Supreme Uprising Chapter 313

Chapter 313 Asura's Fury

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Power: 28 (Fire: 10, Ice: 9, Wood: 9)

Speed: 812

Mind: 5 (Fire: 0.5)

Constitution: 16 (Dragon Bloodline: 10, Golden Body: 0.185, Fire: 0.568, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 68 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Fire: 7.6, Space: 1.1)

The figures on the attribute regulator delighted Luo Yunyang. The rise of his True Intent in particular made him want to jump for joy.

One technique of the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre had actually made his True Intent rise to almost 50 points. It was obvious what sort of benefits this would bring.

The succession ground of Asura’s Seven Axes was simply paradise for Luo Yunyang. By relying on his attribute regulator, he had actually refined the first move to its limit.

Thanks to his cultivation base, he had slain a God Emperor with a single axe blow.

Although this was really hard to believe, it had actually happened!

True Intent and Power were both extremely important. However, what made Luo Yunyang regard them as more important were the other six axes of Asura’s Seven Axes.

He hoped that one of the remaining six axes would contain a True Intent that exceeded 49 points. This way, the benefits he would receive would be even greater.

A street bathed in a blood-red light appeared before Luo Yunyang. Just as he stepped on this street, he saw several blood shadows bow respectfully before him.

Although each blood shadow was indistinct, Luo Yunyang was able to sense that they were the ones that had fought with him.

Now, these blood shadows were all pledging their allegiance to him.

When Luo Yunyang reached the end of this blood-colored street, two god-grade blood shadows rapidly cleaved at him with their axes.

A flash of understanding appeared in his mind as they struck.

This was the Second Form of Asura’s Seven Axes, the Sky-Startling Bloody Rainbow, and the Third Form of Asura’s Seven Axes, the Bloody Ocean-Raging Tsunami!

Murat sat quietly and still in a blood-colored wasteland stretching on for miles. 10 meters away from her were three tall, large blood shadows holding onto massive axes as they stood silently in place like blocks of wood.

Even though they weren’t moving, Murat didn’t dare underestimate them. She had already experienced numerous defeats at the hands of these blood shadows, so practically all she felt as she faced them was despair.

In terms of cultivation base, speed or control over their True Intent, the three blood shadows outpowered Murat.

Plus, they could attack with a combined strike of the fourth, fifth and sixth form of Asura’s Seven Axes. Ever since Murat had ascended to the third level, she had been repeatedly defeated by them.

After these consecutive defeats, Murat had started feeling that she simply had no possibility of winning. This was why she had dragged Luo Yunyang along.

She was hoping that he would be able to help her break through the combined attack of these three shadows.

It seemed as though time didn’t move inside the mystic realm. Even though instruments that kept track of time were brought in, they would cease to work there.

After what Murat felt was a long time, Luo Yunyang had still not come.

Had he already failed? In that case, Murat’s plan would also have failed.

She would not only be unable to cultivate Asura’s Seven Axes, but her life would also be threatened.

Otherwise, Murat wouldn’t have dragged Luo Yunyang into this mystic realm. She had already thought this through. Despite the possible benefits, her life was more

Time passed silently. Based on Murat’s experience, the time that she could stay in this mystic realm had been becoming increasingly shorter.

Could this trip have been a waste of time?

Could she have made a mistake? Was Luo Yunyang incompatible with Asura’s Seven Axes, or had he perhaps advanced too rashly?

Murat’s expression changed when she thought of this last possibility. She understood the consequences of advancing rashly very well. If Luo Yunyang advanced rashly and was expelled, the losses she would suffer would be terrible.

Had she forgotten to explain this to him repeatedly? Actually, she had believed that after Luo Yunyang gained some first-hand experience of the preceding difficulties, he would ultimately choose to retreat.

Therefore, she hadn’t thought there would even be a need for reminders. However, Murat had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually move forward.

What could she do? Return defeated or keep waiting there?

No fighting desire arose in Murat’s heart when she saw the three massive blood shadows. However, she knew very well that if she didn’t have any intention of fighting, the outcome of a forced battle wouldn’t be very good.

Just as Murat was wondering whether she had gone there for nothing, she discovered that the three massive blood shadows before her had suddenly turned to face a certain direction, arched their backs and bowed respectfully.

This was the salute of a servant who had seen their master, or a subject who had met their monarch.

To Murat’s knowledge, these blood shadows had never shown any emotion, let alone bowed in such a manner.

What exactly had happened?

