Supreme Uprising Chapter 297

Chapter 297 The Vanished Tribe Reappears

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“It’s an apocalypse!”

The Flame Emperor had an extremely unsightly look on his face when he heard this intense rumbling sound. He was someone who had already experienced an apocalypse, so the terrible memory of it was too deeply rooted in him.

Another apocalypse would be an absolute calamity.

Luo Yunyang’s god-grade mind power had spread out, so the changes to their surroundings were firmly reflected in his mind.

Chang’an City didn’t suffer much destruction. It was a city completely constructed out of steel after all. However, massive cracks and fractures had appeared outside Chang’an City, turning the area there into ruins.

Layers of vital energy were emitted from the crevices in the ground. The majority of this vital energy was sixth factor, so quite a number of plants started growing furiously as the dense sixth factor enveloped them.

Was this yet another apocalypse?

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to fly up in the sky, that intense shaking motion stopped. However, a minute later, everyone received some news that caused mixed reactions.

A huge island had appeared far in the vast ocean.

Although the two satellites in space could capture Luo Yunyang’s fights clearly, when they focused on this huge island, they could only capture an outline.

Every time the satellites were ordered to zoom in, the images transmitted became extremely blurry.

Actually, the imagery captured by the satellites seemed to be enveloped by a layer of frost.

“Why do I feel that this isn’t good?” the Flame Emperor said worriedly as he stared at the island that had just mysteriously appeared.

Luo Yunyang waved his arms. “Don’t worry. One can beat soldiers with weapons and water with walls. We just have to adopt the measures that the situation calls for.”

“Ha ha You are right, Yunyang. These are just groundless fears. Besides, this might be a good thing!” The Flame Emperor had experienced a lot, so he was much wiser than most people. Therefore, when he heard Luo Yunyang’s words, he smiled.

There was no other news for the time being, so Luo Yunyang stopped observing the island and returned home.

Given his current status, he could occupy the best area in Chang’an City. The leaders of the Eight Armies in Chang’an had been tactful enough to offer him the biggest manor at the city center.

However, Luo Yunyang hadn’t moved in. Instead, he continued to stay at the Rising Dragon Army’s villa.

Although there were Rising Dragon Army guards there, Luo Yunyang still asked two experts from the Great Snow Mountain to stand guard outside his house.

At first, the Great Snow Mountain had been a little reluctant to pledge its allegiance to Luo Yunyang. However, these two guards were very respectful and enthusiastic to be dealing with Luo Yunyang, who ranked 2nd on the Divine List and was the second strongest entity in the world. Everyone on the Great Snow Mountain thought it was best to fawn over Luo Yunyang now rather than later.

Luo Yunyang nodded at the two guards and pushed open the door to the house. Inside, Luo Dong’er was cultivating earnestly in white training attire. Her each move and technique was deadpan serious, which made her look really adorable.

Luo Yunyang stood aside and observed her for awhile. He realized that the Great Snow Mountain secret techniques that Luo Dong’er was practising were both vigorous and methodical. According to his estimation, every strike his sister made had a strength of at least 250 kilos.

She was considerably stronger than he had been before he had obtained the attribute regulator.

“Big Brother!” Luo Dong’er, who suddenly noticed that her brother was back, squealed in delight. She shot over like an arrow and embraced Luo Yunyang, clinging to her brother’s neck like a koala.

Luo Yunyang carried his beloved sister tenderly as he strode into the living room.

His mother Shen Yunying was packing some stuff inside the living room. Although the Rising Dragon Army had already provided the Luo Family with attendants, Shen Yunying wasn’t used to letting others do her own family’s chores.

When it came to everyday household chores, she was even more diligent than any attendants, so she made them stand aside awkwardly and watch her. In the end, she still let the attendants return.

“Big Brother, I heard people say that you are currently the second strongest person in the world. Is that true?” Luo Dong’er asked curiously, clutching Luo Yunyang’s shoulder.

“Of course it’s true.” Luo Yunyang pinched his sister’s little nose.

“Then why aren’t you the strongest in the world?” Although Luo Dong’er said this very naturally, it seemed like an acute strike.

Luo Yunyang was dumbfounded for a bit. Then, he folded his arms and said, “I will probably be after some time.”

The dialogue between the two siblings made Shen Yunying beam with happiness. She quickly went to prepare a few of her specialties so the family could have a boisterous, lively meal together.

“Yang’er, there is something I want to tell you,” Shen Yunying said after hesitating for a bit.

Luo Yunyang glanced at his mother seriously and placed down his chopsticks. “Go ahead.”

An iron tile had appeared in Shen Yunying’s hand. The tile was glossy, as though someone fiddled with it frequently.

“Before your father left, he mentioned that I should give you this metal tile on the first day of the ninth month of this year. You have to take it to the Listening Tide Platform.”

