Supreme Uprising Chapter 310

Chapter 310 Martial God Martial God

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The Martial God’s reappearance had subjugated Atlantis with one move.

The torrential waves retreated so that Atlantis and the Da Alliance would interact peacefully.

The Martial God was the guardian god of the entire Da Alliance!

All sorts of topics and headlines appeared on the Sky Vision as many people shouted out for the Martial God.

He was humanity’s savior and stabilizing force. These were the Martial God’s latest nicknames. Some people had even started calling for the title of Number One Warrior to be given to the Martial God.

Luo Yunyang and Murat were quickly forgotten. Occasionally, people would post and say that the two of them had also contributed to this success, but they would soon be chastised by certain people.

“Don’t try and act all smart if you can’t pull it off! In the end, it was the Martial God’s appearance that saved us. Otherwise, no one knows how this would have ended!”

“These two were clearly trying to get merit with the wrong methods. They didn’t achieve a single thing, especially that Luo Yunyang. He just sat quietly outside Atlantis. What did that even achieve?”

“Yeah, yeah, that dejected look of his was really disgraceful. 666 (Chinese for LOL)”

These people would curse anyone who commended Luo Yunyang and even attack them on a personal level.

Although there were also people who spoke out for Luo Yunyang and objected to these claims, their posts were quickly drowned out.

Luo Yunyang and Murat were walking shoulder to shoulder on the gradually calming sea. Murat had already recovered considerably, yet she still appeared a little exhausted.

“Yunyang, the main reason Atlantis backed down was because of you. Although I was quite far away, I was still able to sense the might of the sun that you unleashed!”

Murat was a skinny, wizened woman, so the Blood Axe in her hand made it easy for people to assume that she wasn’t a lady.

Murat didn’t know how long it had been since she had last consoled someone this way. However, what she was saying came from the bottom of her heart.

Luo Yunyang smiled. He understood Murat’s intent. Although he didn’t consider himself a magnanimous and tolerant person, he was still able to tolerate this.

However, this matter had made Luo Yunyang feel sullen deep down.

This was like making a donation anonymously. Although no one knew, one still felt a sense of accomplishment that made them feel good.

However, this was different. Luo Yunyang felt as though he had given his all and fought hard to do a good thing, yet ultimately his glory had been stolen by Mr. Wang next door. One could easily imagine the displeasure he felt.

Luo Yunyang had heard about the successful negotiations outside Atlantis. At the time, he had already raised his Mind Attribute to the maximum with his attribute regulator, so he wouldn’t have been able to endure for another hour.

However, as he had sensed many Atlanteans faint under the glow of the intense sun created by his mind power, Luo Yunyang had received a message from Lu Qubing.

Lu Qubing had only sent him one sentence, informing him that the negotiations had already concluded and the outcome was acceptable.

At the time, Luo Yunyang had thought that his oppression of Atlantis had been successful and his mission was complete. Thus, he had left Atlantis delightedly. However, he hadn’t expected that things would turn out this way. He only found out when he met Murat and turned on the Sky Vision.

During the Da Alliance’s toughest time yet, it had been him and Murat who had risked their own lives and charged towards Atlantis. Murat had gambled her life away, while Luo Yunyang had used all the aces he had hidden up his sleeve. However, even though they had fought desperately hard, all the benefits and glory had been awarded to the Martial God.

“Have you seen Martial God Luo Kai before?” Luo Yunyang asked Murat.

“Why wouldn’t I have?” A faint look of disdain appeared on Murat’s face. “Between him and the Unrivaled Warrior, I would much rather deal with the Unrivaled Warrior. Not that the Unrivaled Warrior’s cultivation base is beneath mine!”

Although Murat had only said a few words, based on her tone, Luo Yunyang could sense what she thought of Luo Kai.

“I know that you aren’t pleased, but my advice is not to wage open war against Luo Kai before you’ve obtained absolute power. His popularity and prestige have already reached their peak. If you were to fight with him, regardless of who won, you wouldn’t gain anything. Plus, you don’t live alone in the Da Alliance.”

A cold glint appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eyes. He knew what Murat was trying to say.

He wasn’t alone. He still had his mother and sister to think of. Although he was very strong now, he still couldn’t suppress the entire Da Alliance alone.

Plus, there was also Martial God Luo Kai and Atlantis’s top powerhouses

As he thought about these problems, Luo Yunyang realized that he still wasn’t strong enough to oppress the entire world.

