Supreme Uprising Chapter 300

Chapter 300 A Wild Fighting Dragons Strong Mysterious Blood

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The dragon fought wild, and its blood was strong and mysterious.

As the power within Luo Yunyang’s body was restrained by that frigid power, he felt like a colossal dragon about to soar into the sky. However, this dragon was tightly bound by a net.

These sort of binds made one so uncomfortable that Luo Yunyang felt the impulse to throw his head back and roar at the sky.

500 years of upheaval in the heavens!

As he thought about this, Luo Yunyang urged the source power within his body. However, when his source power was activated, the power that felt like a surging dragon and the power binding it simultaneously disappeared from his blood stream.

His source power was no use, and his mind power had no effect either. Luo Yunyang could sense how helpless his own ancestors had felt.

What could be done? Would he really have to give up?

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t lack power now, this sort of surging power made him feel indignant deep down.

He didn’t want to give up. He just couldn’t give up. He wasn’t willing to give up!

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator. Although he didn’t know whether it would be of any use, he had still instinctively chosen to use it.

There hadn’t been too many changes to his attributes, yet two additional choices had appeared next to his Constitution.

True Purple Dragon Blood: 5, Divine Frost Dragon Blood: 5

When he saw these two choices, Luo Yunyang immediately understood that everything had happened because of this and made an adjustment. He increased his True Purple Dragon Blood to 10 points and set his Divine Frost Dragon Blood to zero.

As soon as these adjustments were made, Luo Yunyang felt relieved. The vast, majestic power within his blood felt increasingly powerful, whereas the frigid power that had seemed like a net vanished completely.

In the blink of an eye, that majestic power tried to rush out of Luo Yunyang’s body.

“The Purple Dragon Vein will vanish from the Luo Clan’s lineage today,” someone said sarcastically as he watched the expressionless Luo Yunyang.

“It’s such a pity. Just a few centuries ago, the Purple Dragon Vein had been our clan’s most powerful bloodline.”

“At the time, the Purple Dragon Vein had made a huge contribution to protecting the clan. Unfortunately, these last 10 generations haven’t produced a clansman able to activate the bloodline.”

“Someone who can’t awaken it has no right to be a member of the Luo Family,” the old man who had spoken up for Luo Zhenxi said disdainfully.

Then, he groaned. “Slightly over 10 years ago, the successor of the Purple Dragon Vein had an extraordinary aptitude. However, didn’t he die a sad death after three days and three nights?”

“The person who is here now should probably be his son. He doesn’t have great ability, but he does have a great temper. He sure would be a sight to behold in the future!”

The old man turned his gaze to Luo Zhenxi, whose body was currently glowing as though a green dragon was stirring it.

“The Three-Clawed Green Dragon is a remarkable conjuration!” Although the Great Uncle didn’t really like the arrogant Luo Zhenxi, he still had to admit that he was talented.

Although the Three-Clawed Green Dragon wasn’t the best awakened bloodline, it still ranked among the top 10 bloodlines awakened during the past few years.

“This is worthy of a descendant of the Martial God’s own family tree!”

The Great Uncle felt a little worried when he heard these lamentations. Although he didn’t fear Zhenxi, one of these days, when he was no longer around, would his descendants be able to resist Luo Zhenxi?

Just because the successor of the Purple Dragon Vein had appeared

As he started feeling a little grim deep down, he heard a majestic dragon’s roar reverberating like thunder through the void.

“Ha ha ha! It’s the Dragon Roar of the Nine Heavens!” the old man who kept sucking up to Luo Zhenxi exclaimed. “Zhenxi’s destiny is way greater than this! Ha ha ha!”

Although many people found this delighted laughter unsettling, they didn’t say anything.

The majority of them couldn’t afford to offend Luo Zhenxi after all.

However, his laughter only rang out for an instant before it stopped abruptly. As that dragon roar was heard, anyone in the midst of awakening their bloodline was roused and the Three-Clawed Green Dragon on Luo Zhenxi’s body crumbled.

The crumbling of this awakened bloodline meant that this bloodline activation had failed.

Even if Luo Zhenxi was able to gain something, this meant that it would be very difficult for him to step into the martial grandmaster realm in the future.

While everyone was shocked, a purple glowing shadow suddenly rose up from the Ancestral Offering Platform and turned the entire sky purple in a flash.

3,000 purple clouds covered the sky, while the Dragon Roar of the Nine Heavens shook the void!

All the powerhouses responsible for the Ancestral Offering Ceremony were flabbergasted. They had been in charge of quite a number of ceremonies, yet this was the first time they had seen something like this.

