Supreme Uprising Chapter 301

Chapter 301 The Heaven Splitting Strike

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Luo Yunyang watched coldly as the Luo Family’s martialists surrounded him. He had not liked this family right from the start.

He could even imagine his own father and grandfather being humiliated when their bloodline had been suppressed by the Divine Frost Dragon Blood.

Although Luo Yunyang could turn a blind eye to this humiliation, after he had awakened this bloodline, these people had actually tried to capture him and extract the power of his bloodline. Luo Yunyang was furious!

“Is it just you?” Luo Yunyang said frostily as he cast sidelong glances at the rather handsome middle-aged man who had already reached the cultivation base of a top-notch martial grandmaster.

The middle-aged man’s word carried an enormous weight within the Luo Family, so his decision could be supported by the entire family.

The man felt his face burn slightly as this young man offended him. Young people were really fearless. How dare Luo Yunyang be so bold at such a young age!

“This son of a b*tch doesn’t know his place. 5th Great Uncle, 7th Great Uncle, I will have to ask you two to seize him!” the middle-aged man instructed calmly with his hands clasped behind his back.

The 7th Great Uncle was the man currently blocking the 5th Great Uncle’s way. When he heard the middle-aged man’s instructions, he immediately turned and walked over to Luo Yunyang.

The 5th Great Uncle hesitated a bit before slowly walking over to Luo Yunyang as well.

When the two of them walked over, they displayed their might. The power of a god-grade powerhouse was as boundless as the ocean, so it made all the clansmen retreat quickly.

“Killing an elder This kid must have a death wish.”

“I think that he only killed the elder because he surprised him. Otherwise, how could the elder be killed just like that? Seems like this brat will not escape the death penalty this time.”

“However, the power of the Purple Dragon Vein is really powerful.”

As these people were talking, Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on the 5th Great Uncle. “You were the only person in this entire family who spoke up for me, so I will give you a chance. Leave immediately,” he said indifferently. “Otherwise, you will die!”

The 5th Great Uncle frowned. He had looked at Luo Yunyang the way an elder was supposed to look at a member of the younger generation, yet he had never expected that his actions and words would actually be so haughty

“You really don’t know your place, you evil being. Just because you surprised and killed Chunzhi, you think that you can also handle us? You are so ignorant!” said the 7th Great Uncle. As he spoke, he extended his palm and clawed at Luo Yunyang.

However, the instant he reached out, Luo Yunyang’s eyes were fixed on him. Suddenly, he felt a huge sun appear within his mind.

This massive sun seemed to be burning the sky and the earth.

As the sun cauterized everything, the consciousness that had already been incorporated into his source core started to tremble wildly and countless golden sword-lights frantically descended upon his consciousness.

The sword-lights were like a fire that instantly smashed through his defenses as a wave of the sun’s fire erupted out of his body.

“Ah! Ah! Help me!”

The 7th Great Uncle convulsed in fear as he cried for help. Unfortunately, when the surging flames erupted from his body, practically no one could help him.

In an instant, the surging blazes had turned him into a pile of ash that was scattered into the wind.

The 7th Great Uncle was dead. The 5th Great Uncle stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was a monster. His own cultivation base was at a similar level with the 7th Great Uncle’s, so now that the 7th Great Uncle was dead, he felt a wave of sorrow wash through him.

Suddenly, he realized that Luo Yunyang’s appearance had changed before his eyes. He had now turned into a figure he had seen somewhere before.

Although he was still a young man, he had definitely seen this young man before!

The other people also had astonished looks on their faces. Although the delicate young man still looked delicate, they all thought that the young man before them looked familiar.

“Luo Yunyang!” A middle-aged man spat out his name one syllable at a time.

As he did, the clansmen that had been surrounding Luo Yunyang had ghastly looks on their faces.

The Luo Family was so powerful that there wasn’t even a handful of people that they respected within the Da Alliance. However, no matter how strong they were, they all felt their hearts start to tremble before Luo Yunyang, who ranked 2nd on the Divine List.

Yes, Martial God Luo Kai was the strongest person in the world, but this kid wasn’t that weak either. He was an entity that had destroyed Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s physical body.

Even though Luo Kai thought nothing of Luo Yunyang, this didn’t mean that other people would not be afraid of him either.

“You are Luo Yunyang?” the middle-aged man who had called upon the 5th Great Uncle asked, his voice wavering slightly.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes scanned the middle-aged man as he said calmly, “Yes, I am.”

The Luo Family’s Ancestral Grounds became extremely silent. Practically no one knew how this situation would turn out.

They had been calling for blood and trying to attack Luo Yunyang and obtain his bloodline, so now they might have to pay a price for their petty intentions.

