Supreme Uprising Chapter 303

Chapter 303 1000 Miles Of Surging Waves

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“Quick, look!” the soldiers on Shen’du’s watchtower shouted in shock. Their fear was clear in their voices.

It was a fear that originated from deep in their hearts!

“Oh my god!” some soldiers cried out in fright while others knelt on the ground.

The soldiers guarding Shen’du had already been through a rigorous selection. Although not even one of them had experienced the twists and turns of life, all of them were way stronger than ordinary soldiers.

However, every single one of them now felt their heart jump up to their mouth.

This wasn’t an exaggeration. They were already crumbling!

These soldiers, who wouldn’t even flinch when faced with foul winds and seas of blood, were crumbling because they had no way of beating their enemies.

Tidal waves thousands of meters tall stood before their very eyes. These massive waves made the soldiers lose their fighting spirit.

Mei’ya City, Dinghai City, Freedom City

All the coastal cities of the Da Alliance were being restricted by tidal waves. Although these waves didn’t do anything, their force was as scary as ominous black clouds.

After a moment, everyone finally regained their composure. However, the entire Da Alliance soon entered a state of panic.

All sorts of news circulated on the Sky Vision throughout every region of the Da Alliance. The message that Atlantis had sent was also transmitted.

“God’s brilliance will shine on this forsaken land once again!”

These words gave rise to wild scenarios.

Words of despair, theories on who could be trusted and suggestions on embracing Atlantis soon flooded the Sky Vision.

However, there was also a huge persistence. People would rather die if there was no Da Alliance anymore. Although the people that persisted in this view were plentiful, they were the most powerless group, as they had no answer for the towering waves that could come crashing down at any moment.

The emissary of Atlantis was about to arrive!

This was the most popular news on the Sky Vision. The 37 Cities of humanity all waited in silence. Right now, the only thing they could do was wait.

What seemed like four rainbows flew out of the vast tidal waves. When these four rainbows stopped outside Shen’du, four vessels that looked like aircrafts halted in mid-air.

“God’s emissary is about to descend. Lambs, hurry up and prepare your greatest offerings to welcome him!” Although there was no sound, this message was eerily transmitted in the entire Shen’du City.

God’s emissary? Lambs?

These words gave the residents of Shen’du, who had already been filled with despair, a bad feeling.

Jin Zaitian had an ugly look on his face. According to their experts, these people should be treated with a firm attitude. However, the Chairman had now sent a message asking for the emissary to be treated with the highest honor.

This indicated that the Chairman was already prepared to compromise after facing the pressure of those massive waves.

Although the 37 Cities of the Da Alliance had fought and schemed against one another over all sorts of resources in the past, whenever they faced any source beasts or other foes, they would instinctively choose to join forces against the common adversary and act unanimously.

However, the reappearance of Atlantis and those massive waves had already made many people willing to compromise.

“What now?” Jin Zaitian eventually asked Luo Yunyang and the others.

Luo Yunyang gazed coldly at the four huge flying vessels, which were suspended in the air like deities overlooking the earth.

He suddenly felt an urge to soar over there and smash these flying vessels to bits. However, although smashing them would be easy, the aftermath would be something that they would all need to think about.

“Although taboo weapons are powerful, they wouldn’t be any use against these tidal waves,” someone said when it was suggested that they should intimidate the people of Atlantis.

The first thought that came to mind was naturally taboo weapons, which were practically the strongest weapons of humanity.

However, Atlantis seemed to be shrouded by some sort of strange magnetic field, so no taboo weapons would be able to land on the island.

Plus, those humongous waves seemed like something these people simply had no way of dealing with.

“Don’t tell me we are really going to do what they tell us?” Lu Qubing said indignantly.

Unfortunately, no one replied.

Although similar suggestions were made by other people, the answer to this question was too desperate to be voiced.

Some people thought about the Martial God and instantly placed all their hopes on him. In their hearts, the Martial God was the god of the entire human race. Only if he took action would this problem be solved.

However, their calls were never answered. The Martial God was in isolation!

“Someone should slaughter their way into Atlantis and show the people of Atlantis that while they control these massive waves, we also have the power to hurt them just as bad, so both sides will be suffering in the end. I believe that only by doing so we will be able to sit down and have a negotiation on equal terms.” Someone expressed his opinion on the Sky Vision.

