Supreme Uprising Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Human God

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Luo Yunyang was currently browsing through a book in the Luo Family’s library. He wasn’t looking at the Luo Family’s cultivation techniques, but its history.

According to the Luo Family’s historical records, they had all possessed remarkable abilities, such as Iron Shoulders, Bronze Head, Wall-Walking and Evasive Flying, since antiquity

There had even been some gods among them!

However, as the spiritual influence of the world had slowly thinned out, people had started becoming weaker and all sorts of creatures had started to disappear from the world.

Qilins disappeared, phoenixes disappeared, even true dragons disappeared

Although the Luo Family was the bloodline of the True Dragons and the Luo Family’s Ancestral Grounds had been discovered by the almighty founder, this small space that existed within a dimensional fracture had also slowly started to weaken.

For example, at the Ancestral Grounds where many descendants had been able to awaken their bloodline, lesser clansmen were now able to do the same until in the end, only one person would be able to awaken their bloodline after a few accumulated cycles.

All these changes had occurred ever since the apocalypse had arrived.

Despite this seemingly unstoppable momentum, the Purple Dragon Vein had without a doubt been the pride of the entire Luo lineage.

Even during difficult times, the Purple Dragon Vein had always created powerhouses in every generation. Actually, the Purple Dragon Vein could be considered the entire Luo clan’s protector.

However, this had been the case until about 300 years ago.

For some unknown reason, the Purple Dragon Vein had started to experience some difficulties, while the Azure Dragon Vein of the Luo Clan had started to rise.

Naturally, the status of the Purple Dragon Vein dropped so much that by the time Luo Yunyang’s father was born, they had been driven out of this small space.

Human relations were fickle!

Despite all this information, there were no records on Luo Yunyang’s father. Although Luo Yunyang had always felt that his father wasn’t dead, there was simply no record of him in the Luo Family’s archives.

The Luo Family’s top brass had never recorded anything about his father either.

“Mr. Luo Yunyang, you’ve come out!” a few old men said deferentially when Luo Yunyang walked out of the library.

Although they were all smiling kindly, Luo Yunyang could unfortunately sense a deep hostility coming from them.

During a one-sided massacre, over 10 Luo Family powerhouses had been slain by Luo Yunyang. The entire Luo Family had been left trembling and fearing that this demon-like person would extinguish them all.

The Martial God hadn’t returned!

Even though his son had been left behind in this space and killed, the Martial God hadn’t returned. Of course, they didn’t believe that the Martial God feared Luo Yunyang, so the majority of them just endured this situation in silence.

“Prepare more of this miracle medicine for me. I want to take some along,” Luo Yunyang told the smiling elders bluntly.

One of them was about to say something, when Luo Yunyang added unceremoniously, “I am really unhappy with this family! Don’t make me eliminate it!”

His plain words rendered the elder speechless. RIght now, all he felt was fear.

Just as Luo Yunyang was looking down at the entire Luo Family, the communication device in his hands suddenly started ringing. Luo Yunyang had never expected that he would still be able to get a signal there.

“Yunyang, it’s me! Lu Qubing!” Lu Qubing’s voice rang out of his communication device.

“What do you instruct me to do, Viceroy?” Luo Yunyang said with a smile.

“He he How could I dare order you around? You are the 2nd strongest person in the world. Only the Martial God could instruct you in the Da Alliance!” Ever since his illness had been cured, Lu Qubing had become more cheerful.

“Oh, I forgot. Where are you now?”

“I am at the Martial God’s place.” Luo Yunyang glanced at the Luo Family Elders around him as he answered indifferently.

“Ha ha! That’s unexpected. The Martial God actually invited you over as a guest? Good, good, good!” Then, he added softly, “It’s best that you keep a lower profile there.”

Luo Yunyang’s communication device wasn’t isolated, so the elders could also hear Lu Qubing’s words.

When they heard the words low profile, they suddenly felt like crying. What low profile? Luo Yunyang had nearly destroyed them.

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Alright, I got it.”

“Yunyang, we finally discovered the origin of the huge island that rose from the sea.” Lu Qubing’s tone was even as he spoke.

The world had experienced massive changes lately, yet the huge island that had risen from the sea had been the biggest anomaly of the past few years.

“What is its origin?” Luo Yunyang, who had always felt that this island wasn’t ordinary, asked quickly when he heard Lu Qubing’s words.

“It’s a lost civilization. It’s actually the mythical Atlantis!” Lu Qubing said.

