Supreme Uprising Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Perfect Attack

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Sea God Rider Captain Qiongsi, who had suppressed Murat without breaking a sweat, had a higher cultivation base than Luo Yunyang.

Actually, so did three other entities of his level.

When Qiongsi showed up, water started to appear in a five-kilometer radius in the air before Luo Yunyangs location was flooded and turned into a watery domain.

Atlantis Sea God East Zealot greets Mr. Luo Yunyang! An elegant, refined old man who seemed to be in his 60s revealed his body within that watery domain as he addressed Luo Yunyang warmly.

Following his appearance, three more men clad in azure blue robes stepped out. Although their ages varied, based on their appearance, they all seemed refined and warm.

Atlantis Sea God West Zealot greets Mr. Luo Yunyang!

Atlantis Sea God South Zealot greets Mr. Luo Yunyang!

Atlantis Sea God North Zealot greets Mr. Luo Yunyang!

The three of them saluted him at the same time, as though they were old friends that hadnt met in a long time. However, Luo Yunyang sensed a deep hostility coming from their bodies.

Mr. Luos speed is astonishing, so we have brought Atlantis Water Boundary over. We hope that Mr. Luo likes it, said East Zealot. His expression showed that he had a lot of faith in Atlantis Water Boundary.

As Luo Yunyang sensed the abundant water source energy all around him, he said insipidly, You are trying to prevent me from running!

Not bad, Luo Yunyang. Your speed is practically the fastest in the world, so I racked my brains and made a lot of effort in order to slay you here. Xiao Luoye paused before he added dryly, Furthermore, any outsiders will think that the three Sea God Rider Captains and four Sea God Zealots came here to try and save you. This is conclusive evidence of your collusion with Atlantis.

Luxi and the other god-grade powerhouses all stood there silently. Not a single one of them reacted to Xiao Luoyes words.

They all clearly knew what was really going on.

Their shouts about Luo Yunyang colluding with Atlantis might have been resounding, but their minds were as clear as mirrors.

In the short space of a year, Luo Yunyang had advanced from an ordinary young man to a god-grade entity. Just thinking about it made people fearful and drove them crazy.

Therefore, Xiao Luoye had organized and united everyone with the objective of obtaining Luo Yunyangs secret.

Luo Yunyang stared at Xiao Luoye and said indifferently, Where is the Martial God?

He is still in seclusion. Strictly speaking, you arent much of a threat to him, Xiao Luoye replied dully. However, I think that you are still an obstacle in the Martial Gods path, so you must die.

Luo Yunyang sneered at the self-confident Xiao Luoye. The bunch of you want to kill me?

We are more than capable of killing you! Johann gritted his teeth as he glared at him. Do you know how long Ive waited for this day, Luo Yunyang? Not only will I kill you, but I will also grind your bones to dust and let you die without a grave. Only this way will I be able to soothe the resentment in my heart.

Johann threw his head back and roared with laughter. Im afraid you do not know this, but from this day on, you will be considered a traitor of all humankind. Not only will you die physically, but everything you hold dear will bite the dust along with you and your name will go down in infamy! Ha ha ha!

Unrivaled Warrior Johanns tone was shrill and ear-piercing. Many people that heard him felt goosebumps erupt on their skin.

Nie Tianyi watched Luo Yunyang with mixed emotions, while Kou Hangkong looked at him with a tinge of respect and slightly more pity.

Such a young, exceptional genius would be buried there because of a conspiracy he was part of. However, he simply had no power to resist his Uncles arrangement.

Any outsiders would assume that the whole Martial God Mountain was managed by eldest disciple Kou Hangkong. However, the person in charge was actually Xiao Luoye.

Even the Martial God would rarely say no to Xiao Luoyes arrangements.

Meanwhile, what Nie Tianyi felt was mostly hatred. His family and everything else had been ruined by this young man.

That day, he would finally end things.

Ha ha! So many people throughout history have sought immortality. Having my name go down in infamy isnt too bad, right? However, you are getting ahead of yourself! Luo Yunyang studied Unrivaled Warrior Johann with a slightly concerned look as he asked, Why do I sense that you have become a hermaphrodite?

Johann nearly flew into a mad rage. He immediately raised his finger and pointed furiously at Luo Yunyang.

Although he wanted to use many vile, malicious words to attack him, he really didnt know what to say at the moment.

