Supreme Uprising Chapter 315

Chapter 315 There Is Only One Martial God In The World

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“Did you hear? Luo Yunyang is an Atlantean!” someone whispered secretively into his companion’s ear.

“How can this be? When the waters rose and threatened to flood us, Luo Yunyang was the first to charge towards Atlantis!”

“Are your brains made of mush? You are always fooled by what’s on the surface. Every traitor is quite a piece of work!

“Right, I heard that he received a supreme technique that allowed him to progress like a whirlwind from an ordinary martialist to a god-grade powerhouse in the space of one year!”

“Really? How could this sort of technique fall into the hands of a traitor? We must get it back!”

Various versions of rumors were spreading around. Ordinary people treated these rumors like idle topics of conversation that they would gossip about for a while. However, some martial grandmasters and powerful individuals felt differently. These rumors enticed them and made them fanatical.

Some older martial grandmasters who were approaching the end of their lives and found it difficult to advance were particularly agitated.

They knew that they wouldn’t be able to cope with Luo Yunyang, but this supreme technique could be passed on, so they started to call upon friends and think up all sorts of methods to immediately force that son of a b*tch into despair.

The authoritative figures of 28 out of the 37 Cities of the Da Alliance soon asked the Da Alliance to sanction Luo Yunyang. There were also some cities that claimed that the cultivation technique that Luo Yunyang had obtained was humankind’s greatest secret.

Thus, it didn’t belong to Luo Yunyang. It belonged to the entire human race, and they demanded that Luo Yunyang hand it over.

Soon, a storm had started gathering. Even Vice-Chairman Jin Zaitian felt as though he was sitting on pins and needles. He just didn’t seem able to quell this public sentiment.

“Vice-Chairman, given the current situation, all we can do is side with the majority,” Zhuge Yi, who was standing beside Jin Zaitian, suggested solemnly.

Most of the time, Zhuge Yi would serve as Jin Zaitian’s advisor. As such, he had always put a lot of thought into every situation and used his farsightedness before suggesting appropriate solutions to Jin Zaitian.

He had gained Jin Zaitian’s trust, so Jin Zaitian would usually approve of his proposals.

However, Jin Zaitian seemed uncharacteristically agitated this time. “Don’t tell me that you can’t see that someone is deliberately trying to create trouble?” he asked icily.

“Not only do I understand, but I actually even know who that person is!” Zhuge Yi, who wasn’t upset by Jin Zaitian’s angry reaction, replied calmly before writing two words on the desk with his finger.

When he saw these words, Jin Zaitian’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Don’t you think that making this choice is unfair to Luo Yunyang?”

“A lot of unfair things happen in this world. However, fairness still exists in everything, Vice-Chairman. We will do this, because we have to. This is the support of one person against the support of the entire world.”

Zhuge Yi stiffened. “Just like we needed the support of the 37 cities in order to resist Atlantis.”

As he was speaking, Shi Tiaochen walked in and said in a flustered manner, “Vice-Chairman, the Chairman has already announced that he is stripping Luo Yunyang off his title and position as the Blood Strike Guard Commissar and is asking him to head immediately to the Ancient Freedom City for a hearing. He’s also stated that Luo Yunyang needs to agree to being restricted by magnetic shackles before the hearing. Otherwise, he will be deemed a traitor of mankind!”

Jin Zaitian’s expression turned extremely ghastly. The 13 Eastern Cities, and especially the power of the East’s Eight Armies and Three Guards, had always been under his control.

All these years, the Da Alliance had allowed these powers into the 13 Eastern Cities.

However, this man, who had always maintained an equal status, had just given an order without checking with him.

Jin Zaitian felt a shiver go down his body.

The Martial God held incomparable dormant power in the Da Alliance. Compared to him, he was just an inferior being.

This power, in combination with a supreme imparted technique, had formed a force that made him tremble.

He felt helpless before the face of this massive force.

After mulling this over for a bit, Jin Zaitian asked Shi Tiaochen, “Where is Luo Yunyang?”

“Lu Qubing has been trying to contact him, but he hasn’t been able to get in touch with him.” Shi Tiaochen hesitated for a bit before saying, “Someone has suggested that Luo Yunyang’s family members could be used to threaten Luo Yunyang into showing up.”

Jin Zaitian’s palm slammed against the table heavily before he said icily, “No matter the reason, nobody is allowed to target Luo Yunyang’s family. Tell Lu Qubing that if anyone tries to capture them, I will permit him to use taboo weapons if necessary!”

When he said this, Jin Zaitian felt his tense, frayed nerves relax considerably. Although he knew that this decision would cause him a lot of trouble, he believed that this way he would be able to have a clear conscience.

Zhuge Yi wanted to advise him against this, but Jin Zaitian had already put his hand up to stop him. All Zhuge Yi could do was swallow the words he had been about to say.

He knew Jin Zaitian very well. This was actually why he had stayed with him for so long.

“Vice-Chairman, there has been some new information on Luo Yunyang, He is currently headed to the Martial God Mountain!” Lu Qubing walked over with a faint fire in his eyes.

When Jin Zaitian saw Lu Qubing’s fierce expression, he patted his shoulder lightly. He understood what Lu Qubing was feeling right now. He felt exactly the same way.

