Supreme Uprising Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Human Crumbling Speed

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Many people in Daxing Hall felt as though time had come to a standstill. The image on the screen hadnt changed at all.

One second, five seconds, 10 seconds

Time slowly ticked by, yet the Sea God Rider remained still. The Ocean Pegasus that Laitehaiyin had called unrivaled was just as still.

Everything seemed static.

The ocean seems to be moving! a voice suddenly said in Daxing Hall. The entire hall had seemed to be shrouded by a deadly silence, so the voice echoed loudly around the room.

The ocean was moving!

When they heard this, everyone, including Laitehaiyin, turned their eyes to the oceans surface. Laitehaiyin felt like the electronic screen had paused for a little too long.

Although the ocean was moving, the Sea God Rider didnt budge. Was there something wrong with the image, or was it something else?

Just as everyone was wondering in confusion whether this situation was that strange, yet another figure appeared on the screen. It was another Sea God Rider in azure armor riding an azure Ocean Pegasus!

His arrival caused the statue-like Sea God Rider Qiongsi to finally react.

Someone is trying to attack Atlantis. Report this to the Supreme Sacred Group. Someone is trying to attack Atlantis! Qiongsi shouted urgently.

Although no sound was transmitted through the screen, everyone present could understand what Qiongsi was shouting through other methods.

Laitehaiyins face fell and turned dark. Atlantis was their base, so it was a holy place that nobody should be able to trespass on.

However, the bugs that they had casually tormented as they pleased had actually rushed towards Atlantis right before their very eyes.

He wont enter Atlantis. The Sea God Riders will stop him. Plus, Atlantis has the Sea Gods blessing! a negotiation representative said as he patted Laitehaiyin.

It was only now that Laitehaiyin finally calmed down. His comrade was right. There was nothing to worry about. He had just lost his self-control for a bit.

What was there to be afraid of? No matter how quick that person was, his trip would be pointless if he wasnt able to enter Atlantis. Soon, the Sea God Rider Corps would stop him.

No one from the Da Alliance knew who started this, yet a chorus of cheers suddenly broke out.

These cheers made the Atlantean negotiators feel extremely uncomfortable.

However, they simply didnt have the time to worry about this. All their attention was fixed on the person trying to attack Atlantis.

Six Ocean Pegasi appeared in a straight line on the surging ocean. The Ocean Pegasus at the front was even larger and more intimidating than the one Qiongsi rode.

That fool Qiongsi! To think that he actually let a bug attack Atlantis! This is a disgrace to our home! the rider on the largest Ocean Pegasus said disdainfully.

The five Sea God Riders surrounding him didnt say anything. Although they were also Sea God Riders, they didnt want to get involved in a grudge between two Sea God Rider Captains.

After all, Sea God Rider Captains were entities that they had to respect. If they offended a Captain, their future prospects would be bleak.

How could an Ocean Pegasus be unable to stop one person? Ha ha! This is too funny. Ocean Pegasi are already extremely powerful. Qiongsi

As the Sea God Rider Captain was about to criticize Qiongsi on all sorts of things, someone said, Sir, the Sea God Palace just reported that the suspect is within 150 kilometers of us.

The Sea God Rider Captain, who had wanted to lambaste Qiongsi, composed himself. Suddenly, an extremely strong killing intent emanated from his body.

Although he wasnt pleased with Qiongsi, this was an internal conflict. Plus, conquering the human race in one move was Atlantis current goal.

In order for this to happen, some cannon fodder was necessary. This bug had dared provoke the might of Atlantis, so he would be the best offering!

He would prevent him from coming into contact with Atlantis and squish those bugs last hope.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

The bug still hadnt come! A faint doubt started to creep into the face of the Sea God Rider Captain. In his opinion, the merit of stopping Luo Yunyang belonged to him.

Could that fella have taken a detour?

Contact the Sea God Palace and ask them to determine that bugs position. Why are we still unable to determine where he is? the Sea God Rider Captain said a little impatiently.

He had a vague feeling that this bug was no longer near him.

