Supreme Uprising Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Ocean Warriors

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“Worms! How laughable They are actually struggling in vain!” a pretty lady that looked like a goddess said disdainfully as she stood on a huge altar embedded with precious gems.

Before her eyes was a huge water mirror. Luo Yunyang was crossing the vast ocean as a water spear shot out towards him.

The water spear contained thousands of kilos of force, so it sealed the airspace that Luo Yunyang occupied. However, the instant it was about to pierce Luo Yunyang’s body, Luo Yunyang had appeared somewhere beyond the spear.

“He strode across the void. Hmm That’s kind of interesting,” the charming lady said softly. “Seems like there are some talented individuals among these sheep.”

The lady then glanced at a man at her side. The man’s handsome features and flowing silver hair in combination with his ancient armor gave him an enchanting vibe.

However, he was currently gazing at the lady as if he was intoxicated.

“Daolasi, how much longer will it take your Ocean Warriors to squish these bugs?” There was a hint of disdain in the lady’s voice as she spoke.

The man smiled and said, “12 Ocean Warriors have already gathered. According to the classification of these bugs, they are all god-grade powerhouses, so squishing them will be really easy.”

Then, the man added, “Ever since we degenerated to our first form and had to return to the depths of the ocean, the reverence these sheep have for our race has diminished. I believe that we could be even more demanding in announcing our terms to these bugs. This way, they will understand that the God cannot be offended.”

The lady, who really liked hearing these words, suddenly glowed like a flower. She nodded her head gently and said, “That is only right. If they intend to trample all over the God’s dignity, then they must pay for their actions. The sheep in this region will all be reduced to second-class slaves!”

As the lady spoke, she waved her hands lightly and a huge map appeared on her water mirror. The position of the 13 Eastern Cities had been circled by a red line.

“The Goddess is wise!” the man flattered her without even thinking.

However, when he raised his head, a merciless slap landed on his face. On the surface of the vast ocean, a warrior clad in azure armor that had just rushed out of the ocean had been obliterated by Luo Yunyang in one strike.

“That’s Zolunsi!” Daolasi shouted in astonishment and fear.

Zolunsi was one of the Ocean Warriors. Based on their understanding of the Da Alliance, Zolunsi wasn’t a match for Luo Yunyang. However, the party they had dispatched to slay Luo Yunyang included 12 Ocean Warriors, so they had assumed that killing Luo Yunyang would be a piece of cake. They had never imagined that the first Ocean Warrior that had appeared would actually be killed right away.

Plus, he had been killed in the middle of the ocean.

This was very difficult for the entire top brass of Atlantis to accept. There was only one thought in their minds. How could this even be possible?

How could a mighty Ocean Warrior be slain just like that when he had only just entered the fray? Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang seemed to be staring straight at them provocatively.

“Kill him!” the Goddess said frostily. “If the Ocean Warriors won’t do, then get a Sea God Rider to take action!”

A flash of anger rippled across Daolasi’s face. He immediately got on one knee and said, “Please don’t worry, Goddess. My Ocean Warriors will use the blood of that bug to wash away the humiliation they just suffered.”

As he spoke, the precious mirror showed 11 Ocean Warriors in full armor charge out of the ocean. The weapons they carried with them created boundless waves that crashed towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t found it difficult to kill an Ocean Warrior with one strike. Although these people were all god-grade entities, Luo Yunyang had killed 13 Bitter Cultivators with one move, so this wasn’t much in comparison.

As the 11 Ocean Warriors rushed towards him, Luo Yunyang quickly made a decision and unleashed the scarlet sun in his mind.

In an instant, the expressions of the 11 Ocean Warriors changed dramatically. They quickly halted their attack, while layers of water power frantically wrapped around their bodies.

However, as their bodies were enveloped by this water power, a faint golden flame erupted from within them.

In an instant, they were all engulfed by this golden flame and turned into balls of fire enveloped by water.

Their surroundings turned silent as soon as the 12 bonfires formed. In the exquisite palace deep within Atlantis, the beautiful lady called the Goddess was stunned.

According to their assessment of the Da Alliance’s strength, if the Atlanteans pressured it, the entire Da Alliance would be so wary that it wouldn’t even put up any resistance.

