Supreme Uprising Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Where Are You Running To?

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The manor known as the Divine Shelter was completely silent.

Everyone that had watched the extraordinary battle between the two gods transmitted by the satellites on the screen was staring flabbergasted at the seemingly still image.

The live broadcast had already stopped, yet the outcome of the battle was deeply etched within everyone’s minds.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann had been defeated. What’s more, he had also lost his physical body!

Although they knew that the Unrivaled Warrior hadn’t died, this was still unbelievable.

Everyone there considered the Unrivaled Warrior a god-like entity, so his defeat had caused their convictions to crumble.


A person was sent flying. Everyone suddenly realized that Lu Tini was flying off into the distance like a flash of lightning.

“Lu Tini has stolen the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus!” The person who had been hit was a disciple of the Unrivaled Warrior and a martial grandmaster with a considerable ranking on the Sky List.

Blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth as he lay on the ground.

The spot where he had been standing was close to where everyone had placed their presents for the Unrivaled Warrior. Thus, when Lu Tini stole the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus, he immediately hit this martial grandmaster and sent him flying.

Fear could be detected in his voice as the man shouted. The faces of his comrades fell when they heard what had been said.

A few of the Unrivaled Warrior’s disciples wanted to chase him, yet after leaving the manor, they all stopped.

Although their cultivation bases weren’t ordinary and they were like dragons and phoenixes among the humans of the Da Alliance, this depended on whom they were compared to.

Compared to Unrivaled Warrior Johann, they were nothing.

The old housekeeper had also shot out like lightning and run faster than Johann’s few disciples.

Based on the housekeeper’s speed, he was also a god-grade powerhouse. Unfortunately, he was still unable to catch up to Lu Tini.

“Mr. Belusi, what should we do?” a handsome middle-aged man asked anxiously.

“Get the Da Alliance to activate the satellites and track Lu Tini’s location,” Belusi said. “Although my master’s whereabouts are unknown, we have to give Luo Yunyang an account for the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus!”

As Johann’s youngest disciple, Lemarto was currently standing in the corner of the large hall. He felt sad when he heard Belusi’s instructions.

Since when had the Unrivaled Warrior’s disciples stooped so low? Just because someone had come knocking, it didn’t mean that they had to report to him. Under normal circumstances, they would have acted as they wished.

However, Belusi’s words were definitely more sensible. The strong reigned supreme, and Luo Yunyang had defeated their master and become one of the strongest martialists in this world, so he had the right to get an explanation from Lemarto and the others.

The guests who had come to celebrate Johann’s birthday were all hesitantly wondering whether they should leave.

However, they had sucked up to Johann for many years, so they naturally didn’t want their hard work to go to waste. Plus, Johann wasn’t dead. Where there was life, there was hope. What if Johann rose up again? Wouldn’t kicking a man while he was down be a little shortsighted on their parts?

Their deepest, most secret thought was that they didn’t wish to offend Johann. However, what made them feel as though they were sitting on a pincushion was that this son of a b*tch Luo Yunyang would be coming. If they stayed there

As many people were at a loss, Belusi said sternly, “Everyone, ultimate powerhouse Luo Yunyang will be arriving soon. I believe that no one wants to let an ultimate powerhouse misunderstand that one of you took the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus!”

Belusi’s words immediately made everyone’s expressions change. The people who had been thinking of leaving suddenly stopped in their tracks.

Luo Yunyang had crossed the oceans for the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus, so if he suspected that someone had taken the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus, that person would die a horrible death. This wasn’t something that anyone wanted to witness!

“Come on, let’s welcome the ultimate powerhouse!” Belusi glanced at Lemarto and the other disciples before he added, “Lemarto, you’ve met Luo Yunyang before. Join me later on.”

Lemarto felt a bitter taste in his mouth. Damn it, they’d only had a fight once. Lemarto hadn’t been very friendly to Luo Yunyang in the past, yet he knew that they were already past the point of retreat.

By the time Luo Yunyang arrived at the Divine Shelter, Belusi and the others were already waiting outside the gates. The moment they saw Luo Yunyang, they all bowed respectfully. “Greetings, ultimate powerhouse!”

Luo Yunyang’s gaze fell on Belusi. “Where is the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus?”

“We weren’t able to stop him in time!” Belusi explained hurriedly. “But we have already tracked an area where he might have run to with the help of the satellites.”

Luo Yunyang shot a look at Murat, who was flying over from a distance and said, “Tell me about Lu Tini’s whereabouts. When I’ve dealt with this matter, I also want you to give me a satisfactory reply.”

“We absolutely won’t let you down, sir.”

As Belusi talked about Lu Tini’s whereabouts, Lu Tini was fleeing frantically.

He was a god-grade powerhouse, so his speed was a few times faster than the speed of sound. Before Luo Yunyang had rushed over, he had already fled a few hundred kilometers away.

