Supreme Uprising Chapter 318

Chapter 318 The Blood Filled Sky

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The large city of Chang’an was currently in an extremely tense state. Rising Dragon Army and Blood Strike Guard soldiers were tightly guarding a small residential area.

Two martial grandmaster powerhouses from the Great Snow Mountain were sitting in a villa within that area with grave expressions on their faces.

Master Xin Yuan held a chess piece in his hand without putting it down for a long time.

Master Xin Yuan had always been known for being firm and decisive on the Great Snow Mountain. However, he was hesitant right now.

“There are enemies everywhere, Senior Brother. What do we do?” the other tall, well-built old man said. He was also a martial grandmaster from the Great Snow Mountain.

Master Xin Yuan pondered his question for a bit before he said vaguely, “There’s no way out.”

The tall old man swept his eyes across a distant villa and let out a long sigh. Yes, other people had a choice, yet they really didn’t, because they still had Luo Yunyang’s seal within their bodies.

Although they had tried all sorts of methods, no matter what they did, it seemed impossible to break this seal.

Therefore, all they could do was

“Why is this happening, Senior Brother? Luo Yunyang has clearly done a lot for the Da Alliance. When the waters of Atlantis nearly submerged the cities, he did everything he could,” the old man said softly as he glanced at Master Xin Yuan.

Master Xin Yuan put the chess piece he was holding into the box and sighed. “Destruction follows great individuals! He is so young, and his path is so resplendent that quite some people feel threatened by him. Furthermore”

As Master Xin Yuan was speaking, his expression turned rigid. Suddenly, he shouted, “I am Xin Yuan from the Great Snow Mountain! May I know who has arrived?”

“Ha ha ha! The Great Snow Mountain may still have some credentials after the death of the Guardian Deity, Venerable Xin Yuan. However, even the Guardian Deity would have bowed down respectfully before me if we’d met.”

Mocking laughter was heard before a blond middle-aged man strolled in leisurely. He was very tall, and there was a clear arrogance in his eyes.

Master Xin Yuan’s expression changed when he saw this person. He immediately saluted him. “Greetings, Lightning God!”

The Lightning God, who ranked 16th on the Divine List, controlled the power of lightning.

Although his ranking couldn’t be considered too high, even the Guardian Deity, who had become a god-grade entity, would have been just a kid compared to him. Therefore, these two martial grandmasters paled in comparison.

“You two are considered Luo Yunyang’s enemies, so I shall give you a chance to get as far away from here as possible immediately!”

A faint flash of anger appeared in the taller old man’s eyes. He was a martial grandmaster after all, and most people thought of martial grandmasters as dragons.

Martial grandmasters naturally couldn’t permit people to randomly humiliate them.

However, this was a god-grade entity, so even though he felt unhappy, he could only put up with this. A god-grade powerhouse was like a god after all.

“We have been ordered to guard Mr. Luo’s family, sir. We humbly request that you do not make things difficult for us.”

Master Xin Yuan exchanged a glance with his partner before speaking.

“Make things difficult for you? It seems like you guys are trying to make my job harder! In that case, you can chase after Luo Yunyang!” As he spoke, the Lightning God clawed at the air with his hands and a lightning net enveloped the two martial grandmasters.

Both of them were martial grandmasters, so they were able to link their apertures with the sky and earth and take in that vast power. However, while they were in this lightning net, they were unable to harness even a tiny bit of the power around them.

Besides, the lightning net around them made them feel like the source power within their bodies was being rapidly consumed.

They were like two bugs trapped in a net, unable to struggle free.

“Go die, you stubborn kids!” When the Lightning God closed his palm, the lightning net started to shrink rapidly.

The moment the net stopped shrinking, the two masters would meet their doom. Although they knew that their death was imminent, they were unable to do anything about it, so they just remained still and shut their eyes helplessly.

Right now, they had no other choice.

However, when they shut their eyes, they realized that the net enveloped around them didn’t touch their bodies.

What exactly was going on?

When they opened their eyes in bewilderment, they saw the Lightning God’s body lying on the floor with blood spilling out of his neck ceaselessly. His head was lying a short distance away, his eyes still wide open in shock.

Beside the Lightning God’s body stood a skinny lady.

Although her appearance didn’t stand out, the blood-red axe in her hand gave off a dreadful vibe. The two martial masters were no strangers to this blood-red axe.

She was the formerly second and currently third in rank person on the Divine ListBlood Butcher Murat!

“Greetings, Senior Murat!” the two men said at practically the same moment.

