Supreme Uprising Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Unequaled Justice

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The moment Luo Yunyang stepped onto the Setting Sun Plain, he sensed malice coming from all directions.

Thousands of people were currently on the plain, every single one of them looking over without any good intentions in their eyes.

Luo Yunyang could naturally tell what these gazes meant. He was completely fearless, so he thought that this bunch of people, who had believed the rumors and come to join the crowd, were laughable. What right did they have to look at him? Did they think they had the ability to do so?

“Aren’t you going to surrender, you traitor? What are you waiting for?” A loud shout permeated the Setting Sun Plain.

Then, a large man that was over two meters tall stared furiously at Luo Yunyang.

This man was only a first-class martial master. Although he could also be considered a powerhouse, jumping out right now was careless on his part

Luo Yunyang’s lips twitched. He had never been criticized by this sort of trash before. When that large man roared, quite a number of others followed suit and reproached him enthusiastically. “This is your last chance, Luo Yunyang!”

“You have already been stripped of your position as Blood Strike Guard Commissar. The Da Alliance has ordered your arrest. Why don’t you just hurry up and surrender?” said an old man righteously. His gaze was like crackling electricity, so he was certainly a grandmaster.

Luo Yunyang thought that he looked familiar. However, he couldn’t recall exactly where he had seen him.

When he searched quickly through his memories, he finally remembered. The reason he found this old man familiar was because he had been the clan head of an ancient martial family who had fallen and prostrated before his feet some time ago.

When Luo Yunyang scanned his surroundings quickly, he realized that among the thousands of people there, at least 10 percent were people from ancient martial families.

“Is it just you people?”

When these words left Luo Yunyang’s mouth, someone shouted loudly, “We know that you used despicable means to obtain a fearful power, Luo Yunyang!”

“We aren’t afraid of you! We might be hot-blooded, but we are fighting for justice! Justice isn’t afraid of evil!” said the same old man who had spoken earlier. His words were met with a chorus of cheers from the crowd.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann watched delightedly as he stood somewhere among the crowd. His shriveled body was filled with an explosive power.

“Did you arrange this?” he asked Xiao Luoye.

“That’s right!” The corner of Xiao Luoye’s mouth curled up. “Only a third of the people here were invited by me, though. The others came on their own accord.”

Johann chuckled. “People are right. Men do die for riches, while birds do die for food. These people really came here! Don’t tell me that you aren’t afraid that Luo Yunyang could slaughter them all in the blink of an eye?”

“You already said that men die for riches. In their eyes, Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base is a mountain of gold,” said Xiao Luoye calmly. “They believe that no matter how strong Luo Yunyang is, he is just one person. Once his energy has been more or less depleted, they might be the lucky person to end his life. Do you know how many of them hope to become the second Martial God?”

Johann nodded his head after hearing Xiao Luoye’s analysis. “What do you think their chances of succeeding are?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but I hope they succeed.”

As the two of them conversed, an old man with a head full of white hair stepped forward. “If you wish to explain yourself, we could give you a chance, Luo Yunyang.”

“If you put on these magnetic shackles, I promise that I will personally take you to the hearing. I believe that the Chairman and the other representatives would listen to your appeal!”

The magnetic shackles in the old man’s hands had the force of a small mountain. An ordinary weapon would get crushed to death by them.

Luo Yunyang glared at these righteous people who assumed they could just slay him if he didn’t comply. Then, he rubbed his nose.


This one word echoed like roaring thunder the moment it left his mouth.

A hint of fear appeared on the face of that righteous old man before he shouted, “We are giving you a chance here, Luo Yunyang! Do you really wish to alienate yourself from humanity? Humans have groomed and nurtured you for so many years, even though you were really a spy from Atlantis! Seize this traitor! We can’t let him escape”

“Over 10,000 heroes of mankind are currently trying to capture this traitor. I believe that the heroes will prevail. The traitor will definitely be killed!” Someone holding a communication device in his hand was making a live broadcast for the Sky Vision.

Although they were the ones attacking, not a single one of the people crowded together dared act rashly. They just observed silently, waiting for the god-grade powerhouses to make a move.

Unfortunately, not a single god-grade powerhouse lifted a hand.

“Luo Yunyang, I will fight you for the sake of humanity!” A grizzled old man rushed towards Luo Yunyang maniacally.

Luo Yunyang’s expression was very calm. As the old man charged over, a thought flickered through his mind and the Buddha Disks that he hadn’t used for some time rose in the air.