This was his biggest secret and hugest taboo, so he couldnt allow anyone to say this in his face.

Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Johann lost all rationality as he yelled hysterically. However, as he was about to rush forward, Xiao Luoye pulled him back.

Be patient, my old friend Johann. You will get your revenge. Xiao Luoye then added, This is a done deal. You can stop struggling already.

Oh really? Luo Yunyang stared at the gentle, reserved Xiao Luoye before he said dryly, Actually, killing the lot of you could also solve this problem.

As he said this, an axe appeared in his hand.

This axe was pretty ordinary. It could not even be compared to Murats Blood Axe. Actually, it even looked shabby compared to an ordinary axe one could buy to chop firewood.

However, it was already in Luo Yunyangs hand.

Qiongsi and the other two Sea God Rider Captains had no intention of making a move. The three of them stood in three different spots, each holding an azure lance.

They just accumulated power, ready to deal a startling blow on Luo Yunyang at any moment.

Luxi, who had been hiding behind the others all this while, stepped forward slowly. He smiled at Luo Yunyang before he moved his hands in his direction.

Although his movement was very simple, the air all around Luo Yunyang seemed to congeal.

Luo Yunyang, this is my Grand Binding Technique. We are both god-grade telekinesis masters, so I will only be able to hold you for a few moments, unless your mind power is 10 times greater than mine.

Luxis voice sounded slightly pleased as he completed the Grand Binding Technique.

As he spoke, eight god-grade powerhouses rushed towards Luo Yunyang at practically the same time.

Unrivaled Warrior Johann was among them, holding a long two-handed sword in his hand. He sent a silver sword-light that seemed capable of slicing through the sky at Luo Yunyang.

Johann and Luxis coordination was seamless. Even the attacks of the others, who had similar cultivation bases, seemed rough and coarse in comparison.

Unfortunately, their target was Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs mind power had long surpassed Luxis. He also possessed the attribute regulator, so he immediately raised his Mind Attribute to the max.

A round red sun rose from behind Luo Yunyang as layers of scarlet light-like incisive arrows shone in all directions.

Johanns attack slowed considerably when it encountered the arrows of light formed by Luo Yunyangs mind power. Meanwhile, a look of anguish appeared on Luxis face.

Unlike Johann, it was more difficult for the others to stand this. A powerhouse that ranked near the bottom of the Divine List could only clutch his head in pain as he faced the scarlet lights of Luo Yunyangs mind.

Although physical strength was his advantage, Luo Yunyangs methods made him feel like he was crumbling.

You deserve to die, Luo Yunyang! Luxi hadnt expected that their battle plan, which had taken quite a while to formulate, would result in this. As he shouted furiously, a small spear about half an inch in length appeared in the middle of his forehead.

The small spear flew into the air and streaked towards Luo Yunyang.

Turning mind power into matter was a power that god-grade powerhouse Luxi possessed along with his telekinetic abilities. However, when this small spear flew out, a small scarlet sword flew forward from Luo Yunyangs sun.

This sword was the origin sword Luo Yunyang had been cultivating all along.

Although Luo Yunyang had ultimately chosen to condense his mind power into a sun that could scorch the sky and earth, he had still retained the origin sword and hidden it within the sun.

As the small spear was cut apart by Luo Yunyangs sword, Luxi shrieked.

Meanwhile, four figures had appeared behind Luo Yunyang, each of them holding a short blade.

Although these blades were really short, they glowed with an azure light that made them seem extremely eerie.

In an instant, the short blades were already close to Luo Yunyangs body.

Johann, who was trying his hardest to resist the mind power lights, roared with laughter. He didnt care about the mind power rushing into his mind and burning his soul as he once again used the silver long sword and slashed maniacally.

Divine Judgment!

Johann did his best to use this technique so that Luo Yunyang wouldnt be able to save himself.

Luo Yunyang was now in extreme danger. Xiao Luoyes hands were clasped behind his back as he watched everything quietly.

Meanwhile, his lips had curled into a faint smile. He was satisfied with Luxi and everyone elses performance.

Getting so many people together for the purpose of killing Luo Yunyang was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It would be a pity if the benefits of Luo Yunyangs body were divided and shared

As these thoughts went through his mind, a blood-red glow suddenly erupted before him.

The glow was so quick that it appeared before he could even blink. A bad feeling suddenly welled up in Xiao Luoyes heart as he saw this glow.