However, two top powerhouses of the Da Alliance had chosen to attack Atlantis while the might of the vast ocean pressured their domain.

When they discovered this plan, they thought that these people were crazy. Perhaps their bravery was commendable, but their brains were certainly damaged. Who did they think they were?

They reckoned that dispatching 24 Ocean Warriors would easily resolve this situation and intimidate this bunch of sheep that had dared provoke the might of God.

However, they had never imagined that the 12 Ocean Warriors would fall at the hands of Luo Yunyang moments after the battle had begun.

This wasn’t good news for Atlanteans. After all, every Ocean Warrior was an important asset of Atlantis.

The quick death of 12 Ocean Warriors meant that their opponents would have to pay a huge price.

After killing the 12 Ocean Warriors without breaking a sweat, Luo Yunyang rose into the air and looked all around him. Just 25 kilometers away from him, Murat was currently battling 12 men in similar ancient armor.

The Blood Axe in her hands seemed to have the power to cleave mountains. However, the 12 Ocean Warriors’ coordination was flawless. They stood on the surface of the ocean as the inexhaustible power of the water took all sorts of forms.

Occasionally, it would take the form of a spear or a shield. Not only did it nullify Blood Butcher Murat’s attacks, but it also resumed an offensive or defensive stance at once.

As he looked at her from above, Luo Yunyang made Murat look over. When she saw him heading over, a look of resolve flashed across her eyes.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to descend, Murat raised her blood-colored axe high. A strange glow was emitted from the axe, making Luo Yunyang feel that the person supporting the Blood Axe wasn’t Murat, but a half-human, half-demon entity.

“Die!” a thundering roar left Murat’s lips as the blood-red axe cleaved forward gently.

While a red glow streaked through the sky, the surging waves that the 12 Ocean Warriors were frantically controlling formed a huge shield as large as a mountain around them.

Although the Blood Axe didn’t land on the huge shield, that blood-red light sliced the massive shield in two.

Then, the 12 Ocean Warriors were all sliced in two by the light.

There was a crazy look in Murat’s eyes as a dense killing intent emanated from her. 1,000 miles of ocean water around this spot had turned blood-red.

“I let you witness my humiliation.” Murat glanced at Luo Yunyang. Although she was still smiling, her frail body actually seemed to contain a power that could turn the world into ruins.

As Luo Yunyang watched Murat, his mind went to work. He had three techniques that could deal with that strike of hers, but none of them was easy.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang understood why Murat ranked above Unrivaled Warrior Johann.

“It was not much,” Luo Yunyang said seriously. “Atlantis is probably even more powerful than we can imagine. Although the enemies we’ve encountered can’t be considered small fries, they are probably only the tip of the iceberg.”

Murat nodded. The two of them glanced in the direction of Atlantis silently before moving forward. They both knew that by taking this path, they already had no other choice.

Torrential waves raged as the sea level continued to rise. Although these waves seemed to be restricted by some sort of power as they got close to the cities so they didn’t come crashing down, their intimidating nature was becoming stronger and stronger.

Some people shivered, while others felt their spirits crumble as the massive waves threatened to overflow and crash down.

Any intent the Da Alliance had had of resisting was thoroughly extinguished by this mountain-like ocean water.

Luo Yunyang, who was flying above the surface of the ocean, couldn’t sense this oppression. However, as he was flying, he felt the water beneath his feet rise continuously.

As he and Murat advanced 25 kilometers in the direction of Atlantis, the sounds of rolling waves traveled over.

When a crashing sound was heard, a winged azure steed charged out of the ocean. Its rider was a man clad in azure armor.

As the azure rider rushed out, the vast ocean water all around him fused with his figure. The moment he appeared, he seemed to indicate that he was the master of everything beneath the sky.

He was one with the vast domain of the ocean.

Murat’s eyes flickered when she saw the azure figure. “It’s a god-grade, emperor-grade expert!” she said tartly.

“You aren’t too bad yourself. You are actually a god-grade, general-grade expert. Only a God Emperor could use the power of law, so the deaths of those idiots were justified.” Although there was no sound, the air vibrated and carried the man’s words.

“My name is Qiongsi, and I am one of the nine great Sea God Riders of Atlantis. Now, I shall personally send you on your way!”