Supreme Uprising Chapter 319

Chapter 319 The Sea God Doppelganger

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Kou Hangkong was a prideful person. Although it wasn’t so bad that he considered everyone beneath him, there weren’t many people that he thought highly of.

Unfortunately, that day his heart was shaking.

Those individuals he had regarded highly had all been turned into dust in succession. Even Unrivaled Warrior Johann and Saint Luxi had fallen before his eyes.

All the martial grandmasters had fallen in battle, so there were only a few god-grade powerhouses left.

This situation made him keep questioning himself. That son of a b*tch Luo Yunyang was so difficult to deal with. Would the Martial God be able to do the same?

Nobody could answer his question. He no longer had any confidence in himself, and he was unable to get rid of his fear of Luo Yunyang.

Nie Tianyi’s death had made him instinctively retreat a few steps away from Xiao Luoye. Although he knew that this action would not have escaped the petty eyes of his Uncle, he had no other choice.

He didn’t want to die or be killed like Nie Tianyi, who had died under shady circumstances.

Kou Hangkong stood behind the three great Sea God Rider Captains. This way, he felt a bit comforted.

However, the majestic and imposing Sea God Riders of the past now all cut sorry figures. The long azure lances in their hands stood still as they overlooked the blood-dyed ground.

The three Ocean Pegasi, which had been very difficult to obtain, had already fallen and were now lying in pools of blood.

This deadly silence created a fearful pressure that made everyone feel as though they were about to go berserk.

“I know you still have some tricks up your sleeves. Kill him, kill him, kill him!” Xiao Luoye shouted maniacally as he addressed the three great Sea God Rider Captains.

The Sea God Rider Captains exchanged a look before Qiongsi spoke up. There was a grave expression on his face as he shouted at the East Zealot, who didn’t seem hurt, “Use the Molou Fruit!”

The East Zealot’s expression changed, while there was some hesitancy in the eyes of the other three zealots. They clearly didn’t consider the Molou Fruit very precious.

In the end, the East Zealot nodded his head stiffly at Qiongsi and fished out a fruit that looked like an azure gemstone.

Although the fruit wasn’t very big, it seemed to contain a mystery within a mystery. If one were to gaze intently at it, it would appear as though it contained a person’s shadow.

Luo Yunyang soared into the air and waved his axe, cleaving at the East Zealot when he noticed his actions.

Meanwhile, Xiao Luoye and the others predicted Luo Yunyang’s intention and shouted simultaneously as they unleashed their strongest techniques.

Xiao Luoye gave this his all. Although he was only left with one arm, by relying on it, he could still use the Martial God’s signature technique.

The Heaven Splitter was a shot that split the sky and caused it to rupture and surge towards Luo Yunyang’s Blood Axe.

The three great Sea God Rider Captains looked calm. When Luo Yunyang rushed over, the three of them raised their lances, creating a wall of waves in front of the four great zealots. In an instant, the East Zealot urged the power within his hands. Meanwhile, bright radiating lights started to glow from the azure Molou Fruit.

Although the West, South and North Zealots were sitting in a lotus position, the powers within their bodies poured into the circle of light.

The circle rose in the air and quickly converged into a figure. This figure, which was 30 meters tall, had a man’s body and a fish’s tail. On top of its head was an azure crown with a halo-like glow.

When this big figure opened its eyes, the air all around seemed to condense. Luo Yunyang, who had already broken through Xiao Luoye’s Heaven Splitter, felt as though his attack had met a great obstacle.

Progressing even a little had become extremely difficult.

This aura felt like a god who had arrived in the human realm.

“I shall offer my body to the master and transform into a sharp blade to punish all evil!” the three great Sea God Riders shouted at the same time.

As their pious cries echoed around, the three azure pikes flew out of their hands and turned into a three-meter long trident in the hands of that spirit.

The trident grew even larger as the spirit held it, its eyes glaring at Luo Yunyang in disdain.


Although it was only one word, when the spirit spat it out, it resonated through the skies. As that huge trident was brandished, vast amounts of sea water appeared beneath it.

While the trident descended, the entire sky looked as though it was being blasted apart.

The trident’s power was boundless!

The god-grade experts that were still alive were shivering uncontrollably. Even the prideful Xiao Luoye had crept down on the ground in the face of this divine might.

This might was like the ocean!

