Supreme Uprising Chapter 309

Chapter 309 A Red Sun Shining In Every Direction

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Inside Atlantis’ Sea God Palace, the Goddess was also looking at Luo Yunyang. However, her heart was filled with the thrill of victory that she enjoyed so much.

What she believed should have been a battle without any form of resistance had turned out this way. This caused some admiration for the young man before her eyes to rise from the bottom of her heart.

After all, this battle wasn’t on equal terms.

Although the strength of this young man had already reached the boundaries of a God Emperor, compared to Atlantis, the Da Alliance’s strength was still insufficient.

If Luo Yunyang was let into Atlantis, perhaps Atlantis would really have to back down during this round of negotiations.

After all, the Atlanteans were still people.

When this issue with the human race was resolved, she would make sure that this young man was under Atlantis’ jurisdiction. This way, the strength of Atlantis would increase.

As the Goddess silently made this decision, she saw a red sun rise above Luo Yunyang’s head.

At first, she didn’t really pay much attention to it. However, when her eyes came in contact with the red sun for a bit, she suddenly felt as though her soul had caught fire.

She quickly inhaled and frantically urged her mind power, which was just like torrential sea water, to suppress that burning sensation.

Unfortunately, she still felt like her mind power had suffered some corrosion.

Suddenly, she felt an intense searing sensation in her head.

Even though she had taken countermeasures, her head still hurt

A thought formed unexpectedly in her mind and made her face turn pale.

The Goddess immediately shouted, “Go check the status of the region closest to Luo Yunyang! Get all Atlanteans to retreat underground!”

As soon as she barked out these instructions, the Goddess got up from her gem throne. As she paced back and forth a few times, her expression became increasingly graver.

Suddenly, her eyes returned to Luo Yunyang. The bright red sun kept becoming more and more resplendent, its glow even shining into the barrier now.

The Sea God’s Shield was still up, yet the protection of the Sea God wasn’t responding to Luo Yunyang’s shining light.

In a short space of time, the subordinate she had dispatched returned. “Goddess, there are already more than 1,000 of our people who are unconscious and even some who have died mysteriously in the region close to Luo Yunyang.”

“Have they gone underground?” The Goddess could no longer keep her composure.

“We have already followed your instructions and asked everyone to hide underground, but it doesn’t seem to be very effective,” said the subordinate. “Even though they’ve already gone underground, people are still fainting. Some people are already retreating. It seems like the effects of this strange power cannot be felt 50 kilometers away from the Sea God’s Shield.”

The Goddess’ face fell when she heard her subordinate’s reply. Getting a whole region of Atlanteans to retreat 50 kilometers wasn’t very difficult. Even getting all Atlanteans to retreat 50 kilometers from the Sea God’s Shield was also possible.

However, how many people could they evacuate in such a short space of time?

Would she be forced to use her last resort and destroy this man right away?

As the Goddess pondered this, she saw the originally scarlet glow become even brighter. Soon, the rays of light were burning even more fiercely.

“Goddess, Luo Yunyang is circling the Sea God’s Shield. Our people can’t retreat fast enough. If this goes on, many of our people will die!” her subordinate shouted worriedly.

The Goddess’ expression turned ugly. The death of a large number of their people wasn’t something she looked forward to.

After all, a Goddess still needed the support of her people. If large numbers of Atlanteans were killed by Luo Yunyang, this failure would ultimately be blamed on her.

“Ask a few riders to expel him!” the Goddess said decisively after mumbling to herself for a bit.

“Goddess, finding a few riders won’t be a problem. However, you should know that Luo Yunyang is really quick. The riders won’t be able to keep up with his pace, so if he doesn’t retreat”

The subordinate spread out his hands. His meaning was clear. Anything they tried would be pointless.

There were dozens of thousands of Atlanteans in a 100-kilometer radius. Although this number wasn’t considered high in Atlantis, if Luo Yunyang flew above Atlantis and used that red sun of his

A look of slight hesitation appeared on the Goddess’ face as these thoughts flooded her mind. In the end, she said, “Get me in contact with Luo Yunyang.”

The subordinate looked relieved when he heard her request. He had been really afraid that the Goddess would persist regardless of the circumstances. In that case, their losses would have been huge.

