Supreme Uprising Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Power: 0.6

Speed: 0.7

Mind: 1

Constitution: 0.9

His Power had increased by 0.1. Although 0.1 was a small amount, Luo Yunyang was still ecstatic. This increase meant that the attribute regulator panel would show greater results in the future.

“Go test your strength, Yunyang. Don’t let down such a beauty!” little fat Shen Yulang chuckled as he ran over.

Luo Yunyang didn’t smile. He was still pondering that 500-dayuan grade-four energy bar.

Although Luo Chang’s family background was much better than his, 500 dayuan was the school fees her family paid each semester. As he thought about it, Luo Yunyang felt confused. A little happy, yet a little embarrassed as well.

“I’ll test out my strength first.” Luo Yunyang pushed aside his thoughts temporarily and walked over to the practise target.


“Luo Yunyang, 303 kilos. Excellent!”

Luo Yunyang got excited when he heard the machine’s voice. He had improved by 32 kilos. According to his own estimations, he would have needed at least three months to increase his strength by 32 kilos.

A grade-four energy bar had solved that problem for him.

“You have broken our school’s record. The biggest strength increase at our school after eating a grade-four energy bar had been barely over 20 kilos. You actually increased your strength by over 30 kilos. You are a freak!”

While little fat Shen Yulang was speaking, his tone suddenly changed. “He he… Could this be the power of love?”

“To hell with your nonsense!” Luo Yunyang chided him, pressing a finger against Shen Yulang’s head. Although he normally liked Luo Chang, now he felt moved.

“Too bad I have to head to class. I’m so jealous of freaks like you that are exempted from basic classes.” Shen Yulang wanted to talk to him some more, but the huge clock above the school flag was already pointing at 4 o’clock.

The energy contained in a grade-four energy bar is 200, and my strength has increased by 30 kilos. This means that I absorbed more than 1/10 of its energy.

As Luo Yunyang mentally recalled what he had learned about energy transformation, he could not help but curse. “It’s still such a waste Could my current self pull off the Ape-Dragon Blueprint?” When this idea popped into his mind, Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up.

The 12 styles of body-strengthening techniques that they studied, which had been laid out by the Da Alliance, were the most appropriate fighting techniques for them to train in at this stage.

However, before starting school, the students had all been shown a treasured chart portraying an ape and a dragon and asked to maintain a pose that mimicked apes and dragons for 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had only been able to hold that pose for three minutes.

At the time, their teacher had regrettably told them that they had missed a big opportunity.

There were six diagrams on the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. These were the highest-level secret techniques of the Da Alliance. The Da Alliance nurtured talent, so it distributed a copy of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint to every school.

By training according to these six diagrams, one could become an elite student and receive special grooming by the Da Alliance.

Only by becoming a martialist would one be able to be called an elite student. Junior martialists were the lowest grade of elites, which were called G-rank elites.

Students who mastered these six diagrams became F-rank elites.

F-rank elites were not punished, unless they committed a major crime, such as murder. They also received an 80% discount when they purchased food or medicine and did not have to wait in line at government bureaus.

However, despite all these advantages, what excited people the most was that the federation providedF-rank elites with a monthly cultivation fund of 10,000 dayuan.

Even thinking about it made Luo Yunyang’s heart beat faster.

When he had first enrolled, he had spent a lot of time frantically studying the Ape-Dragon Blueprint in hopes of improving his family’s financial situation.

This hadn’t been just Luo Yunyang. Many other students would manically self-cultivate in private as well.

They had been cultivating for barely a week, when no less than seven students had become handicapped due to exhaustion.

Luo Yunyang had also lost a lot of blood because of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

The miserable state of his fellow students had led Luo Yunyang to ultimately abandon any ideas he had harbored about the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. Besides, at this point, their teacher had told them that not even one in 10,000 young students of the Da Alliance could master the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

Their constitution just wasn’t strong enough for it.

Stamped in jet-black ink in the dark classroom was a huge picture that covered the entire wall. The picture was at least 20-meters wide and five-meters tall.

The enormous black ape and the scarlet mystical dragon gave off a vibe that made people shiver.

The power of the ape and the dragon had become the Ape-Dragon Blueprint!

The six diagrams in the picture had been imprinted clearly in Luo Yunyang’s mind a long time ago. However, every time he looked at the apes and the dragons, he would still shiver unconsciously.

Nothing had changed.

When he looked at the picture again, Luo Yunyang brought up the adjustment panel in his mind. This time, he cut his Constitution Attribute in half and transferred the other half to his Mind Attribute.

Mind: 2.8

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang’s mind was very clear. The instant he glanced at the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, those six diagrams seemed to come to life in his mind.

The originally static huge ape stood up on the ground and roared. Its soaring movements were distinctly embedded in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

“It’s the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move!”