“The purple clouds covering the sky are recreating the Purple Dragon!” The Great Uncle, who had remembered an excerpt from the clan records, recited it with a trembling voice.

Right now, his emotions were a complete mess. His hands danced around, and he looked clearly elated.

Nothing stirred a clan up more than the rise of a strong descendant. However, despite the Great Uncle’s elation, a number of people were staring at Luo Yunyang coldly.

The old man who had been kissing Luo Zhenxi’s butt had an extremely gloomy look on his face.

The Purple Dragon filled the sky for a moment. Suddenly, more than 10 figures rushed over from every direction and stared at Luo Yunyang in a strange manner.

From their point of view, Luo Yunyang was just an unfamiliar young man!

His blood was burning!

Luo Yunyang could feel his own blood burn once again as a surging feeling flooded his heart.

Suddenly, he felt an impulse to raise his head up to the sky and let out a long roar before proudly looking over the sky, earth and people. The power of this bloodline was a gift his own father had left him. However, his father had probably been unable to activate the bloodline within his body.

Many thoughts danced around Luo Yunyang’s mind. As these thoughts flashed through his mind, the Purple Dragon Bloodline that filled his surroundings slowly entered his body.

Although the power of this bloodline didn’t take the form of an individual source power, Luo Yunyang had already sensed its wonder. The improvements to the digits on his attribute regulator made him extremely delighted.

When this power calmed down, Luo Yunyang saw a group of people walk towards him.

“Spy! You are a spy!” the flattering old man shouted as he walked over to Luo Yunyang. “Speak! Who ordered you to come cause our family trouble? I will investigate this matter until the truth comes to light.”

The old man moved his hands as he spoke, causing a huge claw-shadow to move towards Luo Yunyang and try to envelop him.

The Great Uncle’s face fell when he saw the old man attack Luo Yunyang. As he was about to make a move, an old man around his age blocked off his advance.

“We have similar cultivation bases, Brother. Don’t tell me you are really prepared to strike out at another brother?” Although the old man’s tone was calm, his attitude seemed unquestionable.

The Great Uncle snorted. “I can’t just stand by and watch you destroy the Purple Dragon Vein’s successor. He is our clan’s hope.”

“Brother, the continuity of this entire family doesn’t depend on the Purple Dragon Vein, but on the Martial God. Even you must be able to see this, right?” The old man kept blocking the Great Uncle’s path as he declared, “Two tigers cannot share one mountain. Do you understand that, Brother?”

The Great Uncle scowled. Of course he understood this rule.

He also understood that if the young man in front of him had awakened the Purple Dragon Vein and was subsequently a young tiger, then the Martial God, who had been the pillar of the entire clan for so many years, was a fierce flying tiger that soared around the nine heavens.

The clan would naturally choose the fierce tiger over the young tiger.

“But how can we allow the Purple Dragon Vein that hasn’t been awakened in 10 generations to die out like this?” Although the Great Uncle criticized the others angrily, everyone could still hear a trace of compromise in his tone.

“Brother, the Purple Dragon Bloodline won’t go to waste. Perhaps this is also an opportunity. It just so happens that Zhenxi hasn’t awakened his bloodline.”

“I would be fine with a blood exchange!” the other god-grade powerhouse said.

A blood exchange would naturally decrease the true blood’s power considerably. However, such an action would allow Luo Zhenxi’s cultivation base to soar to new heights.

If Luo Zhenxi’s limit had been becoming a martial grandmaster in the past, then now there was a possibility that he might exceed the god-grade realm.

The Great Uncle hesitated for some time. Although he believed that this was possible, as he was considering whether to insist on preserving the life of this young man, he saw the young man the others considered a sheep brandish his fists.

Most people thought he looked like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

However, as the young man moved his hands, the martial grandmaster who had kept flattering Luo Zhenxi was sent flying. As his body soared through the air, it turned straight into blood.

A martial grandmaster had been killed with one punch!

This astonishing scene stunned many of the Luo Family’s martialists. Some of them even shouted, “Show mercy, Brother! That kid’s blood is still useful!”

As they shouted, blood splattered over quite a few of them.

Luo Zhenxi’s face was covered in blood as he stared at Luo Yunyang in disbelief, unable to make a single sound.

Most of the Luo Family’s top brass stared fearfully at Luo Yunyang. Eventually, a man who appeared to be in his 30s spoke up. He pointed a finger at Luo Yunyang and said, “You evil being! You have killed a clan elder. Surrender and wait to be apprehended!”

His furious roar sounded like a rolling thunder.