Supreme Uprising Chapter 296

Chapter 296 An Intense Sun Illuminating The Sky

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Luo Yunyang, who was currently in sealed cultivation at the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters, had a stone rod in front of him.

The 13 stone rods of the Bitter Cultivators were his most recent spoils of war. Luo Yunyang was currently concentrating on the origin sword formed from his mind power.

As the origin sword poured into the stone rod, a white glow appeared on it. The white glow turned into a figure that tried to prevent Luo Yunyang’s mind power from entering.

When this figure rushed out, a voice snarled in Luo Yunyang’s head, “Heresy! The world only has one master. You slaughtered the master’s followers, so you must die!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t care about this. As he focused his thoughts, the origin sword emitted surging flames and the figure was turned to ash.

Without that snarling voice, what remained on the stone rod was pure mind energy. Luo Yunyang, who had already become a god-grade entity in terms of his cultivation level and mind power, only had to think about this for the mind power to wrap around the stone rod and rush into his own mind.

Almost as soon as this mind energy flowed in unobstructed, Luo Yunyang felt his mind power double.

The origin sword, which had only been three inches long, grew to five inches.

When Luo Yunyang opened his eyes, he realized that the originally firm stone rod had turned into a pile of dust.

If the 13 Bitter Cultivators had still been around, they would surely have felt immense pain if they saw the shattered stone rod.

This stone rod had experienced a lot with an indefinite number of Bitter Cultivators, so the mind power that flowed in year after year had already become a powerful consciousness.

During a fight, this consciousness became one with the user and allowed their cultivation base to rise to a god-grade level.

The 13 stone rods were in fact 13 god-grade telekinesis masters, so being so crudely absorbed by Luo Yunyang was in fact a huge blow and a complete waste.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t find this wasteful. His mind power hadn’t experienced much improvement latey. Thus, if he relied solely on himself for his cultivation, he didn’t know how long it would take him to reach the apex of god-grade entities.

Each of these stone rods contained an extremely powerful mind power, so absorbing and cultivating them could allow Luo Yunyang’s mind power to improve at a breakneck pace.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang returned to Chang’an without hesitation. After seeing his family, he started to absorb the mind power of the 13 rods.

One rod, two rods, three rods

It took Luo Yunyang three days to thoroughly absorb all the mind power within the 13 stone rods into his body.

When the mind power of the 13 stone rods had been absorbed into his mind, Luo Yunyang felt the mind power within his mind condense until it became solid.

When he opened the attribute regulator, the improvements of his various attributes appeared clearly in his head.

Power: 20 (Fire: 8, Ice: 8, Wood: 0.601)

Speed: 619

Mind: 35,900 (Fire: 110)

Constitution: 2,200 (Golden Body: 185, Fire: 568, Ice: 568, Wood: 47)

True Intent: 18.7 (Decimation: 9.9, Fire: 7.6, Space: 1.1)

His Mind Attribute had gone from 3,000+ points to over 30,000 points.

Although this was a massive leap, there were no visible changes yet.

As he thought about his experience with the silver words for Power and True Intent, a thought popped up in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

His mind power had entered the boundaries of a god-grade entity! In the past, his mind power had reached this level by relying on his attribute regulator, but his actual mind power had remained within the grandmaster boundaries.

However, now that his Mind Attribute had surpassed 35,000 points, he had really become a god-grade entity.

Unlike martialist source core cultivation, when telekinesis users reached this level, their mind power was able to become solid and create all sorts of physical objects for offensive purposes.

For example, the origin sword Luo Yunyang had cultivated while he had still been a telekinesis grandmaster was actually an offensive technique of a god-grade entity.

Naturally, this was the simplest way to pour all his mind power into the origin sword. Plus, this origin sword possessed a Fire Attribute.

However, Luo Yunyang believed that this was the only attribute it possessed.

As he pondered this, his gaze fell on the shattered stone rods. Suddenly, he thought about the mind power within the stone rods and the way it had taken the form of a holy warrior when used by the Bitter Cultivators. Perhaps he could also create one of his own.

The attribute within his mind power was a Fire Attribute, so the first thing Luo Yunyang thought about was the Sky Dragon of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

That blazing Sky Dragon was very effective when it came to the laws of fire. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang’s image of the Sky Dragon was very distinct, so he wouldn’t have to make too much effort.

As he felt tempted, the Sun, which contained boundless energy whenever he cultivated the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, appeared in his mind.

Everything turned to dust as soon as the light of the intense sun touched it!

When he thought about the sun and how its rays lit up the entire world, Luo Yunyang immediately made a decision.

