Supreme Uprising Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Asura's Sea Of Blood Intent

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When he grasped the true intent of this move, Luo Yunyang realized that unleashing Asura’s Seven Axes had gotten even easier for him and its power had also increased.

Luo Yunyang stopped brandishing the axe in his hand and switched to the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists. He immediately blasted a fist strike at a blood figure.

The blood figure turned to ash as soon as Luo Yunyang’s strike hit it. However, after killing the blood figure, Luo Yunyang felt like it hadn’t been any help.

When he went back to using the First Form of Asura’s Seven Axes to cut down another blood figure, yet another tiny hint of comprehension appeared in his mind.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang understood the benefits of this mystic realm.

This mystic realm was actually a cultivation ground for Asura’s Seven Axes. All these blood-red figures contained the True Intent of the First Form of Asura’s Seven Axes.

When he discovered this, Luo Yunyang stopped using any other techniques and only unleashed the First Form of Asura’s Seven Axes as he cleaved through the blood figures surrounding him.

Even if a blood shadow didn’t come over, Luo Yunyang would head over himself.

In 10 minutes, he had already advanced 1,000 meters and slain more than 1,000 blood shadows.

While his technique was still improving, the blood shadows he encountered were getting stronger. Five minutes later, the opponents he met were god-grade blood shadows.

Although these blood shadows also unleashed the First Form of Asura’s Seven Axes, there was a great difference between them and the ones he had faced earlier.

The same technique had a completely different effect when it was used by ordinary martialists and martial grandmasters. Sometimes, it was as different as day and night.

This situation was just like that.

The Blood Axe being swung had already turned into a bloody light, so the blood figure that had been attacking him had turned into 10 blood shadows.

According to Murat, even if one was murdered in this mystic realm, they wouldn’t die. Instead, they would immediately be sent out of this realm.

Murat still didn’t know why this happened.

“Die!” Luo Yunyang waved his own massive Blood Axe as the 10 blood figures brandished their massive Blood Axes.

Although this was a weapon Luo Yunyang had picked up, each time he used this technique, the axe seemed to form a flesh-and-blood relationship with him.

All it took was one cleave for the 10 blood figures to be cut in two. Layers of blood-red light kept flowing into Luo Yunyang’s body, while 10 crisscrossing scars appeared on his skin. Although these wounds weren’t deep, the intertwining scars seemed terrifying.

When these glowing lights entered his body, not only did Luo Yunyang’s comprehension of the First Form of Asura’s Seven Axes get stronger, but the name of this move also appeared in his mind.

Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre!

This information was followed by quite a bit of other information that entered Luo Yunyang’s mind. Right now, he had two choices. He could either move forward to the end of this wasteland or enter the second-level passage.

The fact that he had cleaved the 10 blood shadows with one move meant that he was qualified.

From then on, the blood shadows he would encounter would be even stronger, so it would become increasingly difficult to beat them.

Luo Yunyang pondered this for a short while before he decided to advance forward. Although these 10 blood shadows had hurt him, he didn’t feel like he had reached his limits yet.

20 steps forward, Luo Yunyang encountered 10 more blood shadows. The aura coming from these blood shadows surpassed his own.

Furthermore, each of the Blood Axes they held seemed to grow even bigger.

They were God General-Grade Blood Slaves!

When he saw these blood shadows, this term appeared in Luo Yunyang’s head. As this thought went through his mind, the 10 blood shadows swung their axes towards him at practically the same instant.

Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre!

As he cleaved, a feeling emerged in Luo Yunyang’s mind. His comprehension of the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre was even stronger than when he had killed the previous 10 blood shadows, as these new blood shadows were even stronger.

Their comprehension of True Intent was no worse than his, so their cultivation bases weren’t lacking either. Most importantly, there were still 10 of them!

Unless Luo Yunyang comprehended a stronger True Intent, this scenario could only end in death.

As he considered this, he opened his attribute regulator. The Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre had already appeared.

Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 3

When he saw this figure, Luo Yunyang’s eyes started to flicker. He raised this attribute to 10 points without hesitation.

After this adjustment, the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre that Luo Yunyang used was both faster and much more powerful.

When he swung his axe, Luo Yunyang discovered that he was unscathed. All 10 of the blood-red figures had already been sliced in half.