Atlantis? Some memories related to Atlantis popped in Luo Yunyang’s mind. The long records he had read about Atlantis came to him in bits and pieces. Many people had been doubting whether Atlantis had even really existed, yet Atlantis had just appeared after these massive changes.

“Are there any problems with Atlantis?” Luo Yunyang knew that Lu Qubing wouldn’t contact him so urgently just because the island’s origin had been discovered.

“The people of Atlantis have asked to make contact with the Da Alliance.” There was a trace of worry in Lu Qubing’s voice as he spoke.

The people of Atlantis? Luo Yunyang understood Lu Qubing’s concern. He was also afraid that this contact wouldn’t be just a simple conversation.

“What arrangements have you made for me?” Luo Yunyang asked.

“The two Chairmen were hoping that all the ultimate powerhouses would participate in this initial meeting,” Lu Qubing said earnestly, “I hope that you won’t reject this idea, because this contact is a really important matter.”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. “No problem, I’ll go.”

“Alright, I will dispatch some men to pick you up in 10 hours.”

When he ended the call, Luo Yunyang turned to an elder and said. “Does the Luo Family have any records about the legendary Atlantis?”

“Atlantis?” The elder pondered his question for a bit before replying, “I don’t think there are any records about Atlantis in the clan’s archives.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t ask again. After searching further for some cultivation and combat techniques related to the Purple Dragon Vein, he left the small world that belonged to the Luo Family.

10 hours later, he would be meeting Atlantis’ representative after all.

Luo Yunyang’s departure lifted a huge weight off the minds of all the Luo Family clansmen, so they collectively let out a huge sigh of relief. Their forced smiles also disappeared. As they thought about Luo Yunyang’s actions, they all felt both exasperated and helpless.

“The Martial God won’t let him get away with this!” an elder roared furiously.

At first, Luo Yunyang had thought that he would get 10 hours to spend time with and bid farewell to his family. However, he had never expected that when he returned to Chang’an City, the Flame Emperor would be waiting for him at home.

“Yunyang, the Viceroy asked me to wait here. You have to head to Shen’du immediately. He is waiting for you there.”

The Flame Emperor started dragging Luo Yunyang’s arm as soon as he saw him. Luo Yunyang and the Flame Emperor were very close. Although he didn’t leave immediately, he just informed his mother and then boarded a plane to Shen’du.

Slightly over an hour later, Luo Yunyang reached Shen’du.

Besides Lu Qubing, he also met Jin Zaitian, Murat, Luxi and the other ultimate powerhouses there. However, the strong Martial God didn’t show up.

“Atlantis’ attitude is really bad!” These were Jin Zaitian’s first words.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything. Murat and the others didn’t speak either. They all just waited silently.

“These are the contents of the message Atlantis sent!” Jin Zaitian pointed to the electronic screen, where a line of words had appeared.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang, Murat and the others did not recognize these words. However, when their eyes fell on them, every single one of them understood their meaning.

“God’s brilliance will shine on this forsaken land once again!”

Although the words were very simple, one was able to sense an arrogance coming from them.

God’s brilliance could be discussed. However, the forsaken land was clearly the domain that humans currently occupied.

“We don’t know anything about the capabilities of Atlantis. This negotiation will determine the fate of the entire human race!” Jin Zaitian glanced at Luo Yunyang and the others. “Therefore, we cannot let our guard down.”

“During this negotiation, all authoritative power lies with me. Although I am not too worried, the negotiation will require strength, so we need to implore the help of the ultimate powerhouses.”

Murat, Luxi and the others didn’t speak. They all just turned their eyes to Luo Yunyang in acknowledgment of his status.

The powerhouse with the speaking rights was the strongest one. Jin Zaitian also looked at Luo Yunyang, waiting for him to speak.

“I will do everything within my power,” Luo Yunyang said earnestly.

Jin Zaitian nodded and said, “Mr. Luo, I’m afraid we may have a tough battle on our hands! Based on what we now, Atlantis has quite a lot of slaves!”

Some Atlantis specialists had started to share their knowledge on the lost continent. However, their explanations had come in bits and pieces, so they could only be used as a reference.

As Jin Zaitian explained, a suffocating mood enveloped everyone. Clearly, the majority of them couldn’t handle talking about the legend of Atlantis calmly.

After all, this island had supposedly ceased to exist a long time ago. There hadn’t been any signs of life ever since it had disappeared, so this sudden reappearance made people believe that Atlantis was stronger than the Da Alliance.


A deafening explosion echoed around. When Luo Yunyang heard it, a flash of coldness flickered through his eyes.