Although they were considered powerful in the eyes of the public, this matter involved the Martial God and the majority of the people on the Divine List. These people, along with the longing for that supreme technique, had already formed a massive, unstoppable force.

This force wasn’t much weaker than the ocean waters Atlantis had used to try and crush them.

If the Martial God was heading to the Martial God Mountain, then he already knew the origin of this issue and wanted to use his martial ability to solve this problem at once.

Would everything go as he wished, though?

Jin Zaitian didn’t know, but he knew very well that the Martial God’s fighting strength would be even greater than Luo Yunyang’s.

“We can wash our hands off this matter, but we must absolutely protect Luo Yunyang’s mother and sister!” Jin Zaitian instructed after pondering this for a bit. “Seal Chang’an and prohibit any martial grandmasters or stronger entities from entering. If necessary, use taboo weapons!”

By the time Jin Zaitian made this decision, news of Luo Yunyang’s appearance had already reached the ears of the public.

Inside a green bamboo house under the Martial God Mountain, a middle-aged man dressed in white exercise attire was playing a bamboo flute. The melodious sound of the bamboo flute was filled with a dense killing intent.

Although the middle-aged man had a gentle face, his slender eyes seemed to contain a boundless intellect.

“Greetings, Uncle.” Two middle-aged men in cultivation robes bowed before the man playing the bamboo flute and greeted him.

The middle-aged man nodded his head when he saw them and said, “Hangkong, Tianyi, what’s the matter? Why have you two rushed over here?”

Kou Hangkong was the Martial God’s most senior disciple, who was also regarded as the powerhouse with the highest possibility of becoming a god-grade powerhouse on the Sky List.

Unfortunately, he still had a long way to go before he became a god-grade entity.

“Luo Yunyang has appeared, Uncle. His destination seems to be the Martial God Mountain,” Kou Hangkong said deferentially.

Although Nie Tianyi didn’t speak, his eyes were currently filled with hatred and anger.

He had been suffering patiently all this while, but he had never forgotten his family’s animosity.

The middle-aged man chuckled. “Not bad. This young man hasn’t disappointed me.” Then, he said with a faint smile, “However, he will sadly never be able to step on the Martial God Mountain in his life!”

A trace of hesitation flickered through Nie Tianyi’s eyes before he ultimately said softly, “Do we have to ask Master to come out of his seclusion?”

“No need to trouble your Master over such a small matter.” The middle-aged man raised his bamboo flute and said, “Would 18 god-grade powerhouses plus 64 top-notch martial grandmasters be unable to kill Luo Yunyang?”

At first, Nie Tianyi thought that this question was directed at him. However, he then noticed that the middle-aged man’s gaze was on an elderly servant who was cleaning the place. “Don’t you think so, Unrivaled Warrior?”

The old man cleaning the place was dirty and smelly, so neither Nie Tianyi nor Kou Hangkong had recognized him.

They had never imagined that this old servant could actually be Unrivaled Warrior Johann, who had escaped from Luo Yunyang!

The broom in the old servant’s hand halted before he said indifferently, “It should be 18 god-grade powerhouses, three Sea God Rider Captains, and seven Ocean Zealots! Of course, there is still Murat and I I really have to thank you this time, Xiao Luoye!”

Xiao Luoye was the middle-aged man’s name. The man glanced at the furious-looking Johann and said unenthusiastically, “It’s nothing. We are just taking what we need. You mustn’t forget your promise, though.”

Johann nodded. “Naturally. Once Luo Yunyang is dead, I will really become a servant of the Martial God Mountain.”

“No, a servant of the Martial God.” Xiao Luoye’s eyes burned fanatically as he uttered the Martial God’s name. “The Martial God is supreme. Anyone who dares be mentioned in the same breath as the Martial God deserves to die!”

Kou Hangkong and Nie Tianyi felt their hearts tremble as they saw Xiao Luoye’s mindset. Although this was the first time they had encountered this sort of situation, Johann was standing aside calmly.

“Luxi and the others have started to rush over, and the Sea God Riders have already been mobilized. I believe that they will be 250 kilometers from the Setting Sun Plain in 30 minutes.”

Johann’s feverish voice was practically a snarl. “The Setting Sun Plain What an apt name!” [1. The yang in Luo Yunyang is also a chinese character for sun.]

Kou Hangkong and Nie Tianyi raised their guards against Johann. Based on what they had seen, the Unrivaled Warrior was unstable.

“Then let’s set off!” Xiao Luoye said calmly as he gazed down the peak of the Martial God Mountain. “When this is over, there will no longer be any adversaries for Senior Brother in the whole world.”

The Setting Sun Plain was 250 kilometers away from the Martial God Mountain. However, this distance wasn’t long for Kou Hangkong and the others.

They rode on a huge eagle with a wingspan of at least 100 meters, so they reached the Setting Sun Plain within 20 mins.

There were already quite a few figures on the huge plain when they got there. These people, who seemed ostentatious, did not bother concealing their power in the slightest. There was also a maniacal fervor in their eyes.

Xiao Luoye’s smile deepened when he saw them.

“Luo Yunyang is very close to the Setting Sun Plain!” Nie Tianyi, who was in charge of the reports, informed them.