Layers of blood-red vital energy rushed frantically into Luo Yunyang’s body from the place where the blood shadows had crumbled.

This vital energy not only raised Luo Yunyang’s comprehension of the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre to a higher level, but it also seeped into his body and improved its quality.

When this vital energy dissipated, Luo Yunyang felt the vital energy within his body reach a level that made him feel as though he was crazy.

Now that this vital energy had seeped in, his Sun and Moon source cores had swelled up. If Luo Yunyang had raised them through his own cultivation methods, it would have taken him at least a year to reach this level.

Luo Yunyang kept moving forward without hesitation. This experience had made him understand that the more he moved forward, the more rewards he would gain.

This sort of reward had originally been meant for an exceptionally talented person who cultivated Asura’s Seven Axes. However, the person responsible for imparting this knowledge had never expected to encounter a sicko like Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was a cheater.

God-Emperor powerhouses were no weaker than Sea God Rider Captain Qiongsi. The comprehension these 10 had of the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre even surpassed Murat’s.

Their combined strike was actually an attack that would ensure victory. Even the most exceptional genius would suffer against this encirclement.

When Luo Yunyang and the 10 blood shadows met, a message appeared in his mind. The message was that Luo Yunyang could currently choose to walk away from this challenge.

Clearly, the owner of this mystic realm was more lenient with an exceptional young man that could reach this point. He had allowed the net to be cast before showing him a way out.

However, Luo Yunyang couldn’t retreat now that he had reached this point. He once again used his attribute regulator and increased his Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre five times before he swung the huge axe in his hands at the 10 blood shadows.

A lightning-like, bloody light slashed towards them. Although the blood shadows had also used their Blood Axes, they were ultimately blasted to the ground.

10 rays of blood-red light flowed into Luo Yunyang’s body frantically. The vital energy contained within these blood pillars made Luo Yunyang’s Sun and Moon source cores turn red immediately.

His green Wood source core also swelled rapidly. In the blink of an eye, his Wood source core had also entered the god-grade realm.

As his Sun and Moon source cores had been improving continuously, Luo Yunyang had found less and less use for his green source core.

Although his related cultivation hadn’t diminished, his rate of progress had dropped slowly. However, this blood-red vital energy had made his green source core improve tremendously and reach the god-grade realm.

Luo Yunyang felt as though he wanted to fly. These grounds really felt like they had been specifically made for him. He felt lucky to even be able to cultivate in this mystic realm.

Step by step, Luo Yunyang trudged forward. Thanks to the conversions of his attribute regulator, his control of the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre’s True Intent increased at a rapid rate.

Through combat, his Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre’s True Intent had reached 49 points!

Luo Yunyang’s other True Intent sub-attributes could still be converted. Suddenly, he encountered a towering presence in the air that seemed like a king-like blood shadow entity. Luo Yunyang once again tried to increase the figure of his Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre’s True Intent.

However, this time, he hit an obstacle.

He couldn’t increase it anymore. Although there were clearly higher figures, he couldn’t raise it any higher. Luo Yunyang didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Your True Intent has already reached its limit. The next step are the laws!” A line of words appeared in Luo Yunyang’s head.

His Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre’s True Intent had actually reached 49. Luo Yunyang stared at the blood-shadow that looked like a king. After mulling this for a bit, he charged straight at the blood shadow.

Although he could sense that this blood shadow was the strongest powerhouse he had met, he couldn’t back down now.

Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre!

The blood shadow and Luo Yunyang were like mirror images using the seemingly perfected Eight Desolate Bloody Massacres

The speed and every other aspect of this move were equally precise and perfect. As the two blood lights collided, Luo Yunyang sensed something.

His spirit seemed to be soaring as he cleaved.

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang suddenly felt his spirit return to his own body. Meanwhile, a massive roaring blood dragon rushed into Luo Yunyang’s body.

When the blood dragon entered his body, Luo Yunyang’s source core swelled up multiple times once again. As the dragon entered, it also allowed his Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre’s True Intent to reach 49 points on its own.

This signified that this move had reached its limit!

By cheating and using his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang had successfully completed the mystic realm’s refinement and reached the limits of the first form of the technique.

Now that he had left this limit behind, he wasn’t focused on beating an ordinary genius or even the geniuses of the Da Alliance, but the entire world!