Supreme Uprising Chapter 299

Chapter 299 The Purple Vein

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The power surging in his veins was extremely powerful. Luo Yunyang had a premonition that as long as he was able to activate it, his power would increase even more.

Activating this power seemed very easy.

After all, this power had already started to surge within his veins. However, as Luo Yunyang was feeling ecstatic deep down, a frigid power suddenly rose from his veins.

The appearance of this frigid, icy power was very strange. However, it truly originated from the power in Luo Yunyang’s veins.

The purple dragon that had been about to soar was suddenly suppressed by this frigid power. Luo Yunyang even felt an unyielding dragon roar in his veins.

Meanwhile, that frigid power quickly vanished from his veins, as though these two powers had never existed at all.

Based on all the information he had, Luo Yunyang could tell that these people had come to this particular land to awaken their bloodline.

Although the power hidden within his blood vessels was very easily stimulated, it had been suppressed by another power in his blood.

What exactly was the reason behind this?

Soon, Luo Yunyang and the others reached a platform at the foot of the mountain. There were hundreds of young boys and girls standing on the platform. The looks they were giving Luo Yunyang and the others were slightly arrogant.

One of them even said disdainfully, “Trash!”

Luo Jinlong’s son, who was standing in front of Luo Yunyang, clenched his fists tightly. This unbridled provocation clearly made him feel very uncomfortable.

However, he ultimately relaxed his clenched fist.

North of the platform were 10 elderly people who were standing silently. Standing in their midst was an old man with flowing white hair.

The old man’s face was so full of wrinkles that it seemed as though he had one foot in the grave. However, Luo Yunyang was able to sense a power within the old man that wasn’t any weaker than the Raging Inferno Guardian’s power.

This was a god-grade powerhouse!

Luo Yunyang didn’t know whether he would get to see Martial God Luo Kai there that day.

As he pondered this, he realized that the old man’s eyes were on him. Although his gaze was like a piercing blade, he was unfortunately facing Luo Yunyang, whose mind power surpassed his own by far.

“It’s almost noon. Let’s prepare for the Ancestral Offering Ceremony!” the elderly man said indifferently as he retracted his gaze.

The few old men behind him quickly stationed themselves in six directions. As soon as they got in position, six sturdy men in white robes brought over six huge bronze urns.

Each urn had an opening about the size of a person, while they all seemed extremely solid.

“I have something to say, Great Uncle!” a young man at the front suddenly shouted.

If anyone else had made any noise during the Ancestral Offering Ceremony, they would have been thrown out, yet this young man was not reprimanded. Someone actually smiled at him and asked, “What’s the matter, Zhenxi? Are there some aspects of awakening a bloodline that you do not understand? If there are, I can explain them to you.”

The young man was tall and lanky, and his eyes glittered like electricity. He could actually be considered an elegant, handsome young man. Although his head was currently raised, he didn’t reply. Instead, he said with a smile, “What I want to know is why we are still letting trash waste our clan’s precious resources?”

While he said this, his fingers were pointing at Luo Yunyang. “I believe that we should just throw out any pieces of trash who haven’t awakened their bloodline in 10 generations,” he said bluntly.

In 10 generations?

Although Luo Yunyang suddenly seemed to understand, he didn’t take the young man’s opinion to heart. Why would a dragon care about a worm after all?

He wanted to see what this Luo Family that was related to Luo Kai was like.

The first old man, who had spoken out in favor of this, didn’t feel the slightest bit embarrassed by Luo Zhenxi’s words. He actually chuckled. “As expected from the best member of our clan’s youngest generation, Zhenxi’s suggestion isn’t unreasonable.”

Then, he turned to the elderly man in charge of the Ancestral Offering Ceremony and said, “I think that Zhenxi is right, Uncle. We shouldn’t waste the time of someone who is not destined to do this.”

Without waiting for a reply, he instructed two men who looked like retainers, “Take him away!”

Luo Yunyang was still extremely calm. At first, he had wanted to ask what was going on, but now it seemed like he would need to employ a different method.

Just as he was about to make his move, the man everyone had been calling Great Uncle said icily, “Can the rules of our ancestors change just because you say so?”

His blunt words made the two retainers, who had already stepped towards Luo Yunyang, stop in their tracks.

The old man’s face flushed as he spoke. He was considered an important member of the clan, so he hadn’t imagined that he would be disrespected in front of everyone.

This treatment had caught the old man off guard.

When he thought about his Great Uncle’s cultivation base, the old man swallowed his anger, even though deep down he was holding a grudge against his Ancestral Uncle.

