Supreme Uprising Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Supreme Adjudication

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“Are they really still human?” Countless people among the top brass of the Da Alliance were flabbergasted by this crazy battle.

Most of them didn’t dare believe what they were seeing. Although they were separated by thousands of miles, the sword-light that was filled with matchless intent made them feel afraid.

This slash had also made them feel a lingering fear.

The golden fist mark seemed like it was going to rip the sky apart. Ordinary martialists would feel like small ants against these fist marks.

“Their attacks have already surpassed the strongest models of taboo weapons!” someone said softly.

No one replied to this report, as it hadn’t come as a surprise.

The might the two men had displayed earlier had already prepared them mentally.

What every single one of the people staring fixedly at the screen wanted to know was who exactly would come out victorious.

However, as they all fixed their full attention on the detailed screen, the screen suddenly turned black.

Many people felt dissatisfied. Some of them even shouted loudly, “What’s going on? Why is there a malfunction?”

Nobody replied, yet the question was answered a few moments later, when the Varied God Mountain Peak appeared on the screen again.

When the smoke dispersed, the figures of Luo Yunyang and Johann appeared once again. The two of them were still on the peak of the Varied God Mountain. However, one of them was standing at the center of the mountain peak, while the other was standing on the edge.

Johann was on the edge.

If he took one step back, he would fall off the mountain peak. However, such a fall wouldn’t affect him much.

In any case, the positions of the two men allowed the people watching to predict the outcome of this battle.

Johann’s face was currently pale, while deep cracks had appeared on the stone sword in his hand.

“Johann has been defeated!” Saint Luxi said in disbelief.

It could be said that Saint Luxi knew the Unrivaled Warrior quite well. He had been unable to ward off the Divine Judgment years ago, so he was right below Johann on the Divine List.

Based on what Luxi had seen, besides the Martial God and Murat, no one else should be able to ward off the Unrivaled Warrior’s Divine Judgment.

That son of a b*tch Luo Yunyang was too damn savage!

“Good technique!” said Johann. His calm voice contained no discontent. There was even a faint smile on his handsome face.

His smile seemed natural.

The Unrivaled Warrior was extremely broad-minded!

These words were frequently used by Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s enemies to mock him. It might seem as though they were praising the Unrivaled Warrior, but they actually believed that his heart was even smaller than a needle head.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power was very strong, but he could sense no dejection from Johann.

Although the First Ape-Dragon Variation had defeated Johann’s Divine Judgment during their clash, Luo Yunyang had sensed how powerful and mighty his opponent’s sword strike had been.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann was much stronger than the Two-Headed Monitor Lizard.

Luo Yunyang remained indifferent as Johann smiled. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he soared into the sky like a dragon and charged at Johann.

Johann retreated. In the blink of an eye, he had backed away about one kilometer. However, as he was backing away, a silver crown had appeared on his head.

Although the crown was as small as a toy, Johann placed it on his head as he retreated.

The tiny crown looked a little comical on his head, yet when the Unrivaled Warrior put it on, his aura became extremely majestic and solemn.

“I was planning on using this move on Luo Kai, but you shall have a taste of it on his behalf today,” Johann said indifferently. “Don’t blame me. Blame yourself for being too young.”

Young people were impulsive and inexperienced, which sometimes led to their death.

By the time Johann said that Luo Yunyang was too young, his eyes had turned silver and he waved his stone sword once again.

“Supreme Adjudication!”

Although everyone knew that the Unrivaled Warrior’s strongest technique was the Divine Judgment, the technique he used was the Supreme Adjudication.

Even Murat’s expression turned extremely grave, as she didn’t know what Johann’s Supreme Adjudication would be like either.

The stone sword wavered lightly. There was no light, so there was no power or anything else. Johann actually looked like a kid slashing at the air with a toy sword.

However, his slash created a tear in the sky.

The tear appeared in the entire area the slash had been aimed at. At the edge of that area was Luo Yunyang.

“It’s the power of law!” Murat said as she clenched her fists. The way she gazed at the Unrivaled Warrior was slightly apprehensive now.

