Supreme Uprising Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Killing The Martial God

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A drop of blood was an entire world!

This theory was very difficult to believe. However, Murat had no choice but to believe it. In her heart, she knew very well that Luo Yunyang had no reason to deceive her.

“If this drop of blood is an entire mystic realm, then what are the blood shadows?” Murat said solemnly as she stared at the blood-red gemstone.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the bright gemstone before he said softly, “Willpower. A sort of remnant of a martialist’s will. Although this will has already been shattered and left only with the instinct of Asura’s Seven Axes, it can be combined with the power within the blood to create these blood shadows. They are a higher entity. Something that we cannot understand.”

As they were speaking, Murat realized that she had once again returned to God’s Dusk. She hesitated for a bit before she said, “You should be able to see through me, Asura. I am willing to serve under you and”

Murat stopped and gritted her teeth. As she was about to force these words out, Luo Yunyang reached out with his hand and tapped Murat’s chest lightly over her heart.

In a flash, all his comprehension regarding Asura’s Seven Axes was assimilated into Murat’s mind.

Although there was a lot of information, Murat was only able to comprehend a small portion of it.

However, by corroborating some of this information with what she had learned before, she discovered that the cure for the illness she had so painstakingly searched for was within the knowledge Luo Yunyang had imparted to her.

She was so ecstatic that she nearly jumped for joy.

Although Luo Yunyang’s face appeared calm, his heart felt like a churning ocean. The same set of cultivation techniques could reach different levels when cultivated by different people.

Thanks to the first form of the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre alone, he could slay a peak powerhouse. However, if Murat were to use this technique, she would only match the power of a peak powerhouse.

“Murat, are there also different grades of god-grade powerhouses?” Luo Yunyang, who suddenly recalled some of the messy information in his head, asked Murat right away.

“God-grade powerhouses aren’t distinguished by grades in the Da Alliance. However, during an assembly, the Martial God said that he had learned from certain historical remains that god-grade powerhouses could actually be divided into different grades. These grades included ordinary god-grade, General God-Grade, King God-Grade, and Emperor God-Grade”

Suddenly, Murat frowned and hesitated slightly before adding, “According to the Martial God, this sort of classification is only a rough estimation. There isn’t much of a difference between an ordinary god-grade and an Emperor God-Grade. The only difference between them is how much source power they have.”

Although Murat’s explanation was a little vague, Luo Yunyang was able to understand it after pondering it for a bit.

As the winds whistled on the mountain range, Luo Yunyang watched the valley return to normal. “Do you know where the Martial God has secluded himself?” he asked offhandedly.

Murat was slightly taken aback by Luo Yunyang’s question. However, she still answered honestly, “The Martial God’s whereabouts have always been mysterious. Your subordinate cannot confirm where he goes to seclude himself. However, I can determine the general area where his seclusion grounds are. It shouldn’t be too far away from the Martial God Mountain.”

Murat lowered her voice before she said, “The Martial God’s current reputation is as bright as day. If you moved against him right now”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the worried-looking Murat and said calmly, “Are you afraid that if I dealt with the Martial God, the Da Alliance would intervene?”

“Indeed. Both the Da Alliance and the Collective God Union!” Murat added. “They could give you a bad name. You should understand this, Master.”

“So what?” Luo Yunyang replied nonchalantly.

As Murat was about to discourage Luo Yunyang even more, her communication device started ringing. Murat fell silent for a second before she turned to Luo Yunyang and said, “It’s Luxi.”

Saint Luxi, the fourth in rank expert in the entire Da Alliance, had been guarding the Free Cities for many years, so he was basically considered the pillar of the Free Cities.

Under normal circumstances, he was a mild person that everyone respected greatly. However, his behavior during the recent issue with Atlantis had hurt his prestige.

“Answer!” Luo Yunyang waved his hand.

When Murat put through the call, they heard Luxi’s voice say, “Murat, I have been trying to reach you for half a day! What are you busy doing? I couldn’t even contact you!”

“Do I need to report to you about what I’m doing?” Murat’s tone was a little frosty.

Although she seemed to hear and obey practically each and every one of Luo Yunyang’s commands right now, she had still been a top martialist for many years. Thus, when she spoke, she had the air of an ultimate powerhouse.

Murat’s words didn’t make Luxi feel embarrassed. On the contrary, he actually chuckled. “Excuse my phrasing. I was just anxious. I hope you didn’t take offense.”