Shen Yunying rubbed the tile while gazing at it longingly.

Luo Yunyang knew what his mother was thinking about. All these years, he had also frequently thought about his father, who had left and never returned. For Luo Yunyang, this issue had always remained a shadow in his heart that he hadn’t been able to get rid of.

Ever since he had become a martial grandmaster, he had started to use his strength to search for his father. However, he hadn’t been able to find anything by relying on the Rising Dragon Army’s strength.

The Rising Dragon Army’s primary focus was fighting strength, and his father was a nobody in the Da Alliance, so he didn’t have a reputation.

After becoming a god-grade powerhouse, Luo Yunyang had ordered his Blood Strike Guard subordinates to conduct some secret investigations. However, they had yielded no results either.

His mother was now holding in her hands a metal tile that his father had left behind.

Regardless of the use of this tile, Luo Yunyang was prepared to take a look at the Listening Tide Platform. At the very least, he might be able to get some information about his father there.

“I will take a look,” Luo Yunyang said solemnly as he took the tile. “Don’t worry, mom. I will find father and bring him back.”

Shen Yunying nodded, as she had confidence in her son.

On the first day of the ninth month, Luo Yunyang would go to the Listening Tide Platform outside Chang’an City.

When his mind power wrapped around him, Luo Yunyang looked like an ordinary young man. He wanted to find his father, so he naturally would take the path his father had arranged for him.

The Listening Tide Platform was 150 kilometers away from Chang’an City. Although it was supposed to be in the safe zone, there weren’t many residents there.

It was an old platform overgrown with wild grass and trees, so the path had already lost its luster. Actually, it seemed no different than a wasteland.

Under normal circumstances, not a single person was seen on the Listening Tide Platform. However, when Luo Yunyang reached it, he saw over 10 people there.

There were both young and old people around, all of them dressed exquisitely, as if they led rather elegant lives.

“So this is your kid, Brother Jinlong. Not bad, not bad If he’s already a martialist at such a young age, then his future prospects will be limitless!”

“Alright, stop praising my family. Everyone knows that your little lady is a cultivation genius. She’s about to become a martial master, right?”

Two middle-aged men were talking. While they were engaged in a light-hearted banter, a young guy and girl stood beside them.

The young guy, who seemed friendly, tried to speak to the young girl. However, her expression was cold and she wasn’t really paying much attention to him.

Meanwhile, the others had formed small groups and were chatting quietly.

“I heard that last time three geniuses awakened their ancestor bloodline!” someone exclaimed. “Perhaps there might be even more this time.”

“Yeah, although the apocalypse was a huge calamity, it was also a huge opportunity. Otherwise, how would so many people have awakened their ancestor bloodlines?”

Ancestor bloodlines? Luo Yunyang’s fingers trembled slightly as his interest in this matter grew.

When he walked over, quite a number of people looked at him. Confusion appeared in their eyes when they saw that there was no adult accompanying him.

“Are you in the wrong place, young man?” Brother Jinlong asked Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang flashed him a faint smile. “Nope.”

“May I know your surname, young man?” Brother Jinlong smiled.

“Luo!” This wasn’t something he needed to hide, so Luo Yunyang answered openly.

“Ha ha ha! I failed to recognize a familiar person. I am also a Luo. According to the family hierarchy though, you might need to call me something else,” Luo Jinlong said naturally. “Tell us your generation name.”

Generation name? Luo Yunyang wondered if his generation name was Yun, when an image suddenly appeared in his head.

“Son, you are a Wan!”

Although these had been his father’s words, Luo Yunyang hadn’t taken them to heart. Now that Luo Jinlong had asked him, this long lost memory was drawn out.

“I should probably be a Wan.”

“Wan? Let me see. You should probably call me” Luo Jinlong extended his fingers as he thought about this. While his fingers were stretched, he had a really strange expression on his face.

Everyone else gazed at Luo Yunyang weirdly, as though they were staring at a freak.

Luo Yunyang’s Mind Attribute was already so strong that if he wished, he could read everyone’s thoughts.

Thus, he glanced into Luo Jinlong’s mind!

I am two generations older, so he should probably call me something along the lines of a grandfather. Is he here just to take advantage of me?

“You mustn’t lie about your generation name, kid. Come Come over here. Has your family given you any items?” Luo Jinlong coughed lightly as he put on a solemn expression.

Luo Yunyang raised the iron tile in his hand.

Luo Jinlong paused for a second when he saw it. Then, a faint smile appeared on his face and he chuckled. “You said your generation name was Wan, but you actually belong to a sub-branch of the Luo Family. Ha ha ha!”

He waved a tile in his hand that was made purely out of silver. “Do you see this? My tile can be passed on for 10 more generations. That tile of yours has probably reached its max! This is probably your blood’s last chance, so I hope you grasp this opportunity!”