As Murat stood there in silent shock, the blood shadows suddenly walked in a different direction, as though they had been spurred on by someone.

Murat had no inkling whether what lay ahead was good or bad, so all she could do was grit her teeth and follow the blood shadows.

She had never suffered any injuries by getting expelled from the mystic realm. Plus, she couldn’t wait any longer.

The lurking peril within her body was already making it difficult for her to go on.

At first, Murat had thought that, besides the mountain passes, the mystic realm was a never-ending plain. However, as she advanced further, she discovered that within these plains was actually a mountain.

A blood-red mountain!

Its lofty peak was like a plateau where countless blood shadows stood still.

None of these shadows seemed to have any intention of fighting. They just stood there without moving.

What exactly was going on?

Murat mustered up her courage and headed up towards the peak. She held the Blood Axe in her hand tightly, ready to retaliate and cleave off the head of anyone who tried to hurt her.

Luckily, even though these blood shadows seemed stronger than her, they didn’t lift a hand. Not a single blood shadow even looked at her.

Murat felt her heart calm down as she trudged up the mountain step by step. As she approached the summit, she felt ardor and zeal coursing through her blood.

Suddenly, she felt like a soldier who had been ordered to attack. Her entire body felt an impulse to charge maniacally.

Deep down in her heart, a figure was roaring frantically.

As the third in rank powerhouse on the Da Alliance’s Divine List, Murat endured this strange impulse forcibly and kept striding forward with some difficulty.

One meter, two meters, three meters

After walking for less than 20 meters, Murat discovered that she wasn’t able to budge anymore. A strange pressure was crushing down on her, making her feel as though she couldn’t even breathe.

Murat suddenly witnessed the most unforgettable thing she had seen in her lifetime. She saw a sea of blood drown everything. Everything within that churning sea of blood was turned completely into dust.

Murat felt like an insect trying its hardest to escape. However, no matter how hard she tried to fly away, or how much she struggled, she was ultimately drowned by this inexhaustible sea of blood.

Asura’s Fury!

These words were clearly reflected in her mind. Suddenly, Murat understood that the gulf between Asura’s Seven Axes and Asura’s Fury was too big.

Although Asura’s Seven Axes was considered a god-grade cultivation technique in the Da Alliance, right now it was completely useless.

However, she could vaguely understand that Asura’s Seven Axes was only a fundamental technique that evolved into Asura’s Fury.

Unfortunately, this evolution wasn’t something that she could understand.

When the vast sea of blood vanished within the void, Murat saw Luo Yunyang standing where the sea of blood had been with a blood-red axe in his hand. Luo Yunyang stood silently on the summit of the mountain without moving.

He seemed to be in deep thought. When Murat saw him, she felt an impulse to prostrate and worship him from the depths of her heart.

However, she didn’t utter a word. She even held her breath, afraid that any movement would disturb Luo Yunyang.

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang slowly opened his eyes. A trace of a smile appeared on his face the instant he saw Murat.

“You’ve come!”

“Greetings, Asura!” Murat saluted him, her eyes filled with respect and reverence.

Luo Yunyang was stunned. He had never imagined that Murat would act this way when she saw him,

However, he still smiled at her. “There’s no need for formalities. I have to thank you, though. If you hadn’t brought me here, I wouldn’t have been able to master this supreme mystic art.”

Murat shook her head. “I am a mere subordinate of yours. I wouldn’t dare claim any credit. You are Asura’s most suitable successor. Even if I didn’t bring you here, you would still have been able to enter this mystic realm in the future and inherit Asura’s wisdom.”

Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively with a chuckle. “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but this mystic realm isn’t a precious treasure. It’s just a drop of blood.”

Although Murat was being suppressed by Luo Yunyang’s imposing might, she still felt doubtful when she heard his words.

A drop of blood? How could this place be a drop of blood?

From her point of view, this was clearly a hidden world that could only be accessed through the use of mystical abilities.

“I only learned about this from the information contained within this world while I was cultivating Asura’s Fury.” Luo Yunyang pointed at the boundless horizon as he spoke. “This really is a drop of blood. A drop belonging to an ancient time The blood of a powerhouse that we have no way of imagining!”

As Murat wondered whether she had heard right, Luo Yunyang reached out and made a clawing motion with his hand. The blood-colored sky and earth, as well as the blood shadows wielding Blood Axes, all vanished completely in an instant.

Suddenly, a blood-red gemstone the size of a chicken egg appeared in Luo Yunyang’s hand!