clicked on Cultivation Techniques.

Heaven Splitter: CreatorMartial God Luo Kai, one trillion points!

Luo Yunyang had managed to comprehend a hint of true intent from the words Martial God Luo Kai had written on the Rising Dragon Army Headquarters, so he was extremely interested in the man.

He had gathered a number of resources related to Luo Kai, so he knew that the strongest cultivation technique of this powerful being, who had been respected as a Martial God, was the Heaven Splitter.

One blow of the Heaven Splitter had once cracked open a mountain!

The crevice had been at least 50-kilometers long and 500-meters wide, and it had been so deep that its bottom could not be seen. That was the reason Luo Kai had been given the title of a Martial God.

Now, the Heaven Splitter could actually be bought by using points.

One trillion points seemed ridiculous. According to the rate at which he had won points that day, he would need…

Luo Yunyang felt his spirits dampen. This astronomical figure was beyond ridiculous.

Asura’s Seven Axes: CreatorBlood Butcher Murat, one trillion points!

Murat? Who was this? As Luo Yunyang stared at what was clearly not an Eastern family name, some doubts entered his mind.

Whatever. He just kept browsing.

Judgement of God: CreatorUnrivalled Warrior Johann, 800 billion points!

Johann was obviously a Western name, but the man’s title made Luo Yunyang feel uneasy.

Unrivalled Warrior Johann?

In terms of cultivation, it didn’t seem like he was Luo Kai’s match. What reason was there to give him the title of an Unrivalled Warrior? What made Luo Yunyang even more displeased though, was that below Judgement of God were a few words written in small print: 50% off in the 17 Western Cities.

The Da Alliance had a total of 39 cities. There were 17 cities in the West, 13 in the East, and nine cities scattered like stars in the North and the South.

This was equality according to the Da Alliance’s constitution.

Luo Kai and the Blood Butcher’s cultivation techniques had been treated equally, so why would the Judgment of God be 50% off in the 17 Western Cities?

Luo Yunyang pondered over his accumulated experiences. He was no longer a young man that got angry easily, but he still felt somewhat unhappy.

He started to browse once again…

He browsed over 10 pages in a row. The dazzling array of cultivation techniques made his mouth go dry. However, their disgusting prices made his heart sink.

Damn it! Browsing like this didn’t seem effective.

Luo Yunyang was about to browse through a few more pages, when he suddenly realized that at the top of the page was the option to arrange prices from lowest to highest.

He had lost a whole lot of his self-confidence for nothing.

When he clicked on the option, the first name to appear before his eyes made him wonder whether his computer was broken.

Heaven Splitter: CreatorMartial God Luo Kai!

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to click on the option to arrange the prices from lowest to highest once again, he realized that the points displayed on top were only 1,000.

Not one trillion, but 1,000 points. What exactly was going on?

When he clicked on the link, he saw the following words: Heaven Splitter, First Layer, Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques. Price: 1,000 points, Martialist Peak-Strength Requirement, 15,000 kilos.

His strength had to reach 15,000 kilos!

Luo Yunyang’s current strength was only 4,950 kilos. There was still quite a long way to go!

Even if he used the attribute regulator to convert all his points to Power, his distance from 15,000 kilos was still very long.

However, it seemed as if this gap wasn’t that big.

Luo Yunyang was a little tempted. As he kept browsing, he saw that the Ape-Dragon Blueprint was the second result on the page.

The Ape-Dragon Blueprint was clearly free. Why was it being sold over there? Luo Yunyang carefully scrolled to the Ape-Dragon Blueprint and saw the words written at the top. The blueprint included only diagrams seven to nine.

Note: People with ordinary constitutions are advised not to cultivate!

It cost 1,000 points!

1,000 points was pretty cheap. Luo Yunyang had over 30,000 points. Now that he had seen the Ape-Dragon Blueprint diagrams seven to nine, how could he not purchase them?

His Constitution was currently at 10, but he could still raise it more if that wasn’t enough.

“Warning: The Ape-Dragon Blueprint has a high rate of injuries. Cultivators without a high constitution shouldn’t practise it casually!”

Before Luo Yunyang could even purchase it, these bright red words appeared on the computer screen.

That was not all, though. Four pictures appeared right afterwards. They all depicted injuries suffered from cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint inappropriately.

There were pictures of handicapped people, people whose brains no longer functioned, and even one person who had died right away.

They had all been privileged, yet one wrong choice had eventually led them to a path of no return.

Luo Yunyang looked at the young martialists’ images. As he muttered to himself, his gaze suddenly became resolute.

Martialists had to press on bravely. Those people might not have been geniuses though, so Luo Yunyang decided to use his attribute regulator to the max.


Luo Yunyang clicked on the tiny button to purchase the blueprint. Then, the following words appeared on the computer screen: “Your purchase was successful. The item will be delivered in 15 minutes.”

A 15-minute delivery!

Express delivery was really fast!

As Luo Yunyang thought about this, his gaze fell on Luo Kai’s Heaven Splitter again. The first volume, which included the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, cost only 1,000 points. Why not purchase this as well?

Even if he did not cultivate it, he could still take a look at it.


After spending 2,000 points, Luo Yunyang browsed through the page of cultivation techniques once again. What made him desperate was that neither Asura’s Seven Axes nor the Judgement of God had appeared on the first three listings.

Body Technique, Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps! When mastered, one can complete seven leaps in three seconds. Grade: F, Cost: 10,000 points!

An F-grade body technique actually cost 10,000 points. This was really shady!

Luo Yunyang thought about the Heaven Splitter before glancing at this F-grade body technique again and shaking his head. He still decided to purchase it, though.

The few previous body techniques he had seen wouldn’t have helped him progress much, but as soon as he saw the description of the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps, Luo Yunyang felt that it was the right choice.


Now, he had both body techniques and cultivation techniques with which to train his body. It also seemed like he had a striking technique as well, although the requirement of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques was a little difficult to meet.

Luo Yunyang wanted to keep browsing, but his stomach suddenly rumbled.

He wanted to see what kind of gourmet food there was and what sort of surprise he could give himself.

When it came to eating, Luo Yunyang was starting to gradually realize that he was a gifted glutton.

One could also say that he was an experimental eater.

Just as he was about to switch pages, a piece of information suddenly caught his eye.

Basic Telekinesis Cultivation!

There was no creator or grade listed. There was only a price.

20,000 points!

When Luo Yunyang saw the Basic Telekinesis Cultivation, a glimmer of ecstacy flashed across his eyes. Now that he had a small understanding of his Mind Power, he knew that it was probably a form of telekinesis.

Luo Yunyang wanted to cultivate it, but he hadn’t found any practical methods.

The Basic Telekinesis Cultivation felt like rain after a prolonged period of drought.

He clicked on it right away.

Telekinesis was a mystery within a mystery. Only one person in 10,000 had above average telekinetic abilities.

A person who could use telekinesis as an attack was even harder to find. There was not even one in 10,000 telekinesis users.

Thus, this skill book was useless for most people.

As Luo Yunyang looked at the description, he thought back to the time before he had acquired the attribute regulator. Back then, his telekinetic abilities hadn’t even existed. The description made it clear that he was the right reader for this book.

There was nothing more to say. Luo Yunyang purchased it!