Supreme Uprising Chapter 295

Chapter 295 All Gods Ultimately Fall

“Luo Yunyang, the space cracks are getting larger. The The world is getting even more dangerous each day. I am a god-grade powerhouse, so my contribution to humanity will only increase!”

Lu Tini was now speaking even faster, so his remaining hand danced around hysterically. “If If you kill me, it will be humanity that suffers. You mustn’t kill me.”

“Trash!” Luo Yunyang took a step forward and used the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists. Suddenly, a fiery dragon rushed forward and enveloped Lu Tini.

Although Lu Tini was only left with one arm, he was still a god-grade powerhouse, so when he saw Luo Yunyang trying to kill him, he waved his remaining arm and a fiery fist flew over at Luo Yunyang.

The fist-mark was like a flame that collided with Luo Yunyang’s flame dragon.

The instant the flame dragon appeared, his body became a streak of lightning that fled frantically into the distance.

However, now matter how quick he was, there was still a big gap between him and Luo Yunyang. His body had just risen into the air, when Luo Yunyang’s fist smashed into his back.

Given Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base, one punch was enough to take Lu Tini’s life.

However, as Luo Yunyang’s power was about to flow into Lu Tini’s body, a scarlet blaze surrounded Lu Tini and helped block Luo Yunyang’s strike.

Lu Tini smashed heavily onto the ground, but quickly got up. It didn’t seem like Luo Yunyang’s recent strike had inflicted much damage on him.

“Luo Yunyang, you you can’t kill me!” Although Lu Tini looked a little pleased, his eyes were still filled with fear.

Luo Yunyang’s expression became a little graver. Given his cultivation base, slaughtering Lu Tini shouldn’t have been a problem. However, the glow from Lu Tini’s body had actually absorbed the power of his attack!

What was that thing?

While Luo Yunyang was thinking about this, his attack didn’t weaken in the slightest. His two hands were brandished simultaneously. The Heaven-Burning Dragon Fist gathered in his left hand, while the negative power of the moon gathered in his right. When unleashed, the two powers became two spheres that pressed towards Lu Tini.

Although Lu Tini couldn’t ward them off, every time Luo Yunyang’s attack was about to hurt him, half of the power would be absorbed strangely by that formless power.

As Lu Tini calmed down, his eyes shined a little brighter. While he ran frantically forward, he exchanged blows with Luo Yunyang.

Five kilometers, 25 kilometers, 50 kilometers

Soon, Lu Tini had already fled 100 kilometers away. As Lu Tini’s eyes grew, Luo Yunyang sensed that Lu Tini still had some comrades.

When he realized that no ordinary method would be able to kill Lu Tini, Luo Yunyang stopped abruptly.

It would be difficult to kill Lu Tini by just relying on ordinary methods. Therefore, he could only use the Great Divine Elemental Eye!

Luo Yunyang had already used it once. However, even though he knew that this ability consumed massive amounts of energy, he wasn’t willing to let Lu Tini off.

When Luo Yunyang halted, Lu Tini clearly sensed that something wasn’t right. What was this son of a b*tch doing? This fellow always surprised people by having so many tricks up his sleeve. Halting all of a sudden was too goddamn strange!

Lu Tini tried to guess Luo Yunyang’s intentions. As he fled frantically, he unconsciously turned his head to glance at Luo Yunyang.

What he saw was a huge golden ape above Luo Yunyang. The colossal ape’s eyes looked over at him.

The moment he felt those eyes on him, Lu Tini felt his body stop in mid-air. He couldn’t even budge anymore.

In that moment, even his thoughts seemed to slow down.

While Lu Tini was thinking about how he would escape, Luo Yunyang had already appeared before him.

“Don’t kill me. I will tell you a secret, I can”

As Lu Tini wailed loudly, Luo Yunyang swung his fist. This time, Lu Tini’s defensive ability didn’t work, so his body shattered when it met Luo Yunyang’s fist.

“All gods will reappear, Luo Yunyang. When they do, you will die a horrible death”

As Lu Tini’s body shattered, a violent mind power created a resounding roar in the air.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power quickly enveloped Lu Tini’s soul, not giving him a chance to speak. Instead, he quickly extinguished it with his mind power.

The instant Lu Tini died, a plate the size of a palm that looked like a heart mirror fell to the ground near Luo Yunyang’s feet. [A heart mirror is a piece of armor used to protect one from arrows.] This plate contained a warm aura. When Luo Yunyang picked it up, he felt his mind power frantically flow into it.

In the central point of the plate was a small lion. Although it was only made of a few brush strokes, it looked extremely lifelike.

The moment he saw this plate, Luo Yunyang realized that this was probably what had protected Lu Tini and absorbed his own power.

Without thinking much, Luo Yunyang picked it up along with Lu Tini’s storage pouch and flew in the direction of Mei’ya City.

He still had to return to Shen’du, so he didn’t have much time to stay around.