Murat groaned. “Alright, you just keep standing guard here. If a god-grade powerhouse comes, go ahead and send them in.”

Master Xin Yuan felt encouraged by Murat’s frosty voice. He felt as though a ray of sunlight had shone on his dark, gloomy fate.

“You You and our sect master”

Murat shot a look at Master Xin Yuan. Her look made him feel as though he was about to crumble.

Deep down he knew what sort of existence Murat was after all, so he was aware that his words had been a little rude.

“I am just like you two!”

Master Xin Yuan, who had been expecting a furious reply, suddenly felt as though he had just gotten a reprieve from death.

Murat was just like him. This meant that she was also Luo Yunyang’s subordinate, so Luo Yunyang’s chances of surviving were

As Master Xin Yuan felt inwardly ecstatic, faraway on the Setting Sun Plain, the various god-grade powerhouses situated within the strange Atlantean boundary watched in alarm the scene unfolding before them.

When the four blade-wielding figures were sliced into eight pieces, azure blue blood started flowing from them. Although there was disbelief in their eyes, there was nothing they could do.

Four of Atlantis’ best Sea God Shadow Assassins had been cleaved into pieces by the axe in Luo Yunyang’s hand.

Luo Yunyang had already refined the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre to its limit in the mystic realm, so 10 blood shadows at Qiongsi’s strength level would also have been cut up.

These Sea God Shadows simply didn’t have any power to retaliate.

“Die!” Luo Yunyang’s shout shook the majority of his stunned enemies. Meanwhile, Qiongsi shouted to his two comrades, “Kill him! Otherwise, we will have to stay here!”

At Qiongsi’s shout, the other two Sea God Rider Captains urged on their steeds at practically the same time.

Although there was no ocean water, the three of them charged with their azure pikes and formed a torrential tidal wave that surged towards Luo Yunyang.

A strange power gathered inside that torrential tidal wave and formed a 300-meter long trident that threatened to swallow Luo Yunyang.

As Johann roared furiously, that small crown appeared once again on his head, dazzling with silver lights. Although it made him look even weirder, a silver figure appeared on top of his head as he waved his sword.

He was using the Divine Judgment!

However, this Divine Judgment seemed even wilder and more violent than those he had used in the past.

Luxi and the others simultaneously used their strongest techniques against Luo Yunyang. However, the moment they attacked, Luo Yunyang brandished the axe in his hand once again and Asura’s Seven Axes filled the sky.

A path of blood-light flashed over the top of Johann’s head. Although Johann’s eyes were filled with malevolence, this sinister expression would remain etched on his face forever.

The tiny crown immediately fell to the ground and Johann’s vengeful soul was extinguished completely.

Luxi shouted. As a telekinesis user, the only thing he could do against this sort of attack was retreat frantically.

In just an instant, Luxi had already retreated more than 10 paces. His heart was beating like crazy.

He had originally thought that slaying Luo Yunyang would be easy, yet he hadn’t imagined that this son of a b*tch would actually be so powerful.

Johann was dead!

Although there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with Johann falling at the hands of Luo Yunyang, Johann was above him on the Divine List, so his death made him lose any intention of fighting.

“Take another axe!” Luo Yunyang spat out. His roar made Luxi feel as though his surroundings were filled with layers of blood shadows.

It was the Blood-Filled Sky of Asura’s Seven Axes!

These blood shadows didn’t give him any time to dodge.

What was going on? His powerful mind power couldn’t even tell whether the blood shadows were real or fake.

As a sense of unprecedented fear filled his heart, he wanted to scream. Unfortunately, before he could even react, the blood shadows had already cleaved at his neck.

Luxi was a god-grade telekinesis master, so his mind power surpassed an ordinary human’s by far. As his body was being cleaved, he wanted to use his mind power to escape from this place.

If he had known earlier, he would never have run out and tried to kill Luo Yunyang. Unfortunately, before he could lose his consciousness, a vigorous power shattered it.

In an instant, Luxi’s soul was also shattered.

When the Blood-Filled Sky was over, only Xiao Luoye was left behind, howling like a wild beast with one arm.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his entire body was shivering.

Just a moment ago, he had felt so close to death. If Nie Tianyi had not been close by and Xiao Luoye had not grabbed him to shield himself, he would have been killed by Luo Yunyang’s violent attacks.

When he looked all around him, he realized that more than half of the 18 god-grade powerhouses who had gathered there were dead. The only martial grandmaster fighter left was Kou Hangkong.