However, although there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his views, his idea was actually very difficult to execute.

Nobody knew what they would find on Atlantis. However, based on the way they controlled these waves, the people of Atlantis were far stronger than the residents of the Da Alliance.

Slaughtering one’s way into Atlantis would be suicide right now.

“I will go welcome them!” Jin Zaitian had finally made a decision, even though he knew very well that the moment he stepped forward, they would have to lower their heads and negotiate.

His decision to welcome the people of Atlantis would make the negotiation even more difficult, but he had no other choice.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes flickered as he watched the departing Jin Zaitian. He wasn’t an impulsive person, yet the current circumstances and the critical juncture before his eyes made him realize that he could no longer hesitate. Prompt decisions had to be made.

Since taboo weapons were ineffective, the only way Atlantis would be intimidated was if the god-grade powerhouses took action.

“We will slaughter our way into Atlantis!” Luo Yunyang said as he glanced at Murat, who nodded her head gently. The blood-red axe beside her was vibrating as though it was excited at the idea of the impending bloodbath.

Some people chose to fight, while others chose to cower. Luxi, who was the 5th in rank ultimate powerhouse, hesitated for a bit before he said, “I believe that would be too dangerous. Although the people of Atlantis do not have kind intentions, we can’t panic and lose our heads. Not when the situation isn’t clear yet. We have to remain calm! What if their request is easy to accept? Wouldn’t our deep worry have been for nothing then?”

Luxi’s words were immediately met with the approval of a few powerhouses. Although they didn’t dare mock Luo Yunyang, they still objected to this dangerous operation. They believed that there was no need to make any pointless sacrifices.

When she heard Luxi’s choice, Murat spat out, “Coward!”

For a powerhouse like Luxi, this word was like a hard slap on the face.

However, Luxi didn’t dare say anything. In his heart, all he felt for Murat was fear.

“You should all know that if we start to bend our knees and grovel, what we will lose will be even greater,” Murat said before meeting Luo Yunyang’s gaze. “I think that you aren’t a person that would kneel and beg for his life!”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head faintly in response to Murat’s words. As the two of them spoke, the rainbow-like flying vessels emitted a ripple-like vibration once again.

This vibration transmitted a message about the pending arrival of the emissary. However, while the previous message had been a request for the emissary’s reception, this one was a name list.

Luo Yunyang, Murat and the others were astonished to see their names on the list of people that would receive the emissary.

God-grade powerhouses were treated like gods in the Da Alliance. If they were to pay their respects to the emissary and welcome him, then their dignity would be tarnished.

Luo Yunyang had a mocking look in his eyes as he heard this message. Suddenly, he turned to Luxi and said, “Perhaps at some point in the future, Atlantis will slaughter you all like lambs!”

Although Saint Luxi was a god-like existence within the Free Cities, he had to swallow his anger at Luo Yunyang’s derision right now.

Luo Yunyang, who couldn’t waste much time on Saint Luxi either, soared into the air like a streak of lighting and headed off into the distance.

Meanwhile, Murat had also turned into a long streak of blood that headed in the direction of Atlantis.

Although the oceans were vast, god-grade powerhouses like Luo Yunyang and Murat could fly without any resistance.

When they rose into the sky and flew in the direction of Atlantis, the four rainbow-like flying vessels emitted another wave of ripples.

“This is futile!”

Clearly, the emissary of Atlantis knew what Luo Yunyang and the others were up to. However, he didn’t know because he was a god, but because some people had become traitors.

15 minutes later, Jin Zaitian welcomed four tall men with blond hair, blue eyes and big robes as they walked out of the four flying vessels.

Each of them was exceptionally good-looking. Besides being taller and larger than ordinary humans, they also gave off a vibe that made whoever saw them feel an uncontrollable urge to kneel and pay their respects.

“Do you want to rebel against our great god, lambs? Ha ha Isn’t this basically attempting the impossible? How amusing!” the man at the front of the party said without any constraint.

While they were speaking, Luo Yunyang and Murat faced their first challenge in their bid to rush towards Atlantis.

Luo Yunyang had just soared into the air, when a long spear suddenly rose from the boundless waves and aimed straight at him.

The spear was completely formed out of ocean water, so as it rose into the air, it became a 100-meter wide jet of water!