Supreme Uprising Chapter 292

Chapter 292 The Victor Of A Battle Between Ultimate Powerhouses

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The Varied God Mountain was high up in the sky, so it was surrounded by clouds.

Martialists considered the massive Varied God Mountain essentially a forbidden area inhabited both by dire beasts and source beasts.

There were huge elephants as tall as three-story buildings, massive eagles that could blot out the sky with their wings, and apes that could spit fire and water.

These existences made people flinch at the thought of the Varied God Mountain.

That day, however, countless human powerhouses started to gather on the Varied God Mountain. Meanwhile, the powerful dire beasts and source beasts on the mountain started to retreat frantically.

Some source beasts with extraordinary intellect had already wisely chosen to leave the instant the first two figures had stepped foot on the Varied God Mountain.

Look, its the Dark Blood Practitioner! Someone pointed at a figure standing on the mountain.

Saint Luxi has also arrived. He is one of the ultimate powerhouses!

Naturally, these quiet discussions didnt escape the ears of Luxi and the other god-grade powerhouses. However, they didnt pay any heed to this clamor.

Their attention was fixed on Luo Yunyang and Johann, who were atop the mountain.

The two of them stood apart, one of them on a peak to the left of the Varied God Mountain Peak, while the other stood on a peak to the right.

The two of them didnt intend to make a move yet. However, their gazes were locked on each other.

Its already been three hours, someone said softly as he glanced at his watch. Even though there was some discontent in his voice, he didnt dare express it.

Three hours Ordinary people perhaps would have found it very difficult to stay still for so long, but the people observing did not.

Many people had thought that an intense, world-shaking battle would erupt the moment those two arrived on the Varied God Mountain Peak.

However, they had never expected that they would stop as soon as they landed on the two peaks on either side of the main peak.

It was as if they had already forgotten about the battle and were just enjoying the scenery.

The people that had come to spectate were the most elite powerhouses in the world, so although the two mens auras werent spilling out yet, everyone there knew that there was a reason they werent making a move. Once a move was made, it would be a strike that would make the skies and earth tremble.

A strike that could possibly determine the victor of this battle.

Look, Murat is also here! someone said excitedly as he pointed to a mountain peak five kilometers away from the Varied God Mountains main peak.

Ultimate powerhouse Murat had an even higher ranking than the two powerhouses who were about to fight.

She had been the one who had stopped the decisive battle between the two ultimate powerhouses outside Meiya City. Now, Murat had appeared once again.

I wonder what would happen if Murat made a move? someone muttered.

Although his comrade wanted to reply, a gaze suddenly fell on him and made his entire body tremble.

Almost instinctively, that person immediately shut his mouth. His hands were still shaking from fright.

Murat was not alone. Beside her stood Alice.

Alice, who had come along with her master, was staring fixedly at Luo Yunyang and Johann. At first, she felt a little dissatisfied with this silent stare-off between the two of them.

However, after staring fixedly at them for hours, she stirred up. Her heart suddenly started beating uncontrollably, her eyes glowed ever brighter, and her body emanated an aura.

This aura was combined with the mountain peak beneath her feet.

They are really very powerful! Alice lamented sincerely before eventually retracting her gaze. I cant keep watching them, Master.

Murat nodded. The fact that you are able to retract your gaze means that your cultivation base has already ascended a level.

Who do you think will win, Master? Alice couldnt help but ask as her palms became clammy.

However, she knew that the best person in this world to answer this question wasnt her master.

It was the Martial God.

Still, the most qualified person to guess who the victor of this battle would be on the Varied God Mountain was her master.

Murat smiled faintly. No idea.

When she sensed that her disciple seemed a little disappointed, she explained gently, Its not that I dont wish to say. I just wouldnt dare jump to any conclusions.

Just as Murat finished speaking, a sharp mountain breeze blew up some leaves in the direction of Johanns forehead.

As long as an ultimate powerhouse wanted to, even a Yellow-Grade source beast would find it difficult to get close to them. However, the instant those leaves got close to Johanns body, they were turned to dust by a wisp of air.