As the subordinate was about to act, a calm voice said, “Let me handle this matter!”

Although the voice echoed around, not a single figure appeared in the large palace.

However, everyone who heard this voice bowed respectfully in the direction it came from. “Yes, High Priest!”

Even the Goddess arched her back respectfully.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere was especially tense in Daxing Hall. Time was running short and although Luo Yunyang seemed like he was using some sort of technique, they couldn’t see its effects yet.

Perhaps some telekinesis users would feel that something was wrong if they gazed at the red sun for a prolonged period of time, but most people didn’t understand what was going on.

Laitehaiyin and the other three emissaries no longer looked as relaxed as they had been earlier. The expressions on their faces seemed slightly frozen.

The Sea God Palace was probably having some internal problems. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have cut off any communication with their own people.

However, the emissaries didn’t know what sort of trouble they had encountered.

“Three minutes left!” an assistant told Laitehaiyin in a slightly grave tone. “Do we still have to wait?”

“No, we are representing Atlantis. The struggle of these insects has already reached its end. We definitely mustn’t give them the opportunity to take a breather,” Laitehaiyin said sternly. “We will follow the original plan. They are close to breaking!”

Then, Laitehaiyin got up slowly and eyed Jin Zaitian. “Time is almost up.”

Jin Zaitian’s hands trembled. His decision would decide the fate of countless people. The Da Alliance had made a lot of preparations to defend itself against source beasts. They had even prepared a gene bank.

However, these waves could drown a city in an instant, so Jin Zaitian was under a lot of pressure.

“I” Jin Zaitian could only say one word. He couldn’t go on, even though he had already made a decision in his heart.

The countless citizens of the Da Alliance were anxious. This was the moment they had been waiting for.

They had witnessed the decision made one second ago, so some of them would have to pay a big price.


Daxing Hall’s doors were blasted open and sunlight suddenly shone through the broken door.

This sunlight felt calming and gentle

The sound of the door being blasted open attracted the attention of many people, so lots of eyes turned and stared at the light shining in.

However, even more eyes were fixed on the person who stepped in along with the sunlight. He was clad in a short white garment, and his skin was like the most beautiful porcelain. Even though his hair was white, the charm of a mature man emanated from him.

The instant this man stepped in, practically everyone felt like he wasn’t a person, but a mountain.

A massive mountain with an indomitable spirit that stood loftily, overlooking both heaven and earth.

This grand, imposing mountain made many people feel the impulse to kneel on the ground and grovel.

Jin Zaitian was dumbfounded when he saw this man. However, two words soon escaped his mouth. “Martial God!”

It was Martial God Luo Kai!

The man the entire Da Alliance publicly acknowledged as the strongest person in the world, the man everyone placed their hopes on. Earlier that day, countless people had called for him to act, so when he hadn’t made an appearance, they had all felt as though they had fallen into the abyss.

Luo Kai had finally appeared.

When he saw Jin Zaitian, the Martial God flashed him a faint smile. Although his smile was gentle, anyone who saw it would feel enchanted by it.

“This is the treaty your High Priest and I agreed upon and signed. Now get out of here!” the Martial God told Laitehaiyin as he held out a leather scroll.

The contents of this scroll were quickly circulated on the Sky Vision and heard by many people. At the top of the scroll were these words: “The Da Alliance acknowledges its allegiance to the leader of Atlantis, but will retain its autonomy. Meanwhile, Atlantis will guarantee the safety of the Da Alliance’s citizens”

Each of these clauses was 10 times better than the conditions Laitehaiyin and the others had listed out. Although the Da Alliance would still be under Atlantis’ rule, this result made most people grin from ear to ear.

Even Jin Zaitian thought that these conditions weren’t unacceptable. These terms were actually really lenient.

“Good, good, good!” Jin Zaitian chuckled heartily as he went through all the conditions. Meanwhile, most people had their attention turned on Martial God Luo Kai.

“Martial God, Martial God! The Martial God saved the Da Alliance!”

“Ha ha ha! I knew the Martial God wouldn’t abandon us at such a dangerous time. Only the Martial God can lead us to a glorious future.”

“The Martial God is really handsome. He is simply enchanting!”

All sorts of praise was directed at the Martial God in a frenzy, making his popularity soar to new heights.