He might be helpless against him now, but one day he would repay him this humiliation!

Luo Zhenxi had a ghastly expression on his face. He didn’t have the self-restraint to grit his teeth and swallow his anger like the old man who had spoken up for him, so all he could do was clench his fists tightly.

Eventually, he turned his gaze to Luo Yunyang.

He was an especially privileged person, as behind him stood the strongest members of the Luo Family. Even though he was facing a god-grade powerhouse, he still had to remain dignified.

Thus, he strode over to Luo Yunyang and pointed in the distance. “Just show some tact and scram! Otherwise, I will kill your whole family!”

The young man’s venomous tone made the Great Uncle’s face twitch.

He had just spoken with a sense of righteousness. How dare this young man actually treat him this way?

If he had been an ordinary kid, he would have given him a slap. However, Luo Zhenxi wasn’t just any kid.

Luo Yunyang watched the snarling Luo Zhenxi with a faint smile on his face. He didn’t know anything about his background and he didn’t care where he came from either.

He had just gone there to investigate his father’s identity. Based on these people’s reactions, Luo Yunyang already had a few guesses.

He believed that he had more or less found the answers he needed. There was no point exchanging words with these people, so he just raised his hand and slapped the young man hard.

Luo Zhenxi had never imagined that he would actually get slapped on the face viciously in front of so many people.

The first thought that came to his mind the instant he was slapped was that he hadn’t been prepared. The other man had landed a surprise attack on him.

Thus, he didn’t take the time to think. He just rushed over to Luo Yunyang like a wild beast. In an instant, his fists split into more than 10 shadows that seemed to cover the entire sky.

However, how could this technique compare to Luo Yunyang?

Luo Yunyang raised a leg and kicked Luo Zhenxi, sending him flying away. If someone had not caught him, Luo Zhenxi would have landed on the ground.

The huge Ancestral Offering Platform was deadly silent. Everyone was staring strangely at Luo Yunyang, unable to understand how he could even think of doing this.

“B*stard! I will end you!” Luo Zhenxi tried to rush over at Luo Yunyang, yet he was held back by the person who had caught him.

“Keep saying rubbish like that and I will kill you!” Luo Yunyang said indifferently while shooting a loathsome look at Luo Zhenxi.

Luo Zhenxi couldn’t help but tremble uncontrollably under Luo Yunyang’s glare. His struggling body suddenly stopped.

The person holding him back had been the old man who had caught Luo Yunyang. The old man glanced at Luo Zhenxi, who was in a sorry state, and told the Great Uncle, “That man struck out and injured someone. We can’t ignore this.”

The old man frowned at Luo Yunyang. He had wanted to shield Luo Yunyang when Luo Zhenxi had struck out, yet he hadn’t expected that this young man would be so ferocious.

Indeed, the Great Uncle felt that ferocious was the right word to describe this young man, who possessed the Purple Dragon Vein.

“The time has come. The Ancestral Offering Ceremony cannot be delayed.” The Great Uncle looked up at the sky as he spoke coldly. “If you keep making a ruckus, you will have to wait another year.”

His words immediately made the noisy platform quieten down. Even Luo Zhenxi kept his mouth shut.

The old man helping Luo Zhenxi seemed like he still wanted to say something, but he ultimately remained silent.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t in the mood to squabble with these people. Just as he was about to ask the Great Uncle about his father’s whereabouts, the Ancestral Uncle said, “Everyone, the Ancestral Offering Ceremony has officially begun. You only have 15 minutes. If you aren’t able to awaken your bloodline within 15 minutes, you will only have yourselves to blame.”

The Great Uncle waved his hands as he spoke. As he did, the six old men who were already in position picked up the bronze urns before them and poured their contents into a trough in the middle of the platform.

Six streams of blood flowed out. This surging blood of unknown origin seemed to contain a boiling energy. Thus, when the hot blood landed on the stone trough, clouds of mist rose up.

As the blood poured in, Luo Yunyang thought that the mountain range, which looked like a massive horned dragon, had come to life.

In his mind, he could even hear the huge horned dragon’s roar.

Although this roar was soundless, it still made the sky and earth tremble. As it rang out, Luo Yunyang felt the suppressed power within his blood start to bluster frantically.

This power seemed like it wanted to struggle out of its restrictions and soar towards the nine heavens!

However, as it started to surge, a frigid power soon appeared. This power was like a net constricting the power about to soar within Luo Yunyang’s body.