Although thinking about this was very simple, when he started to do so, he realized that it wasn’t as simple as he had imagined.

When his mind power gathered and formed the outline of a huge sun, Luo Yunyang was astonished to realize that the vast, surging mind power he had just sensed suddenly felt exhausted.

It wasn’t enough. There wasn’t enough mind power.

What could he do? Should he just stop and let it be?

The best option for most telekinesis users that faced this problem was naturally to stop.

However, Luo Yunyang was different. He possessed the attribute regulator, so he could transfer points from his other attributes to his mind power.

Although this would be temporary, it could help him complete the creation of that intense sun. Given his experience with the origin sword, once the sun was complete, using it in the future would be very easy.

As these thoughts flickered through his mind, Luo Yunyang started to make adjustments on his attribute regulator. In an instant, the majority of his attribute points had been transferred to his Mind and Fire Attributes.

After some time, an intense sun formed slowly in his mind. When this intense sun appeared, Luo Yunyang felt like he was enveloped by it.


When the Golden Crow within the Sun started to appear faintly, Luo Yunyang felt his vision turn dark. If he had not halted right when the Golden Crow started to take shape, he feared that his mind power would have already reached its limit, which would have caused him to faint and crash to the ground. [1. According to ancient chinese mythology, the golden crow is the counterpart of the moon rabbit. According to folklore, there were 10 suns and 10 sun crows. Long story short, all 10 sun crows came out on the same day and made the world burn. The celestial archer Houyi shot down all but one of the sun crows, so only one sun was left in the world.]

When that intense revolving sun formed within his mind, Luo Yunyang used his attribute regulator to restore all his attributes to their regular state.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang was very worried. He was afraid that when all his attributes were restored, that intense sun would crumble.

Luckily, although the sun seemed to shrink and become blurry as his mind power decreased, it didn’t crumble.

Encouraged, Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator once again and saw the new changes.

Power: 20 (Fire: 8, Ice: 8, Wood: 0.601)

Speed: 619

Mind: 5 (Fire: 0.5)

Constitution: 2,200 (Golden Body: 185, Fire: 568, Ice: 568, Wood: 47)

True Intent: 18.7 (Decimation: 9.9, Fire: 7.6, Space: 1.1)

The words and figures of his Mind Attribute had turned silver. Although his Mind only had 5 points, this improvement made Luo Yunyang feel ecstatic deep down.

As he came out of his isolated cultivation, Luo Yunyang saw the Flame Emperor. The Flame Emperor beamed when he saw him and walked over.

However, when he was 10 meters away from Luo Yunyang, he stopped in his tracks. Beads of sweat suddenly started to drip down his face.

“Don’t come any closer!” the Flame Emperor shouted in a high-pitched voice. He now sounded like a weak, bullied woman.

Luo Yunyang froze. He had never imagined that the Flame Emperor would actually shout like this. Luo Yunyang scanned his surroundings, but didn’t detect anything strange.

Rising Dragon Army soldiers rushed over from all directions as soon as the Flame Emperor shouted.

However, when they got within 100 meters of Luo Yunyang, most of them crashed to the ground. Meanwhile, the rest retreated frantically.

“What kind of technique are you using, Yunyang? Retract it immediately. It It feels as though you have turned into the sun!” The Flame Emperor cultivated with a fire-based source core, so his fire source power had always been well-known.

However, Luo Yunyang no longer seemed human. It actually felt like he was a sun that bathed everything with its intense rays.

Luo Yunyang, who finally understood what was going on, quickly made some adjustments to his Mind Attribute and contained the intense sun into the depths of his mind.

“You mustn’t breathe a word about this to anyone, Yunyang. Otherwise, I will be too ashamed to face others,” the Flame Emperor said with a sheepish smile as he finally relaxed.

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Don’t worry, Flame Emperor. I won’t say a word.”

The Flame Emperor laughed. “The Viceroy has asked me to keep an eye on you. The Chairman has already arrived in Shen’du and is preparing to have a chat with you. Jin Zaitian suggests that you pay a visit to Shen’du, while the Viceroy intends to let you decide.”

Although going over and coming over didn’t seem that different, they actually were. Luo Yunyang’s mind power surpassed ordinary people’s by far, so he could naturally tell what this meant.

He even knew the meaning behind Lu Qubing’s words.

Thus, after pondering this for a bit, Luo Yunyang said, “Since he is allowing me to decide, let him come over!”

The Flame Emperor nodded with a pleased smile on his face.

As the two of them spoke, a loud sound that seemed to make the sky and earth tremble reverberated around them. As soon as this noise stopped, the earth beneath their feet started trembling violently.