This happened so fast that many people didnt even have the time to blink.

However, Luo Yunyang had already soared into the air in an instant. His body was like a massive dragon dancing in the air, heading straight at Johann.

Johann, who wasnt the least bit startled by these changes or Luo Yunyangs sudden attack, took a deep breath and soared into the sky himself, becoming a whirlwind that swept towards Luo Yunyang.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged 100 blows in mid-air. Their hands and feet were so fast that even some martial grandmasters couldnt keep up with the speed of their exchanges.

Some younger martialists who had followed their seniors to experience this first-hand thought that all they could see were two flickering lights. When they widened their eyes, they saw two glows rushing towards the horizon.

After the whirlwind passed, Luo Yunyang and Johann both landed on the Varied God Mountain Peak. The white-clothed Johan now had two bleeding holes on his chest.

Luo Yunyang hadnt gotten off lightly either. He had five scars that were also dripping with blood.

I have to admit that I underestimated you, Unrivaled Warrior Johann said sternly as he wiped the blood off his chest. Your cultivation base isnt weaker than mine.

Luo Yunyang stared at the Unrivaled Warrior very calmly as he said with a powerful resonance, Actually, my cultivation base is currently higher than yours.

Perhaps, but you will not leave this mountain today. As Johann spoke, a sword appeared in his hand.

The sword was only about a foot long, yet as Johann raised it, a majestic holy aura started to gather on it.

Watch carefully. This is Johanns strongest technique, the Divine Judgment! Murat told her disciple excitedly as she watched Johann raise the sword.

Alice could sense her masters eagerness to give this a try. If these two hadnt been fighting, perhaps her master would have rushed forward to test out the destructive force of the Divine Judgment.

As everyone watched the stone sword rise slowly, Saint Luxi told the people around him, Retreat five kilometers immediately.

Everyone present was already watching from quite a distance, so if they moved back five more kilometers, that distance would be even greater.

However, even though this arrangement would make observing the battle harder, nobody disobeyed Luxis order. Although they did not fear Luxis reputation, they were afraid of getting caught in the fallout of this massive battle and losing their lives for no rhyme or reason.

Everyone retreated five kilometers very quickly. Just as some martial grandmasters lost their footing, they felt an extremely powerful True Intent appear in the air.

Many powerhouses felt the urge to prostrate themselves in worship before this True Intent. Meanwhile, the sword-wielding Johann had already become a god in their eyes.

He was a god with power over their very lives!

They found it so difficult to resist his sword that they didnt even intend to try.

Any individual that could become a martial grandmaster had a resolute willpower. However, they all felt the urge to pledge subservience to him.

Luo Yunyang was facing Johann and was the actual target of this Divine Judgment, so what he experienced was even stronger.

If the 13 Bitter Cultivators Holy Judgment had been a condensation of their spirit, then the Divine Judgment, which made people feel that it could control the fate of the world, was the genuine True Intent of a god-grade powerhouse.

This sort of True Intent could conquer any obstacle, so it was extremely difficult to resist.

As this wave of True Intent became stronger and stronger, Luo Yunyangs hands moved rapidly and he used the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Charts first variation.

A 300-meter-tall ape appeared behind Luo Yunyangs body. The giant apes golden scales made it seem even more ferocious.

The God is ordering you to die!

Johann flourished the stone sword in his hand. As he waved it, a pure white sword-light that contained boundless True Intent rushed over at Luo Yunyang.

The extremely powerful sword-light extinguished everything it passed by.

Nobody found this sword strike simple. Everyone actually felt an extreme might; a power that could conquer all.

As the sword-light enveloped Luo Yunyang, even the sky seemed to be shrouded by it.

While the sword-light descended, Luo Yunyang used the First Ape-Dragon Variation. The giant ape full of golden scales swung its fist out at the sword-light splitting the sky and earth.

Its golden fist shadows collided violently with the majestic sword-light.

For a moment, the mountain range shook and the earth roared!