Supreme Uprising Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Daxing Hall

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Daxing Hall was Shen’du’s most important place, so it was mainly used for meetings that concerned the most important issues of the Da Alliance.

It was like the Freedom Mountain of the Free Cities, so the two of them were known as the most important great halls of the Da Alliance.

Usually, the hall’s main doors would be tightly shut and they would only open once a year. However, Daxing Hall was full of people that day.

There were even some Sky Vision platform anchors gathered there, getting ready for a live broadcast about the direction the Da Alliance would take.

The atmosphere inside Daxing Hall was currently very strange. The four representatives of Atlantis looked dignified as they told Jin Zaitian and the others haughtily, “You have to accept almost all of these conditions.”

The conditions in question had been written on golden fish scales. Although the words were very strange, anyone looking at the scales could understand what was written on them.

First condition: The Da Alliance would immediately be dissolved.

Second condition: All the people of the Da Alliance would become God’s slaves. Their lives and everything else would belong to God.

Third Condition: God’s Emissaries would possess the highest authority and would be able to

Every condition felt tyrannical for the Da Alliance. Each one made everyone feel as though a thousand f*ck-yous would burst from their mouths!

“Don’t tell me that you think you are unable to accept these conditions?” the blonde-haired, blued-eyed elegant man, who appeared to be looking down on everyone around him, said indifferently. “Actually, it is God’s unbounded benevolence that allows you to continue to exist in this world. This is your last chance. If you do not sign this agreement, you will only experience floods and death!”

The graceful man’s gaze then landed on Jin Zaitian. “You are someone who can understand, so you should know that there is no room for diplomacy between the strong and the weak. I can only kindly remind you of this. Do you have any way of proving that you aren’t weak?”

As he watched the man’s overbearing manner, Jin Zaitian felt as though his chest was about to explode. He had known right from the start that this negotiation wouldn’t be pleasant, even though he had prepared mentally and tried to deduce the conditions that might be proposed.

However, the current situation made him furious. He couldn’t accept this! He really wanted to hurl a barrage of curses and criticize this arrogant fellow loudly. He might be wearing elegant clothes, but his actions were shameless and his motives were filthy! However, saying this would be of no use. Saliva could not drown a person.

If they accepted these conditions, then humanity would become a subject of Atlantis without a chance of struggling.

However, he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences of rejecting these conditions either.

The Chairman and the others hadn’t given Jin Zaitian any clear instructions. Although they weren’t in Shen’du at the moment, they were aware of the content of this negotiation.

Everything was currently on the line, which made it very difficult to make any decision.

“Are you perhaps placing your hopes on them?” When the man representing Atlantis waved his hand, an image of Luo Yunyang and Murat in the ocean appeared eerily on the large screen inside Daxing Hall.

“Do you see? This is one of our three great Sea God Rider Chiefs. He is considered one of the strongest citizens of Atlantis. You can forget about threatening Atlantis with the two ultimate powerhouses you sent. I fear that they don’t even have the power to get close to Atlantis.”

As the emissary spoke, the azure rider suddenly urged his steed forward and charged swiftly towards Murat.

The azure pike in his hand was raised high, and the instant he charged, everyone watching felt like he had become one with the vast ocean.

This wasn’t the simple strike of a single person. This man had gathered the power of the ocean. As his attack rushed forward, Murat swung her axe hard.

While she moved, she looked as though she had turned into Asura. [1. Asura is a buddhist deity/demigod.] Even though they were only watching through an electronic screen, the dense killing intent she emitted still terrified them.

Some people even shivered in fear.

When the huge axe and the azure pike clashed in the air, Murat, who had used a sweeping cleave, was sent flying back.

As she landed heavily on the surface of the ocean five kilometers away, a bloody cut appeared on the palm of her hand that had been holding the blood-red axe.

Murat had been defeated!

Suddenly, practically everyone knew what the outcome of this exchange was. A wave of sorrowful emotions started to rise everywhere.

Although the massive torrential tides had already been whittling away at everyone’s intent to resist, Murat’s failure made any intent to resist disappear.

The human race knew that Murat ranked 3rd among the ultimate powerhouses, right below Luo Yunyang and the Martial God.

If their 3rd strongest had been defeated with one strike, how could the human race hope to match the strength of those emissaries who claimed to be gods?

“She is still 15,000 kilometers away from Atlantis. I could give you all a chance. If your envoys are able to get within five kilometers of Atlantis, I will allow you to amend one of the conditions.”

The elegant man’s tone was haughty as he spoke. This wasn’t a gamble for him, but a certain victory.

“Of course, if you lose, we will add more conditions. What do you say?”

The sides of Jin Zaitian’s mouth twitched acutely. Murat’s state made his heart tighten. Although Murat wasn’t his only weapon, the current situation made him feel really powerless.

“What do we do, Vice-Chairman?” Zhuge Yi, who stood next to Jin Zaitian, asked. Although he was known as a wise person within the 13 Eastern Cities, he felt dispirited right now.

Strength of a certain level could still be used if one was slightly weaker. However, the current situation made everyone feel desperate.

Jin Zaitian glanced at Luo Yunyang on the screen and pondered this for a moment before nodding his head. “Deal!”

“Chairman, if we agreed, wouldn’t that result in our complete annihilation? That would be”

Zhuge Yi strived to restrain the despair in his heart as he advised Jin Zaitian carefully. However, before he could finish speaking, Jin Zaitian had already interrupted him crudely. “Things can’t get any worse. Do you think we still have any hope left?”

Zhuge Yi found it hard to say anything. Jin Zaitian was right. This was the most difficult situation they had ever encountered.

If Luo Yunyang lost as well, it wouldn’t make any difference.

As Jin Zaitian spoke, the Sea God Rider urged on his steed once again and charged towards Luo Yunyang.

This attack didn’t seem any different than the previous one Murat had faced. However, its might was more than double.

Dodging it would be simply impossible!