Supreme Uprising Chapter 291

Chapter 291 An Astonishing Battle Between Gods

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The roar sounded like a tsunami crashing against the mountains.

The entire Mei’ya City shook as this roar rang out.

The powerhouses of the 17 Western Cities rushed frantically towards Mei’ya when they heard the roar. They all realized that a massive battle between gods was about to break out.

Although they wouldn’t benefit from this, just being able to observe a battle between gods was a rare opportunity.

A battle between two gods could shake heaven and earth, make rivers run dry and turn thousands of miles of mountains into a peaceful lake.

Some powerhouses believed that perhaps by observing a battle between gods they might be enlightened and soar to greater heights.

Luo Yunyang remained calm when he heard this roar. Meanwhile, his body soared into the air and rose several hundred meters high silently.

As if created by the resounding roar, a violent gale arose and transferred Unrivaled Warrior Johann over like a divine general moving amid the sound of thunder.

Most of the time, the handsome Unrivaled Warrior was a cultured, elegant gentleman, yet now he looked like a raging god of thunder.

In 10 short seconds, the Unrivaled Warrior had already appeared before Luo Yunyang. When he saw Luo Yunyang, he immediately threw out a strike.

His strike carried the violent winds of thousands of miles and an intense fury. It also contained the boundless True Intent of the sky and earth.

As the strike blasted out, the huge ancient city of Mei’ya vibrated. The countless experts in the city had strange looks on their faces, while the source power within their bodies felt like it wanted to surge out.

Although they weren’t the target of this strike, just being in the vicinity of the strike made their bodies feel as though they were about to crumble.

The city’s defense mechanisms, which were usually used against source beasts, were quickly activated by the strike. A few buildings at the port outside Mei’ya also crumbled because of this sky-shattering strike.

Many people saw this strike as an extreme manifestation of a god-grade powerhouse’s power.

As he watched this strike sweep everything before it, Luo Yunyang took a step forward. The power of the Sun and Moon gathered in his hands before he blasted out his fists towards the sky.

He used the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists and the Nine Sky-Burning Dragons!

His fists filled with the boundless energy of flames as they collided with Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s palm seal in mid-air.

It looked like two extremely powerful taboo weapons had clashed in the air. When the two massive powers met, a violent explosion was created at the point of their collision and spread in every direction.

In an instant, the sky and earth changed color. Even the sun and the moon changed color.

As Mei’ya started trembling violently, quite a number of people felt as though the apocalypse had arrived.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann, who had arrived amid the sound of thunder, was pushed back 10 meters by the explosion.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang felt as though a majestic power containing the power of lightning and thunder had struck the very air and space he was occupying.

Luo Yunyang retreated nine steps. While he was backing away, his eyes glowed even brighter as he stared at Unrivaled Warrior Johann.

“Luo Yunyang!” Unrivaled Warrior Johann enunciated each syllable through gritted teeth. “You must have a death wish!”

Luo Yunyang’s aura wasn’t the slightest bit weaker than Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s. Although he was using his full power, he still seemed relaxed as he mocked his opponent indifferently. “He he The person who will hurt me hasn’t been born yet!”

Surging waves suddenly gathered behind Luo Yunyang’s body. By the time the power of the Moon within these waves converged and flew in the direction of the Unrivaled Warrior, they had already become a massive mountain of ice.

10 miles of ice mountains descended with a thunderous rumble. This strike was even more potent than Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s previous strike.

“This is nothing but a minor technique!” Johann shouted. He threw his fist out as the icy mountain descended towards him.

Although this strike seemed ordinary, Johann’s body looked weak and small next to the 10 miles of ice mountains.

However, when his fist struck the ice mountains, the massive wall of ice and frost shattered in every direction.

Many of the powerhouses that had already retreated to observe from far away felt as though countless dangerous mythological beasts were sweeping past them.

They had only gone there to observe the battle. However, they knew that the outcome of this battle would definitely affect them, so it was really painful to watch. Luckily, the shattered ice and frost weren’t targeted at them. Otherwise, they might not even have gotten a chance to avoid them.

The two exchanges had both been thunderous, so Shen’du and Mei’ya had currently fallen silent.

Although the power displayed during the earlier exchange between Luo Yunyang and the 13 Bitter Cultivators hadn’t been minor, both sides had actually been controlling their strength so that the contained power didn’t spill out.

As the Unrivaled Warrior’s immense power swept everything along, Luo Yunyang used his power even more frantically. Everyone present could feel that this exchange between the strongest entities alive was no ordinary insanity.

“Stop right there!”

Just as Unrivaled Warrior Johann was about to strike again, an icy voice reverberated in the sky. Then, Murat appeared at the city gates in black clothes.

“You know me, Murat, so it’s best that you don’t say anything.” The Unrivaled Warrior stared at Murat with a staunch resolve in his eyes.

Although Luo Yunyang and Murat weren’t on friendly terms, he had a rather favorable impression of her. Thus, he smiled and said, “If I don’t get a satisfactory explanation for this issue, I won’t let the matter drop!”

Luo Yunyang’s voice wasn’t very loud, but his attitude was decisive and unhesitating. Many people felt a faint chill in their hearts when they heard him say this.

Luo Yunyang wouldn’t let this matter drop. Not after he had killed the 13 Bitter Cultivators.

A glimmer of helplessness flashed across Murat’s eyes as she studied Johann and Luo Yunyang. Although her ranking was higher than Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s, in terms of actual strength, she wasn’t that much stronger than him.

Even though she could suppress Johann, now that Luo Yunyang was added to the mix, she didn’t have the strength to back up her words.

“I don’t care about the fight between you two. I just don’t want you to fight next to Mei’ya City. There are more than 100 million people living here!”

Murat then added frostily, “You two mustn’t let so many innocent people lose their homes.”

Unrivaled Warrior Johann glanced in the direction of Mei’ya and nodded. “I know what you want, Luo Yunyang. Let’s fight on the Varied God Mountain Peak, if you dare! If you win, I’ll do whatever you say. If you lose, you will lose your life!”

On the Varied God Mountain Peak? Luo Yunyang glanced at the massive mountain 150 kilometers away before he replied indifferently, “Okay, as you wish!”

As he spoke, he rose into the air and rushed in the direction of the Varied God Mountain like a flash of lightning.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann turned into a beam of white light and surged towards the Varied God Mountain as well. The two of them were like two white lines that disappeared without a trace in an instant.