Supreme Uprising Chapter 290

Chapter 290 The Sky Ripping Violent Ape

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“He’s overestimating himself!” A giant screen in the Unrivaled Warrior’s manor showed the huge ape-like image of Luo Yunyang’s body.

Some of Johann’s disciples sneered when they saw the giant ape reach out and grab the cross. As Johann’s disciples, they understood quite a bit about the 13 Bitter Cultivators’ Holy Judgment.

The Unrivaled Warrior’s ultimate fighting technique was called the Divine Judgment. Although the Holy Judgment was weaker than the Divine Judgment, there was a limit to how weaker it was.

Although they had just watched a mountain get turned to dust by the 13 Bitter Cultivators’ combined Holy Judgment, the huge cross made of white light had suffered no damage.

Luo Yunyang was currently trying to tear the cross. How could that even be possible?

However, as soon as they expressed their opinion, the massive cross in the air was ripped apart forcefully by the huge ape’s claws.

At practically the same instant that the cross was torn apart, the 13 Bitter Cultivators coughed out a mouthful of blood and sat down on the ground. Shock was etched on every single one of their faces.

A tense silence suddenly enveloped the huge manor. Practically every person who had attended the Unrivaled Warrior’s birthday was deadly pale.

That son of a b*tch Luo Yunyang seemed more powerful than ever!

Luo Yunyang’s performance had made Lu Tini’s heart tremble in fear.

If that massive frost ape grabbed him with those claws, he feared that he simply wouldn’t have any way of resisting.

“Tell Luo Yunyang not to hurt the 13 Bitter Cultivators!” the mild-looking housekeeper shouted, practically convulsing in fear.

The 13 Bitter Cultivators were the strongest fighting force of the Unrivaled Warrior. If they were destroyed, then

As he shouted, Luo Yunyang had already walked over to the lead Bitter Cultivator on the screen.

The lead Bitter Cultivator was about to say something, when Luo Yunyang’s palm descended and a majestic blaze enveloped the Bitter Cultivator.

“Luo Yunyang, stop!” someone’s voice shouted loudly through some equipment in Mei’ya City.

Unfortunately, this person’s roar had come a little too late. By the time their shout rang out, the lead Bitter Cultivator’s head had already turned into a ball of fire.

In the blink of an eye, the lead Bitter Cultivator had died at the hands of Luo Yunyang.

“Luo Yunyang, do you know what you are doing? The Bitter Cultivators are one of the Da Alliance’s strongest forces. Do you know what kind of situation we are in? This is a really critical time for the Da Alliance, and you are destroying one of its strongest powers! I I will punish you!” The snarling voice filled the air.

Luo Yunyang paid no heed to this voice. He just moved his palms, making a giant frosty palm appear in the air.

When the palm fell, two Bitter Cultivators that had been frantically trying to escape were smashed to pieces.

Fear filled the eyes of the remaining 10 Bitter Cultivators, who were still fortunate enough to be alive. They had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually be so ruthless.

Although they were Bitter Cultivators, this didn’t mean that they were afraid to die, especially after three of their comrades had been killed by Luo Yunyang.

“We will fight this out with you!” a Bitter Cultivator snarled. However, when he raised the stone rod in his hand, he realized that it was riddled with cracks. The instant he opened his mouth to speak, Luo Yunyang’s Buddha Disks had already flown out from behind Luo Yunyang’s back.

Thanks to the power of fire, the scarlet Buddha Disks turned the area around them into a blazing sea of flames.

If the Bitter Cultivators hadn’t been hurt, they would have been able to resist. However, they were currently unable to retaliate.

It only took a few moments for the 10 remaining Bitter Cultivators surrounded by the fire to completely disappear from this world.

Only their 13 stone rods were left lying quietly on the ground.

The huge guest hall of the manor was deadly silent as everyone stared fearfully at the image on the screen.

At first, the 17 Western Cities hadn’t really respected Luo Yunyang.

Although they knew that they ought to show respect to an ultimate powerhouse like him, they believed that if the Unrivaled Warrior showed up, this powerhouse would have to leave in shame.

They also believed that, even if the Unrivalled Warrior gave away the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus out of kindness, this ultimate powerhouse should still pay a certain price.

Perhaps he should even become a subordinate of the Unrivaled Warrior.

However, they had never expected that this fellow, who was always full of surprises, would not only defeat the 13 top-notch Bitter Cultivators but also thoroughly exterminate them, despite their significance to the 17 Western Cities.

The powerful Bitter Cultivators had died just like that.

“He He actually killed the 13 Bitter Cultivators. Doesn’t he know that these people are among the Da Alliance’s most treasured resources? By killing them, he is provoking the entire Da Alliance! This is” An overbearing middle-aged fat man was roaring in anger. However, halfway through his tirade, he realized that he couldn’t go on.

Although he wanted to speak, fear had slowly taken a hold of him and made him afraid of speaking out.

“I have to report this incident to the Unrivaled Warrior!” The housekeeper got up slowly. Although his expression hadn’t changed much, his voice sounded graver.

Two ultimate powerhouses were about to start a war!

Many powerhouses in Shen’du were also watching these events unfold. The majority of these people were just as shocked.

Even some martial grandmasters were trembling, as they knew that each of the people that had died had been a top-notch martial grandmaster.

“Well done!” the Hanging Sky Legion’s Viceroy suddenly exclaimed. There was a dense, cold glint in his eyes as he spoke. “How can this bunch of dogs talk about how precious martial grandmasters are right now? Isn’t Old Lu a martial grandmaster? He is 100 times more valuable than an ordinary martial grandmaster!”

“We all know what the Rising Dragon Army would be like without Old Lu, yet they don’t care.”

“There is also Lu Xiu. Don’t we all know what sort of person Lu Xiu is? Look at how he was tormented. If we still showed mercy after what they did, then we would be too damn generous!”

Zhuge Yi, Jin Zaitian and the others didn’t say anything. Although they didn’t speak, the grief they had been feeling for days was vented out in an instant.

However, some people believed that things would get even more serious.

“It seems like a battle of gods will not be avoided,” said Lu Qubing, his voice fraught with worry.

As he spoke, a voice that sounded like the roaring sea reverberated on the huge screen. “You should die, Luo Yunyang!”