The Sea God Rider Captain was burning with rage at the thought of that despicable bug toying with him.

Sir, according to the Sea God Palaces surveillance reports, the suspect has already rushed past us! the Sea God Rider in charge of contacting the Sea God Palace reported in a slightly wavering voice.

The six Sea God Riders fell silent. They could swear to the Sea God that they hadnt seen a single person.

However, the Sea Gods words were sacred and unquestionable. If they had to choose between believing their own eyes or the Sea Gods Surveillance, they would undoubtedly choose to believe the latter.

How is this possible? We were right here. How could he have run by us? the Sea God Rider Captain said in the end.

Regardless of the answer, it was undeniable that their mission had already failed.

He has already passed Position One! The Goddess of Atlantis sat quietly in her throne, which was made completely out of azure gemstones. However, there wasnt even a hint of a smile on her beautiful face.

Defensive Position Two didnt discover any traces of him, but Defensive Position Three did!

He has already reached Defensive Position Five!

As report after report was transmitted mechanically, an icy flash flickered across the calm Goddess eyes. This operation was entirely commanded by her, so according to her calculations, it would definitely be successful.

However, just as everything had been going smoothly and the faith of those insects had been on the verge of crumbling, a single bug had unexpectedly rushed in the direction of Atlantis.

She hadnt thought too much of these bugs, as she didnt consider them very powerful. According to her estimations, 24 Ocean Warriors should have been enough to resolve this problem.

She hadnt expected that the fellows shed placed such high hopes on would be slain and the Sea God Riders would be ineffective.

This surprising bug, who was actually faster than an Ocean Pegasus, had started to make his way to Atlantis in the blink of an eye.

Although there was an abundance of talent in Atlantis, this was still a core zone of their race. If they were to suffer any damage while she was a Goddess, she would be impeached by the Sacred Group.

Goddess, Luo Yunyang is really fast! a middle-aged man in appropriate attire told her.

You are a sage of Atlantis, Kemusi. What do you think we should do under the circumstances? the Goddess asked gently as she glanced at Kemusi.

I believe that we should be even more forceful. We could flood a city and show these insects our resolve. That should teach them a lesson!

Kemusi bowed diplomatically to the Goddess before adding, Then, we should offer those insects some good conditions and get them to ask that bug to return.

The Goddesss expression was calm. She didnt answer immediately. Instead, she said dully after pondering this for a bit, What do we do if those insects are determined to die fighting?

Goddess, this isnt something that happens easily. Especially when one side is too strong and the other is too weak, Kemusi said confidently. Atlanteans and humans are too different in terms of strength. During this round of negotiations, they are nothing but meat on a chopping block.

The goddess didnt say anything. She just waved her hands and the huge screen quickly lit up.

Although what you said makes sense, in this case, I am not ready to do such a thing. Doing so would ultimately make some of these bugs think that we are unable to win.

The Goddess pointed at a location on the map of Atlantis before she added, I have decided to use the Sea Gods Shield.

Kemusi froze for a second. He stared at the Goddess before him as he said, Goddess, wouldnt using the Sea Gods Shield for a couple of insects be overkill?

No, these bugs have placed their hopes on this powerhouse called Luo Yunyang. The fact that he bypassed our defensive perimeter must have encouraged many of his people.

The Goddess pointed at Atlantis and said, Hes just coming to Atlantis by using his speed to wreak havoc and prove to us that humans do not lack the ability to retaliate. They want to get the upper hand during this negotiation.

This time, I want them to experience a crushing defeat. When they find out that they are unable to harm Atlantis, any intent they have of resisting will be crushed. Then, they will just become a race we can lord over.

As the Goddess spoke, her delicate fingers inched unhurriedly to a button made out of a gemstone. When her finger pressed down, a beeping sound started ringing throughout the huge palace.

Amidst this sound, a layer of azure blue lights started to rise from the ocean below Atlantis. In an instant, these azure lights had formed a massive barrier that enveloped Atlantis.

At the top of this barrier appeared a godly figure that wielded a trident as it stood there loftily.