Although it was just a simple action, Luo Yunyang saw every single muscle of the Devil Ape vibrate, expand and contract in his mind. He also noticed that every single vibration increased the Devil Ape’s strength.

It turns out that everything I had learned in the past was wrong!

Luo Yunyang’s pupils were fixated on the first Devil Ape diagram. He wanted to record every single change of the Devil Ape and memorize it.

Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have been able to do this before. Although his memory was decent, the huge picture of the Devil Ape was too complex, so remembering every single detail was too difficult.

Now, everything had become really easy though. No change was overlooked. Everything was recorded clearly in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

Luo Yunyang shut his eyes slowly and replayed every single detail he had seen in that huge picture once more. Then, he opened his eyes.

There was not a single mistake!

Suddenly, there was no joy in Luo Yunyang’s eyes anymore. Instead, there was a glimmer of doubt.

Some of the vibrations of the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move didn’t seem to add up.

Was there a problem, or was that just the Ape-Dragon Blueprint? No matter the problem, the Ape-Dragon Blueprint was much stronger than the 12 fundamental styles he had practised.


Luo Yunyang restored his attributes to their original state by using the attribute regulator in his mind. Then, he viewed the Ape-Dragon Blueprint once more.

The Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move was still clear, but everything else had already turned fuzzy.

Luo Yunyang kicked off with both his feet and jumped into the air without hesitation. Then he raised his two fists high, aimed them at the ground and struck at it.

The focus of this move was not in the strike, but rather in expanding and contracting one’s every muscle to create vibrations as the person jumped and descended.

Luo Yunyang’s 603 muscles were generating force simultaneously!

With every single expansion, contraction and vibration, his body absorbed energy and his muscles toughened.

As he performed the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move, Luo Yunyang’s body felt like it was going to rip apart.

In that instant, all his muscles felt like they were being torn to shreds!

Luo Yunyang felt immeasurable pain.

This was much more painful than any other wrong method he had used when cultivating in the past. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang stopped trying to achieve the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move.

Besides requiring acute perception, one also had to have an essential bone in order to achieve it. Without the corresponding essensial bone, even if one could understand the cultivation methods, the damage they would suffer would be too severe.

This was what Xiong Zhenshan had said. At least, it was what Luo Yunyang remembered.

That essensial bone was naturally one’s constitution. Luo Yunyang quickly brought up the regulator in his mind and increased his Constitution Attribute until it was at 2.

He wanted to raise it even further, but he would need his strength and agility when he cultivated.

He jumped high into the sky once again and followed the motions of the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move, which he had stored in his mind. Every time his muscles vibrated, he felt like a sponge absorbing the energy that had dispersed from them.

Jump up. Fists out. Descend!

Jump up. Fists out. Descend…

Luo Yunyang did not find repeating these movements the slightest bit dull. As he kept repeating them, he experienced the vibration of all 603 muscles of his body.

The few moves of the 12 styles of body-strengthening techniques mostly made use of one’s arms, legs and a few muscles in their abdominal area. If one added them up, the sum was only around 300 odd muscles.

“Earth-Splitting Devil Ape!”

Luo Yunyang was like a Devil Ape that tore through the heavens. As he descended, he felt his body sway. His vision suddenly became blurry.

Over-cultivation was a result of his body being unable to keep up.

Under such circumstances, it wasn’t wise to act hastily and keep cultivating.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the other diagrams once more and then turned to leave the classroom where the Ape-Dragon Blueprint was kept.

The sky had already turned dark outside.

This meant that he had been training for an entire afternoon!

Luo Yunyang glanced at the few remaining gas lamps lighting up the school as he headed to the training ground.

As always, the practise target stood proudly at its center.

Luo Yunyang went ahead and sent one of his fists flying.

He had restored all his attributes to their original state, so that his punch would yield actual results.

500 kilos!

A flash of ecstasy appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eyes when he saw the figure displayed on the practise target.

The Ape-Dragon Blueprint was indeed a method only elite students could use to cultivate. After cultivating for an afternoon, his strength had risen to 500 kilos.

Luo Yunyang leapt up and proficiently performed the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move as best as he could before striking at the practise target.

606 kilos!

He had increased his strength by 100 kilos again. This was great!

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang felt the urge to face the sky and shout out. He suppressed his ecstacy and headed out to the school grounds instead.

His home was in town. Plus, he wanted to share his delight with his family.

In the meantime, he replayed his 500-kilo punch over and over in his mind. Cultivating the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move must have allowed him to activate all these dormant muscles in his body.

The strength of 300 muscles could not be compared to the strength of 600 muscles!

“Eh!” a high-pitched voice drifted outside his doorstep. The voice was unfamiliar. It didn’t belong to one of his family members.