This person ranked 2nd on the Divine List!

He had defeated Johann, inhibited Murat and had even been proclaimed an entity no weaker than Martial God Luo Kai. Whenever his name was mentioned, their family would normally say that he could not be compared to the Martial God. However, now that he truly stood before them, no one could face him head-on.

“Luo Yunyang, my father is Martial God Luo Kai. The Luo Family isn’t a place where you can come and go as you please. Today, you you must give the Luo Family an explanation!” The middle-aged man mulled this over for a bit before he addressed Luo Yunyang.

Unfortunately, no matter what he said, Luo Yunyang still slapped him squarely across his handsome face.

His slap immediately sent the middle-aged man flying. When he landed face-first, he formed some ugly cracks on the ground.

“You are still trying to hurt people!” The self-proclaimed son of Luo Kai was infuriated.

He had already stated his father’s name. Even if he had been facing Unrivaled Warrior Johann, just the name of his father would have been enough for Johann to show him some respect.

However, this wild young man had actually slapped him without a warning.

“I still wish to kill you!” Luo Yunyang said indifferently.

The middle-aged man felt his heart tremble. He finally understood what was going on. The young man before him was someone he couldn’t face considering his current level.

Perhaps only his father would be able to stand as an equal against him.

“Luo Yunyang, the Luo Family is at fault. Let’s call this quits!” the 5th Great Uncle said softly after pondering this for a bit.

Luo Yunyang glanced at him and said calmly, “The Luo Family is the Luo Family, but they are something else. Didn’t they call for me to be seized so that my bloodline could be drawn out of me? Come on! Come on, go ahead!”

As he said this, Luo Yunyang’s gaze fell on Luo Zhenxi. “Don’t you really want my bloodline?”

Luo Zhenxi’s heart was pounding like crazy. If god-grade powerhouses were like stars in the sky, then Luo Yunyang was like a red sun suffocating him until he found it difficult to breathe.

“I I didn’t have that intention!” Luo Zhenxi started to stutter in fear.

Every member of the Luo Family was just as afraid. They knew very well that their lives were in Luo Yunyang’s hands now.

“Luo Yunyang, we are all members of the same clan and descendants of the Martial God. If you do anything to us, the Martial God will not let you get away with it!” The middle-aged man was breathing heavily. “This matter ends here!”

“We are all brethren of the Luo Family? Ha ha! What a great descendant of the Luo Family!” Luo Yunyang glared at the middle-aged man as he snorted. “The Martial God hasn’t educated his child well. I am already being generous by not looking for him. You all actually want to obtain other people’s bloodlines? To hell with you!”

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang brandished his palms. Suddenly, the wave of a mysterious icy power enveloped both the middle-aged man and Luo Zhenxi.

Just as the middle-aged man’s body was about to be encased by the power of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, a faint white glow emerged from the body of the middle-aged man. In the blink of an eye, that power shattered the frigid power Luo Yunyang had used.

“You dare try to touch my son? Die!” The white glow gathered into a tall figure. As the figure spoke, a shot streaked through the sky aiming for Luo Yunyang!

The shot looked like a rainbow as it moved through the sky. As it descended, it seemed to carry a power that could flip heaven and earth.

Luo Yunyang was no stranger to this shot. He had watched videos of it and even cultivated its fundamental rules.

It was the Heaven Splitter, a shot that could make the sky and earth crumble.

A faint smile appeared on the middle-aged man’s face as he watched the surging light. This shot contained his father’s full strength, so he was extremely confident in his victory. He firmly believed that his father’s shot would kill all their enemies with one move and slaughter this son of a b*tch!

So what if Luo Yunyang was the second strongest person in the world? Only his father was truly unparalleled.

As the shot approached, Luo Yunyang raised his fist up against it. In an instant, the gun-light and his fists collided.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was an intense vibration, as if the sky and earth were ripping apart. The majority of the Luo Family’s clansmen watched this clash with a sense of anticipation.

In their opinion, Luo Yunyang wasn’t the Martial God’s equal. Although this was only a spiritual energy left behind by the Martial God, they all believed that Luo Yunyang would definitely be unable to withstand this attack.

However, when all the lights and shadows dispersed, they saw Luo Yunyang standing in the same spot. Meanwhile, the shadow of the Martial God had vanished completely.

“Don’t you try anything. My father is the Martial God. If you attack me, he will not let you get away. I am the Martial God’s most beloved son!” the middle-aged man shouted. However, as he did, Luo Yunyang’s power gathered in his palms and smashed heavily against the middle-aged man’s body.

In an instant, the middle-aged man was completely obliterated.

“We didn’t attack you, we” Someone suddenly knelt on the ground and started pleading Luo Yunyang.