Supreme Uprising Chapter 308

Chapter 308 So Close Yet Worlds Apart

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Luo Yunyang had always thought that adjusting his Speed with his attribute regulator was something of little value.

Having a high Speed wasn’t bad, but ever since his True Intent Attribute had emerged, as long as his Power and Constitution were strong enough, his Speed really wasn’t of much use.

However, that day Luo Yunyang realized that speed was different.

When the strong attacked the weak, speed wasn’t significant, yet when the weak faced the strong, its usefulness was crucial.

Atlantis came calling along with the sound of thunder. Although Luo Yunyang was very strong, he really didn’t know whether he would be able to reach Atlantis when he had to face this unyielding power and kill each and every opponent that moved against him.

Although he possessed the attribute regulator and other remarkable abilities, he still couldn’t underestimate the strong fighters of Atlantis.

Using those towering waves to suppress the Da Alliance wasn’t something ordinary people could do.

All along the way, Luo Yunyang had sensed a majestic power coming from the bodies of the Atlantean powerhouses guarding the path he needed to take.

Every single one of them wasn’t any weaker than him. Even if he relied on various secret arts and techniques to defeat a few of them, he still wouldn’t pose much of a threat to Atlantis.

Atlantis was right ahead!

Luo Yunyang spotted the huge island while he was in the air. Suddenly, all sorts of thoughts popped into his head.

Exactly what sort of power had made this island sink to the depths of the ocean all those years ago? And what sort of power had allowed it to rise again now?

What sort of ultimate abilities did the Atlanteans, who had lived in the depths of the ocean for so long, possess?

Luo Yunyang had no choice but to do his best to reach Atlantis.

He wasn’t a reckless young man, but neither was he someone who wished to carry humanity on his shoulders. However, he couldn’t bring himself to abandon everyone else when the entire population of the Da Alliance was about to become the slaves of another race.

That was why he and Murat had come. Unfortunately, as they had charged towards Atlantis, Murat had been halted by someone else’s absolute strength.

Atlantis was ahead, so Luo Yunyang had already partly succeeded. As long as he could produce the power to awe and intimidate Atlantis, the Da Alliance and Atlantis would truly be able to sit down and have a fair negotiation.

As Luo Yunyang got closer to Atlantis, he sensed a tremendous power repelling him.

The more he advanced, the stronger this repelling force became.

Although he had only advanced 500 meters, his speed had dropped by half due to this repelling force.

Luo Yunyang suddenly saw a huge light screen that looked like glass in the sky above Atlantis, as well as a figure above the barrier that seemed like a deity.

The instant Luo Yunyang halted, a voice started to reverberate in his ear. “How should I address you, Luo Yunyang? Right now, Atlantis is protected by the Sea God’s Shield. Didn’t the human race send you to show Atlanteans that you still have the power to cause a lot of damage to us? Although your speed does scare us, given your current state, do you think you can really enter Atlantis?”

The voice was gentle, but also immensely haughty.

Luo Yunyang stared at the god-like shadow above the glowing azure barrier without lifting a finger.

Suddenly, the lady’s voice rang out again. “I will give you an hour’s time. If you don’t enter the light barrier and the Da Alliance doesn’t surrender, I shall no longer control the ocean waters. You must know what the consequences will be if that happens!”

The lady’s voice didn’t just ring out beside Luo Yunyang’s ear. It actually echoed inside Daxing Hall as well. When the four emissaries in charge of the negotiation heard it, they all bowed deferentially and said, “We will solemnly carry out your orders, Your Majesty.”

The Sky Vision was in chaos. Atlantis no longer seemed to try to avoid being detected by the Da Alliance’s satellites, so countless people could now see Luo Yunyang standing before the light barrier covering Atlantis.

Although the barrier looked just like a bubble that could pop with a gentle prod, it was actually like a steel fort wrapped around Atlantis.

“Could taboo weapons destroy that barrier?” someone suggested on the Sky Vision. Practically every suggestion would be ignored or at best discussed a little.

However, the person who suggested this actually got an answer.

“It can’t be broken. Firstly, taboo weapons are unable to lock onto the location of this barrier. Secondly, this barrier might look thin, but it is a huge spheroid with a strong repulsive force. Even if taboo weapons bombarded it, they would probably get repelled by this force when they were 500 meters away.”

“Then what could be done about it? Don’t tell me that everyone thinks Luo Yunyang won’t be able to break this barrier?”

All sorts of discussions and opinions were thrown around. Although nobody in the Da Alliance was willing to accept this sort of subservience, what they felt right now was a deep helplessness.

They had no way of resisting fate.