Then, he added somewhat bitterly, “You must have already heard the news, Murat. Luo Yunyang is actually an Atlantean. It’s no wonder that he could cultivate his speed so much at such a young age!”

Murat froze. Luo Yunyang, whom she held in the highest regard, had actually been an Atlantean all along?

For a moment, she was confused.

“Murat, Luo Yunyang has quite a good reputation among humans. However, if he has concealed this for so many years, who knows how many other secrets he has been hiding? Therefore, we cannot let him return to Atlantis, no matter what.”

Luxi’s voice echoed around. “The Martial God is putting together an army to kill Luo Yunyang. All the participants will receive a high-energy crystal! The secrets of Luo Yunyang’s rapid cultivation will also be shared with all the participants!”

A high-energy crystal and the secrets that had enabled Luo Yunyang to turn from an ordinary young man into one of the strongest individuals in the Da Alliance were offered as rewards?

Naturally, these things would seem very attractive to any god-grade powerhouse. Luo Yunyang’s secrets in particular would make many people embark on a wild chase.

However, Luo Yunyang had not betrayed humanity. This was nothing more than a fabrication.

Murat understood what Luxi was trying to imply. She was also slightly tempted. After all, these things were really appealing.

However, this temptation was suppressed immediately by Luo Yunyang’s godly aura. Murat took a deep breath and asked gravely, “Is there any evidence that Luo Yunyang is an Atlantean insurgent?”

“We have already obtained evidence. We have gotten hold of a letter awarding Luo Yunyang the title of Marquis in Atlantis.”

Luxi’s tone was irrefutable as he advised her, “Murat, I know that you have many misgivings, but when it comes to a traitor of humanity, you really don’t need to be apprehensive. We have to kill this traitor for the sake of the entire human race. The cultivation technique that he possesses also belongs to the human race. It is unfair for our race that he has been monopolizing it!”

Luxi was speaking as though he was the most righteous person in the world. However, there was a slight trace of greed in his voice that couldn’t be concealed, no matter how hard he tried.

Murat believed that her best option right now would be to curse at Luxi and hang up. Doing so would show Luo Yunyang her devotion and loyalty.

However, as she was about to open her mouth, she heard Luo Yunyang say, “Agree with him and ask who else is among the people trying to kill me.”

Murat agreed and told Luxi over the communication device, “I never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually be a traitor! However, he certainly won’t be easy to deal with. Can I know who else will be moving against Luo Yunyang besides us?”

“Who else? A bunch of old friends! Ha ha! Of course, there are also some new friends that are very happy to help us.”

Then, Luxi added. “We will gather in Chang’an City in three hours. You better not be late, Murat.”

When Luxi ended the call, Murat’s expression turned extremely grave. She gazed solemnly at Luo Yunyang and said, “Asura, my actions regarding you have been”

“It’s fine. I just wanted to see how many people will hop out this time,” Luo Yunyang told Murat without batting an eyelid. “When you go to Chang’an City, you must guard my family properly. You don’t have to worry about anything else.”

As Luo Yunyang was speaking, his communication device started ringing. Luo Yunyang took a look and saw that Lu Qubing was calling him.

“Yunyang, I know that you are currently being framed. Under the circumstances, the best option is to explain everything and not let these false accusations become a reality!” Lu Qubing said as soon as Luo Yunyang answered the call.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything at first. Instead, he listened intently to Lu Qubing’s words.

“We have no idea how that letter landed in the Martial God’s hands. The Vice-Chairman has already fought and gotten you a chance to explain yourself. The truth will speak for itself. I believe that everything will become clear when you explain.”

Although Lu Qubing’s voice was firm, Luo Yunyang chuckled indifferently. “Why must I explain myself, Viceroy?”

Lu Qubing was left speechless for a moment.

He had watched Luo Yunyang evolve, so he was well-aware of his situation. Actually, he was the person who trusted Luo Yunyang the most.

Why did Luo Yunyang need to explain himself? Why did he need to comply with this investigation?

However, his reasoning and years of experience still made him advise Luo Yunyang solemnly, “I know that you are stifling your anger, Yunyang, but if you don’t want to be alienated from humanity, the best option is to abide by the rules and explain yourself.”

“Actually, there is another option, Viceroy,” Luo Yunyang said very seriously. “I hope you can look after my mother and younger sister for a bit. This matter will be resolved shortly!”