However, this time he hoped to ride back on a Mei’ya City aircraft. He believed that Mei’ya would still be happy enough to provide him with a plane.

About half an hour after Luo Yunyang left, two figures appeared at the place where Lu Tini had died. Although sunlight shone on them, they still seemed sort of hazy.

“He’s already dead” one of the figures said extremely calmly. He spoke as if it wasn’t a god-grade powerhouse that had died, but a random cat or dog.

“The person who killed him isn’t weak,” said the other person. His eyes scanned their surroundings as he added softly, “I can sense it. This was the power of law.”

“The law is controlled by the master!” the first figure said bluntly. “Anyone else who comes into contact with it will be punished by death.”

As they spoke, the two figures searched the area around them. The figure who had spoken first suddenly said, “The Sky Lion Armor is missing. Seems like the person who killed Lu Tini took it.”

“Let’s go. Now isn’t the time to handle this sort of matter.” The other figure shook his head. “Even if the Sky Lion Armor landed in the hands of this person, it would still be nothing more than a scrap of metal.”

The journey from Mei’ya City to Shen’du took only three hours. When Luo Yunyang descended, Jin Zaitian and practically the entire Shen’du’s top brass were there to welcome him.

When Luo Yunyang got off the plane, everyone gazed at him respectfully

Unrivaled Warrior Johann had always been a tough individual among the 13 Eastern Cities. He had been like a needle in the flesh that had always made the 13 Eastern Cities very uncomfortable, yet no one had been able to remove it.

Although the Unrivaled Warrior wasn’t dead, he had been defeated by Luo Yunyang.

“Greetings, ultimate powerhouse!” Jin Zaitian arched his back and bowed respectfully as he walked over to Luo Yunyang.

Most people’s expressions changed when they saw Jin Zaitian bow. Jin Zaitian’s status within the 13 Eastern Cities was unparalleled after all.

All these years, he had only arched his back and bowed before Martial God Luo Kai.

Luo Yunyang exchanged a few words with him before he took out the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus. “I have already obtained the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus. Get someone to decide how it should be used.”

Jin Zaitian couldn’t help it. A tear flowed from his eye as he took the lotus from Luo Yunyang.

He and Lu Qubing were really close friends. The two of them had been supporting each other since the apocalypse, so they were practically brothers, perhaps even more than that.

Lu Qubing’s illness wasn’t just a worry for the entire Rising Dragon Army, but also for Jin Zaitian. He had felt extremely horrible when Lu Qubing had been making arrangements for his death and had been really elated when he’d heard about the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus.

However, the moment his hopes had gotten up, the lotus had been stolen by Lu Tini and given to Unrivaled Warrior Johann as a birthday gift.

When he had heard this news, he had felt really indignant. However, as the primary decision-maker of the 13 Eastern Cities, he’d had to make an extremely painful and humiliating decision.

He had sentenced his own friend to death with his own hands. This was an extremely unbearable and painful decision, yet he’d had no other choice under the circumstances.

Luckily, Luo Yunyang had promptly fought hard against these desperate circumstances and turned the tide. All sorts of emotions welled up in Jin Zaitian’s heart as he faced Luo Yunyang’s young, tender face. He didn’t know how to express his current feelings, so he decided that only by bowing would he be able to show his gratitude and respect for this young man.

“I will get my people to handle it right away,” a shaking Jin Zaitian said firmly.

A medical squad rushed over quickly, took the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus and got to work.

Three hours later, Lu Qubing used the lotus. 10 hours later, the medical team announced that Lu Qubing had recovered.

Although Lu Qubing left his sick room as skinny as ever, the illness that had shrouded his body had vanished completely without a trace.

Furthermore, he now looked 10 years younger than he had before.

The entire Shen’du was delighted about Lu Qubing’s recovery. However, besides some Rising Dragon Army soldiers and some old friends of Lu Qubing’s, the majority of the residents had their attention fixed on Luo Yunyang.

Not only had an ultimate powerhouse appeared in the 13 Eastern Cities, but this was an ultimate powerhouse that could stand side by side with the Martial God.

While everyone was celebrating, the Divine List was updated. Luo Yunyang climbed two places, surpassing Murat and taking the second spot.

Meanwhile, a title was added before Luo Yunyang’s nameEyes of Death!

Unrivaled Warrior Johann had fallen to the 4th spot. Although he had lost this battle, the strength that he had exhibited had clearly still astonished people.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really pay much attention to the changes in the Divine List. After having a chat with Lu Qubing that night, he left Shen’du and rushed to Chang’an.

He had charged straight to Mei’ya City after returning from the Divine Beast Wasteland, so he hadn’t gone back home yet. Now that everything was over, he naturally returned home.

Two days after Luo Yunyang left Shen’du, Shen’du received some news from the Collective God Union. Luo Yunyang was officially nominated for the position of the Collective God Union’s Vice-Chairman!