Supreme Uprising Chapter 298

Chapter 298 The Luo Familys Ancestral Grounds

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Could an influential clan be just like an ancient martial family?

This was the first thought that sprang in Luo Yunyang’s mind. When he thought about the ancient martial families, a faint smile formed on his face.

He had become the Blood Strike Guard Commissar, so he had surpassed the ancient martial families by far. Furthermore, ever since he had become a god-grade powerhouse, all the large ancient martial families trembled before his might.

Based on what he remembered, he had originally thought that his father had been an ordinary man who had drifted from place to place.

However, Luo Jinlong’s expression and that iron tile changed the impression Luo Yunyang had had about his father.

“I’m counting on that.” Although most people considered Luo Jinlong’s pride a form of provocation, Luo Yunyang didn’t really care.

He also didn’t sense any hostility from Luo Jinlong.

Luo Jinlong’s response to Luo Yunyang was very unexpected. Everyone knew that young people had a very strong sense of pride.

This young man was either really broad-minded or really good at not showing anger or delight after a small provocation.

Whatever the case, it signified that he had boundless prospects.

“Ha ha Perhaps you could become as strong as the Martial God of our clan, young man.”

Was he talking about Martial God Luo Kai?

Luo Yunyang was extremely sensitive about this name, because that man’s reputation was really great.

“Is the Martial God also a member of our clan?” Luo Yunyang asked softly.

“Exactly! Don’t tell me you didn’t know this? The Martial God is the head of the Luo Family!” Luo Jinlong said with respect and admiration in his eyes.

Martial God Luo Kai was the head of the Luo Family?

Ever since Luo Yunyang had arrived, nobody else had come to the Listening Tide Platform. Luo Yunyang and the others waited for two hours before a helicopter descended from the sky.

Two middle-aged men got off the helicopter. They both had a sturdy physique and an extraordinary manner. When Luo Yunyang studied them, he realized that they were actually first-grade martial masters.

First-grade martial masters were valuable assets of the Da Alliance, so every first-grade martial master was considered a top-class elite.

Why had two first-grade martial masters been dispatched to pick up a few young people?

“Nice to see you again, Brother,” Luo Jinlong said excitedly as he rushed over to a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man paused for a bit before he replied in surprise, “You are”

“I am Xiao Long!” Luo Jinlong exclaimed. “The man that’s always lived behind your home.”

“Oh, Xiao Long! You have grown old!” The man nodded his head as he said indifferently, “This must be your child. I will take him and groom him properly.”

Although there was nothing wrong with his words, his indifference was obvious. Based on the first-grade martial master’s tone, Luo Yunyang could tell that he felt a sense of superiority.

“Take out all your tiles,” the other middle-aged man said. “You should all know the clan’s regulations. Trying to get a couple of children to make up the numbers is wishful thinking. If the vein testing becomes problematic, you can’t blame the clan for any punishment you receive.”

The killing intent in those words made most people’s hearts tremble. However, it didn’t have an effect on Luo Yunyang.

There weren’t many people gathered, so soon it was his turn. Luo Yunyang flashed the tile in his hand.

The first-grade martial master in charge of collecting the tiles shook his head gently when he saw it. In his opinion, the closer the blood, the greater the chance of an awakening. However, letting Luo Yunyang, who possessed only sub-branch blood, take the test would be a waste.

“It’s the Purple Dragon Vein!” The other martial master’s voice trembled when he saw the tile in Luo Yunyang’s hand.

When the first martial master heard his words, his expression changed. He immediately reached out and took Luo Yunyang’s tile with a solemn look on his face.

“Where did you get this tile, young man? Tell me” one of the middle-aged men told Luo Yunyang gravely.

Luo Yunyang was aware of the peculiarity in the man’s voice, However, he now was even more resolved to discover his identity and family background.

Luo Yunyang, who had been under the impression that his father had been an ordinary man, could sense the importance these two first-grade martial masters placed on this small iron tile. There was definitely something strange about this whole situation.

However, the truth would be revealed if he kept acting vulnerable.

“My father left it behind,” Luo Yunyang said seriously.

“What was your father’s name?” the other first-grade martial master asked sternly.

“Luo Jiancheng!” Luo Yunyang replied.

The two men exchanged a look before the other man said, “Your father’s name was Luo Chengjian, not Luo Jiancheng!”