Although Murat had always ranked above Unrivaled Warrior Johann on the Divine List, when she saw the boundless power this seemingly gentle slash contained, she no longer felt confident enough to defeat Johann.

However, she didn’t ponder this for too long. Instead, she fixed her gaze on Luo Yunyang, who was already trapped by that sword strike.

Even though Luo Yunyang was very strong, Johann’s cultivation base wasn’t lower than his. Plus, Johann had just unleashed a technique containing the power of law.

Would Luo Yunyang be able to resist this type of power?

When this sword strike was gently unleashed, Luo Yunyang felt a wave of power about to slice him in two.

Given his current cultivation base, he would still be able to live, even if he was sliced into multiple parts. However, he sensed that if he was cut into two by this strike, he would ultimately die.

Nevertheless, Luo Yunyang never even thought about dodging.

Although he didn’t wish to force his way through, when the sword slashed at him like a gentle spring breeze, he realized that there was nowhere for him to run to.

Thus, he could only take the blow.

As the Supreme Adjudication was about to reach him, Luo Yunyang quickly used the strongest ability of the First Ape-Dragon Variation, the Great Divine Elemental Eye.

One glance made the world before him and the law breaking through space freeze. Even Johann, who was feeling pleased, actually found it difficult to move.

For a moment, the Unrivaled Warrior felt flustered. He had always believed that he would definitely win if he used that strange crown.

However, he had never imagined that something like this would happen as he was about to cut up Luo Yunyang.

He simply didn’t have the ability to resist.

Although Luo Yunyang strode forward slowly, every step he took was like a heavy hammer blow striking away at the Unrivaled Warrior’s heart.

Murat, Luxi and the other powerhouses were all stunned. Even though they were a fair distance away from the battle, when Luo Yunyang used his Great Divine Elemental Eye, they all felt their hearts shudder.

As soon as this eye opened, they felt their movements get bogged down.

A few martial grandmasters who were too close were unable to move when they were caught in the boundary of this eye.

Luo Yunyang walked until he was one meter away from Johann and threw a punch. As his fist shot forward, the originally unmoving Johann suddenly moved.

What moved was the energy within his body. As this energy revolved, Johann was like a bomb exploding with a loud bang.

The strange small crown on Johann’s head gave off a dazzling glow before it turned into a bright streak of light that shot out into the distance.

The light streaked across the sky in just an instant.

This had all happened so fast that despite his Great Divine Elemental Eye, Luo Yunyang hadn’t been able to react.

After Johann’s body shattered, the power enveloping the air disappeared completely. Luo Yunyang sucked in a deep breath before deactivating his Great Divine Elemental Eye.

Although the Great Divine Elemental Eye was powerful, it consumed too much of his body’s power. Right now, Luo Yunyang sensed that the two source cores of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart within his body were completely devoid of power.

Luckily, the power of his wood-based source core was supporting his body. Otherwise, Luo Yunyang would have sat down on the ground.

The spectators, whose souls had frozen, suddenly came back to their senses. There was fear in their eyes as they watched Luo Yunyang.

Even god-grade telekinesis master Luxi was looking at Luo Yunyang strangely. The technique he had just used made Luxi feel afraid.

It was without a doubt fear that he was feeling!

Some members of the top brass of the 17 Western Cities were now watching Luo Yunyang fearfully. They could vaguely sense that after that day’s battle, the structure of the entire Da Alliance would change massively.

Within the space of a few moments, Luo Yunyang had recovered. His gaze fell on a powerhouse from the 17 Western Cities. “Where is Johann’s residence?”

If Luo Yunyang had not ruined Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s physical body, this powerhouse would definitely not have betrayed the Unrivaled Warrior.

However, he now replied immediately, “At the Divine Shelter!”

As soon as the powerhouse pointed out the place, Luo Yunyang rose into the air. Although he believed that Johann wouldn’t return to the Divine Shelter, the reason he had gone to Mei’ya City wasn’t to kill Johann.

He had gone there for the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus and Raging Inferno Guardian Lu Tini!

When he heard the powerhouse’s reply, Luo Yunyang soared into the air and streaked like a flash of lightning in the direction of the Divine Shelter.