As Murat watched the silent Luo Yunyang, she saw the resolve in his eyes. She also saw a blazing fire and an intense persistence.

Many thoughts went through her mind before she finally turned to Luo Yunyang and said, “I still have something I wish to ask of you.”

Although this was only the second time Luo Yunyang and Murat had met, as well as the first time they had fought side by side, some people could become comrades-in-arms for life after just one battle.

Murat, who was as ugly as a witch, was much better-looking than Martial God Luo Kai in his opinion.

“There’s no harm in asking. As long as I can do it, I will!” Luo Yunyang told Murat candidly.

Murat mulled this over for a bit before she said, “I have always been rather satisfied with my cultivation base. However, after the emergence of Atlantis, I’ve finally realized that I might have been a little naive. Most people think that Asura’s Seven Axes is a technique that I comprehended. However, Asura’s Seven Axes actually originates from a mystic realm.”

“That mystic realm can only be entered once every three years. I have already entered more than 10 times, yet as my power increases, I’ve realized that my progress becomes slower and slower.”

“Last time, I didn’t even make any progress.” Murat’s voice suddenly sounded slightly dejected. “I’ve been unable to refine Asura’s Seven Axes, so I wanted to ask you to enter the mystic realm and help me obtain the last portion of the technique.”

A trace of resolve appeared in Murat’s eyes as she said, “In the past, I even thought of asking Luo Kai or the Unrivaled Warrior for help, but I ultimately decided not to.”

A mystic realm?

When Luo Yunyang heard those two words, a look of astonishment rippled across his face. He had never imagined that Murat’s cultivation technique would actually originate from a mystic realm.

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t give you the profound meaning of Asura’s Seven Axes once I obtain it?”

“Some people would never do such a thing. You are one of them,” Murat said solemnly as she gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had never expected that Murat would actually praise him like this. He glanced at her wizened face and pondered this for a moment before he nodded. “I will do it!”

Murat smiled. “Alright, the mystic realm opens in seven days. I will be waiting for you in Mei’ya City.”

Luo Yunyang nodded. Then, it seemed like there was nothing else to say. As they approached Shen’du, Murat told Luo Yunyang, “I will be taking my leave now. Be wary of Luo Kai.”

Luo Yunyang watched the black-clad Murat soar into the air in the direction of Shen’du. The large city was currently celebrating, so many people were holding wine glasses and partying wildly into the night.

Clearly, escaping this danger had made many people celebrate ecstatically on the streets. Some people were even shouting loudly in celebration of this peace and victory that had been difficult to achieve.

Luo Yunyang watched these people celebrate merrily from high up in the air and shook his head before zooming off in the direction of his own home.

Perhaps, they thought that the danger had passed. However, they didn’t know that a crisis had just begun.

Chang’an City didn’t seem fortified at all to Luo Yunyang. When he walked home, he heard the sound of Shen Yunying berating Luo Dong’er in the living room.

Although he couldn’t hear clearly why she was reprimanding her, Luo Yunyang felt his heart warm up. When he had been younger, he had also been reprimanded this way by Shen Yunying, so hearing these reprimands now made him feel all warm and fuzzy.

However, when he heard what Shen Yunying was reprimanding Luo Dong’er for, he couldn’t help but frown.

“How many times have I told you not to fight with others? How could you beat up your whole class?”

Shen Yunying pointed at Luo Dong’er as she rebuked her. “When your brother was your age, he would even help me with the household chores. What can you do? You can only fight, not just with one person, but your entire class. You really have great prospects!”

Luo Yunyang was left speechless by the fact that his sister had taken on an entire class. However, Luo Dong’er’s words made his expression change.

“They said Big Brother was weaker than Martial God Luo Kai. They even said that the Da Alliance only survived this crisis because of the Martial God!”

Luo Dong’er felt wronged as she wiped away her tears and sobbed angrily. “This was clearly all Big Brother’s doing! Why don’t they see this? They were all talking so much rubbish that I just had to hit them, especially that fatty. I want to hit him every time I see him!”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly as he heard Dong’er complain. This was the first time his sister had actually expressed such a temper.

“Dong’er is awesome! Who are you talking about? Who do you want to hit every time you see him?” Luo Yunyang pushed open the door slowly and strolled in with a big smile.

Luo Dong’er rushed over delightedly as soon as he stepped in and embraced him. “Big Brother! I’ve missed you so much! You’re back!”

When he saw his mother’s worried expression, Luo Yunyang waved his hand gently and said, “Don’t worry, mom. Let me handle this matter with Dong’er.”