After confirming Lu Tini’s location, Luo Yunyang rose into the air to chase after him. Suddenly, he heard Murat say, “Luo Yunyang, Lu Tini’s speed ranks third on the Divine List. Even I would have some difficulty chasing him. Why don’t you wait a bit and let us provide you with our quickest jet?”

Wait a bit? Naturally, Luo Yunyang didn’t agree. Lu Qubing’s life was at stake, so he could not afford any delays! Plus, Luo Yunyang had great confidence in his speed.

“No need. It won’t be a problem for me!”

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang rose higher into the air. While he soared, he used the attribute regulator to transfer the majority of his Power Attribute Points to his Speed.

Thus, Luo Yunyang turned into a beam of light right before Murat and the others and ripped across the sky.

“That’s That’s 10 times the speed of sound!” someone exclaimed in a shaky voice.

10 times the speed of sound?

This was an extreme speed the Da Alliance had spent many years trying to pursue. According to a scientist, as long as one achieved a velocity 10 times the speed of sound, flying machines would be able to ignore the restrictions of the air and space.

However, this research had never been competed.

How could a person’s speed actually be 10 times the speed of sound?

Murat’s apprehension increased as she watched Luo Yunyang’s speed. Although she didn’t fear Luo Yunyang, after watching him, any intention of being enemies with him decreased considerably.

Meanwhile, Lu Tini clutched the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus in his hands tightly as he fled frantically. His mind was currently swirling like the raging waves of the ocean.

Watching this astounding battle between gods had been surprising. In his opinion, although Luo Yunyang was an ultimate powerhouse, Unrivaled Warrior Johann was definitely stronger than him.

As long as he could hide behind Johann, he wouldn’t have to fear any revenge from Luo Yunyang. Thus, stealing the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus so he could rely on Johann was the normal thing to do. Who didn’t want to find an even bigger supporter? He surely had a good enough reason for doing so.

However, despite how good his scheme had been, he had never imagined that the Unrivaled Warrior would actually be defeated this way. Although he had managed to preserve his soul, his physical body had already been lost during the battle.

Luo Yunyang might be able to pardon the others, but he definitely wouldn’t forgive him. Considering his involvement in the Sky Scar Stronghold and the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus incidents, Luo Yunyang would not let him go unpunished.

Thus, before Luo Yunyang could rush over, Lu Tini had decided to flee.

The place he was going to this time was a rough place. However, this was the lesser of two evils. Compared to death, heading to this extremely dangerous place was the better alternative.

When he raised his head towards the sky, Lu Tini sensed something high up observing his movements. However, he didn’t care.

He hadn’t even taken any precautions to cover his tracks. Getting from the Divine Shelter to the area he was headed to would only take him an hour, so he didn’t believe that Luo Yunyang would be able to chase him.

Mountains passed beneath his feet quickly. As his destination got closer and closer, Lu Tini felt somewhat pleased deep down.

However, just as he started feeling excited, a wave of danger suddenly flooded his mind.

As a god-grade powerhouse, his reflexes were extremely quick. Yet, as he moved his body frantically, the hand clutching the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus was severed by a sword-light.

Both his arm and the lotus fell into another arm!

Lu Tini felt his heart pound even harder when he saw the figure standing before him. He immediately howled in disbelief. “How How could you catch up with me? How could you?”

As Luo Yunyang held the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus in his hands, he tossed Lu Tini’s severed arm to the ground. Then, he stared at Lu Tini and said coldly, “I caught up to you 10 minutes ago! If I hadn’t been worried about the lotus, you would have already died!”

Luo Yunyang had caught up to him 10 minutes ago? How was this possible? How could Luo Yunyang be that quick?

However, he instinctively knew that Luo Yunyang wasn’t lying. He simply had no reason to lie.

Perhaps it was because of their respective statuses, but he no longer believed that Luo Yunyang would tell him any lies.

As he clutched his severed arm, Lu Tini said, “Luo Yunyang, you have already obtained the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus and I have lost an arm. Can we call this even?”

Call this even?

Luo Yunyang stared at Lu Tini with an unnatural smile as he said indifferently, “Do you think that’s possible?”

“There should always be a 30% chance of anything happening. You mustn’t leave others no way out. That’s not good. I admit that I was wrong in this case, but I can compensate you. If you let me off this once, I will be your slave for 10 years.”

Lu Tini pondered this for a bit before eventually gritting his teeth.

For a top-notch god-grade powerhouse, becoming a slave for 10 years was a huge sacrifice.

“He he I want your life!” Luo Yunyang said indifferently. “Your fate was already decided when you acted against my friends.”

“You actually want the life of a god-grade powerhouse just because I harmed a bunch of ants? Don’t you Don’t you think that’s laughable?” Lu Tini grew anxious when he saw Luo Yunyang’s attitude.

“There are too many stupid fellows who think too much of themselves in this world! In my opinion, you are also an ant!” Luo Yunyang stared at Lu Tini before he said unceremoniously, “If you don’t have anything else to say, it’s time you went on your way!”