Luo Yunyang felt as though the sky and earth all around him had been completely sealed with this attack. Other than resisting, there was nothing else he could do right now.

The majestic power of the water gathered into this strike. Luo Yunyang, who was the target of this strike, felt like a lonely person in the ocean.

He just couldn’t find the right words to describe this attack. In an instant, Luo Yunyang made a decision.

Compared to this strike’s grandiose power, which was filled with a vast divine might, he believed that his own power was considerably lacking. Thus, if he wished to win, the only thing he could rely on was his True Intent and the laws.

When this strike came crashing down, Luo Yunyang converted all the attribute points in his body and used the techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

The Great Elemental Divine Eye was immediately unleashed. In a flash, this grandiose offensive might was halted for a short while by the Divine Eye.

Although this pause was short, it was extremely important to Luo Yunyang, who swung the blood-red axe in his hands and unleashed the Bloody Sun, the seventh form of Asura’s Seven Axes.

This blow was the strongest move of Asura’s Seven Axes and the one with the greatest killing intent. As the axe was swung, a dazzling blood-red sun rose in the sky.

Luo Yunyang had already reached the limits of this technique during his cultivation. He had used this axe to cut down opponents 10 times stronger than him back in the mystic realm.

Thus, when he swung it now, the expressions on his enemies’ faces changed dramatically. Some of them even felt their hearts quiver before this bloody sun.


The large trident was severed in two as soon as it met the incisive sun. When the sun passed through the ocean waters, the vast ocean waters were also split in half by it.

As that blood-red sun rose, everything was sliced in two. The sun moved along the surging waves and headed straight for the massive Sea God Doppelganger.

The Sea God Doppelganger only had a trace of the Sea God’s will, yet still surpassed a god-grade powerhouse. Its figure had been formed from the combined power of the four great Zealots and three great Sea God Riders.

However, when its trident was shattered, the huge Sea God Doppelganger let out a furious roar.

As soon as its dignity was provoked, the mysterious power it drew from made it grow even bigger.

However, before it could use any of its methods, the dazzling sun had already rushed before it, filled the sky and charged past it. Everything in its way was cut in half.

Even that lofty, unparalleled figure was split down the middle by its might.

Meanwhile, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out of Qiongsi and the other two Sea God Rider Captains. However, they didn’t pay any attention to the injuries on their bodies. Right now, all they felt was fear and disbelief.

When they had used the Sea God Doppelganger, the figure had immediately started to accumulate might. However, just as all the stored energy had been about to be liberated and turn everything into dust, it had actually been cut into two.

This outcome was unbelievable. However, the sun that was still up in the air told them that it was very real.

The blood-red sun contained a boundless killing intent. As it shone down, the three great Sea God Riders felt as though they had no power to resist.

“Run!” Qiongsi, who had regained his senses, was the first to shout. He had already sensed that their fail-safe plan to kill Luo Yunyang had failed completely.

Although their preparations had been meticulous, their opponent had been too strong.

Actually, their opponent had exceeded their expectations. Even the Sea God Doppelganger had been no match for him.

When Qiongsi shouted, the four Zealots harnessed their power and created an azure door in the air.

Qiongsi and the other two Sea God Riders rushed over without hesitation.

How could Luo Yunyang allow Qiongsi and the others to flee?

As Qiongsi was frantically trying to escape, Luo Yunyang’s blood axe cleaved their way in a frenzy.

The four zealots exchanged a look as their bodies crumbled with a loud bang. Then, gusts of whirlwinds rose from their shattered remains.

These whirlwinds were spiritual, so even a god-grade powerhouse would get shattered if they were enveloped by such a whirlwind.

Although Luo Yunyang’s mind power was extremely strong, when he was enveloped by this whirlwind, he had to steady his state of mind to prevent his soul from getting torn apart by the whirlwind.

Soon, these majestic whirlwinds lost their power and dissipated completely.

“We’ll be back!” This was the only thought that remained as they vanished.

However, the azure door was still there, so Xiao Luoye and the few other remaining god-grade powerhouses were still frantically rushing towards it.

Although they didn’t know where this door led, they knew that it was the only way out.

Only by escaping through this door would they be able to survive. Death would await anyone who stayed behind.

However, by the time they reached the door, it had already vanished without a trace. Luo Yunyang stood there like a death god with the Blood Axe in hand, glaring at every single person.