“You are all crazy! My kind words can’t persuade suicidal idiots! If you don’t leave, all I can do is send you on your way!”

The moment he said this, some people started to retreat. However, even more of them raised their voices. “You have stolen our supreme technique! Why don’t you hurry up and hand it back?”

“The Da Alliance is facing an imminent threat from both source beasts and Atlantis. Why? Because Luo Yunyang has stolen all the good stuff left behind by our ancestors for humanity and appropriated it”

“We have to make Luo Yunyang hand it over, not just for ourselves, but for all of humankind!”

As all sorts of incitement stirred up the emotions of the crowd, someone suddenly drew a knife and threw it at Luo Yunyang.

The long knife was filled with source power as it streaked over towards Luo Yunyang like a meteor.

Unfortunately, although it contained quite a lot of source power, it was still nothing more than child’s play for Luo Yunyang.

The knife got within 10 meters of him before it suddenly fell to the ground soundlessly. As it fell, Luo Yunyang flashed a mocking smile at the righteous old man.

“Hey, mate! This knife of yours is a piece of trash!” Luo Yunyang mocked his failed attempt. The embarrassed old man felt as though he would implode with anger. He tried to straighten his body and say something formidable, when a ray of light suddenly descended.

The Buddha Disks flashed across before the old man realized that he was looking at his headless body. His head had been severed and gone crashing to the ground.

He only had one question left in his mind. There were so many people there. How could Luo Yunyang have dared do this? They were all mankind’s best of the best

However, nobody would be able to answer his question, as the old man’s head had already landed on the ground. This was only the beginning. In practically an instant, over 100 martialists around Luo Yunyang were sliced in two. Some of the remaining people started to charge at Luo Yunyang, while most of them scattered and fled frantically in every direction.

They weren’t running for their lives. They were fleeing with the intention of letting someone else exhaust Luo Yunyang’s strength before they returned and swooped in for the finishing blow.

Unfortunately, although they had the right intention, Luo Yunyang’s Buddha Disks were too quick, so they didn’t even have the time to dodge.

In the blink of an eye, more than 1,000 men collapsed in pools of blood. Even martial grandmasters were nothing in the face of the Buddha Disks.

Plus, Luo Yunyang had already become a god-grade entity, so as his Buddha Disks revolved, they created a sea of fire.

Thousands of martialists used as cannon fodder were turned to dust and ash in an instant.

Only a handful were able to escape Asura’s hell. These people didn’t even dare think about the imparted technique that Luo Yunyang had gained.

Their hearts were only filled with fear.

They hadn’t imagined that Luo Yunyang would use such a simple, crude method against righteous warriors like them.

Kill, kill, kill!

The sound of applause was heard. Xiao Luoye was clapping and smiling as he said, “God-grade telekinesis masters are impressive indeed. It’s no wonder that they are known as the existences with the most destructive power. How impressive!”

Luo Yunyang’s expression became a little graver when he saw Xiao Luoye, as the aura he exuded wasn’t any weaker than Unrivaled Warrior Johann’s.

Although Johann wouldn’t be much of a problem, the Unrivaled Warrior had still been an expert among god-grade powerhouses.

“I am Xiao Luoye. A portion of these people were mobilized by me. At first, I wanted to see whether you would explain yourself in the face of justice. However, I never expected that you would actually be so straightforward.”

Xiao Luoye met Luo Yunyang’s gaze as he said in a slightly praising tone, “It’s alright, though. They were just cannon fodder. It’s alright that they died. However, although you murdered them straightforwardly, you will never be able to wash away their blood. I believe that in the future, a historical record will state that in a certain year, month and day, Alliance Demon Luo Yunyang was slain on the Setting Sun Plain.”

Luo Yunyang diverted his gaze from Xiao Luoye and looked at the servant’s body that Johann was occupying. Although Johann hadn’t revealed himself, Luo Yunyang could sense that he was different.

“I am Johann. Long time no see!” Johann met Luo Yunyang’s gaze as he spoke calmly.

“You kill without any regard for life, Luo Yunyang. How could I let you off?” asked Luxi.

“You colluded with a foreign race to embezzle our ancestor’s supreme technique. You are mankind’s greatest traitor!” A veteran god-grade powerhouse stepped forward and spoke in a resounding voice.

However, as he spoke, ripples flickered through the sky and three massive Ocean Pegasi appeared. On top of them were three Sea God Rider Captains!