Then, the two of them turned towards Luo Yunyang and the others. “The source pool is about to open. You must all get on the helicopter immediately. Don’t waste any time!”

Three boys and two girls boarded the helicopter along with Luo Yunyang. However, it seemed as though the five of them had been instructed by their families not to speak to Luo Yunyang on the helicopter.

They obviously wanted to keep their distance from him.

The helicopter was fast, so an hour later, they had already landed on a mountain range.

“Get off right away. We still have some distance to cover on foot!” the two martial masters said sternly before they got off the aircraft.

When Luo Yunyang and the others disembarked, they saw eight more helicopters parked there. All around the helicopters stood young boys and girls clad in all sorts of strange attire. They all exchanged curious glances, as if they were sizing each other up.

Although Luo Yunyang seemed calm, the area within a five-kilometer radius was etched clearly in his mind.

There were two martial grandmasters and over 10 first-grade martial masters around. This sort of fighting strength, which was comparable to a Rising Dragon Army garrison in a major city, had only been used to fetch a group of young people.

The two first-grade martial masters handed the tiles they had taken to an elderly martial grandmaster and gave him a report.

As the two martial grandmasters’ eyes fell on him, Luo Yunyang sensed that one of them wasn’t that kind.

“Everyone be quiet!” a top-notch martial master in his 40s said sternly as he looked at Luo Yunyang and the others. “I believe that your family has already told you why you have come to the Ancestral Grounds. This concerns your future, so you must abide by the rules after you enter the Ancestral Grounds.”

“If I find out that anyone is disobeying, I will be merciless. I know that you all have your own varying statuses outside of the Ancestral Grounds, but you have to remember that when we are on the Ancestral Grounds, you’re not even worth a sh*t!”

Flashes of anger appeared in a lot of young people’s eyes when they heard these degrading words. However, they ultimately chose to endure this.

Luo Yunyang remained silent as he took a step back and waited to see what was going to happen.

“Purple Dragon Vein, my ass!” a martial grandmaster grunted. His grunt contained disdain, hostility and a trace of coldness.

As Luo Yunyang stared at the martial grandmaster speaking, he decided that when he investigated what had happened to his father and hopefully found him, he would eliminate that fellow.

The route they took mainly required walking. As they followed the two martial grandmasters leading the way, they passed through a mountain peak and entered a valley that didn’t seem to exist.

While they went through the valley, they crossed a forest full of peach blossoms. The grass swayed in the breeze as birds flew in the sky. Everything made this place seem like a paradise.

The young people that had come along with Luo Yunyang took in the sight in disbelief. They couldn’t believe that such a huge region could exist inside this small valley.

“This is the Luo Family’s Ancestral Grounds!” said the top-notch martial master who had given them a stern warning earlier. “Ever since Zu Long unified the nine regions, the Luo Clan has resided here and continued to grow. Although you are all our disciples, you have to remember that if you aren’t able to awaken the power of your bloodline, you won’t be able to remain here.”

“Sir, I would like to ask a question. After Zu Long’s unification, did the next rulers not know that our family has been here all along?” asked a girl with a heroic spirit.

Her question seemed a little out of line, but her smiling face helped her not get reprimanded. Actually, the top-notch martial master smiled and said, “No bad. This was a good question. It would be simply impossible for no one to discover our existence after thousands of years. Every single ruler has known about our existence.”

The martial master chuckled. “The Luo Family had a top-notch martial grandmaster even before the existence of the sixth factor. Therefore, all the rulers could do was let us keep living here freely.”

Although martial grandmasters weren’t the strongest fighters in the Da Alliance, most people looked up to them. Even guns and cannons couldn’t hurt a martial grandmaster easily.

The thought of a martial grandmaster existing before the apocalypse sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

They all discussed this in muted voices. Although there was some doubt in the young people’s eyes, their spirits started to soar.

After entering this area, which was similar to Base 7, and walking for one more hour, Luo Yunyang and the others reached a mountain.

The mountain was so massive that it towered over them like a horned dragon!

A thought popped up in Luo Yunyang’s mind when he saw the mountain. This wasn’t a mountain, but a horned dragon that wanted to soar into the skies.

He could even feel a majestic blood and vital energy flourish from the horned dragon, stimulate the blood within his body and stir it up.