As many people were discussing this, Luo Yunyang soared into the air, unleashed the First Ape-Dragon Variation and threw a strike at the barrier.

As a layer of thin cracks appeared on the azure light barrier, the ice and fire powers contained within his fists disappeared completely.

When Luo Yunyang backed off, the Buddha Disks whistled in the air and formed a massive pagoda that started raining down on the azure light barrier.

However, the Buddha Disks were ultimately unable to land on it.

The God Slayer suddenly flew into the air. As Luo Yunyang’s power gathered in it, the ancient spear looked like a glowing red-and-blue streak of light ramming into the azure barrier.

When the God Slayer struck, a dent appeared on the barrier. Then, the spear was sent flying away.

These three attacks were practically Luo Yunyang’s strongest techniques, yet they had all ultimately failed.

Luo Yunyang thought that he wouldn’t be able to break through this barrier, even if he used his attribute regulator. As he used these attacks, time kept trickling down.

Jin Zaitian’s hands were shaking.

He normally did everything very steadily, yet right now he couldn’t calm himself down. This matter was just too important.

The Da Alliance couldn’t afford to lose The entire human race couldn’t afford to lose! He had struggled and fought for an entire lifetime to resist source beasts, yet before any source beasts had even emerged, Atlantis, which had remained hidden in the ocean for who knew how long, had suddenly appeared.

The Atlanteans’ power could topple mountains and flip oceans, so they were an existence that could and would turn the Da Alliance into slaves.

Losing was perfectly normal. Their might was obvious after all. However, he found it very difficult to accept this outcome.

As Luo Yunyang faced the Sea God’s Shield, the whole Da Alliance was completely silent.

Meanwhile, the sea waters surged and roared

Countless people in Shen’du, Mei’ya City, Dinghai City and the Free Cities raised their heads towards the ocean waters threatening to crash down on them. Some people even had tears in their eyes.

Although many people believed in their hearts that perhaps there were certain aspects or areas of the Da Alliance that weren’t so good, when the Da Alliance faced such a calamity, they realized that it might not even exist after this

“We still have the Martial God!” someone posted on the Sky Vision. As this post circulated, the fire in many people’s hearts ignited a little.

We still have the Martial God! We still have the Martial God! We still have the Martial God!

The Martial God had to hurry up and come out of his seclusion. Otherwise, they would really be squished like ants!

“Martial God, the Da Alliance needs you. The whole world needs you!”

All sorts of opinions were expressed. There were even some people weeping and shouting on the Sky Vision, imploring the Martial God to replace Luo Yunyang!

Important individuals throughout the Da Alliance, including the Da Alliance’s Chairman, had personally headed to the Martial God’s cultivation grounds in hopes of seeing him.

However, the only reply they got was silence.

The Martial God didn’t come out of his seclusion. As time slowly ticked by, the four negotiation representatives of Atlantis in Daxing Hall started to have a haughty attitude. They kept glancing disdainfully at Jin Zaitian and the others as they waited.

“What is he doing?” a soldier guarding the place suddenly blurted out as he pointed at the huge screen.

He wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Many eyes were turned to the screen.

Luo Yunyang, who had been standing about 300 meters away from the azure light barrier, had suddenly sat down in a lotus position.

The seated Luo Yunyang appeared very peaceful, as though he had nothing to do with this matter. However, when Jin Zaitian and the others saw him do this, their hearts tightened.

They believed that this meant that Luo Yunyang had succumbed to despair. After all, the Sea God’s Shield was so powerful that Luo Yunyang wasn’t able to blast through it.

“How can he act like this?” a young soldier choked out sorrowfully.

The people around Jin Zaitian were all silent. They had experienced many things in their lives, so they knew that during a helpless time like this, Luo Yunyang was right to accept his fate.

“He adapts to different circumstances very quickly. I’m afraid that you do not know this, but although you are slaves of God, considering his cultivation base, he could become a top Ocean Warrior.” Laitehaiyin’s voice carried a faint hint of envy as he spoke. “Ocean Warriors are Atlantis’ most superior entities. All the best cultivation resources are provided to them free of charge.”

Saint Luxi, who had been sitting there without saying anything, finally spoke up. “I knew that this would all be for nothing!”

The last bit of respect Jin Zaitian had felt for Luxi vanished completely. When he heard his words, Jin Zaitian’s eyes flashed coldly. What f*cking right did he have to criticize others, when he hadn’t even tried to do anything?

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything about Luxi right now.

“No, he seems to be doing something!” Zhuge Yi exclaimed in a trembling voice as he pointed at Luo Yunyang.