Supreme Uprising Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Who Permitted You To Stay By My Side?

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Luo Yunyang had imagined countless scenarios about meeting the Martial God, yet he had never imagined actually meeting him this way.

Although this wasn’t the Martial God’s real body, but a spectre, everything about it indicated that this was the almighty Martial God.

The words ‘Let’s end it’ might seem simple, but when they came from the Martial God’s mouth, they implied something else.

The instant the Martial God said these words, the sky and earth seemed to resonate and a massive willpower pressed down against Luo Yunyang’s mind.

Luo Yunyang was a god-grade telekinesis master, so his cultivation base could be considered extremely strong. However, he still couldn’t help but shudder when he heard these words.

Although he didn’t know what the Heart of the Earth that Xiao Luoye had mentioned was, based on the Martial God’s clay form and his tone, Luo Yunyang could sense that he had already reached a mysterious state.

“What if I refuse?” Luo Yunyang said icily after expelling the pressure on his own mind and calming down.

The clay Martial God didn’t get angry. He actually took a step forward.

Indeed, the Martial God took a step forward just like a real person. Then, he looked down at Luo Yunyang and said indifferently, “You should agree.”

Although his answer was only three-words long, the earth rumbled as he uttered these words!

Xiao Luoye gazed at the Martial God reverently. He currently seemed to be the Martial God’s most sincere subordinate.

Xiao Luoye laughed loudly. “Do you know who you are speaking to, Luo Yunyang? You must have a d*mn death wish! Second strongest in the world, second on the Divine List Those titles are dogsh*t compared to the Martial God! No, no, no Calling you dogsh*t is too good for you. Compared to the Martial God, you you are just a worthless ant.”

Suddenly, Xiao Luoye added with a slightly maniacal expression, “The Martial God has already harmonized himself with the Heart of the Earth. Do you know what the Heart of the Earth is? It’s the will of this planet, which means that the planet’s will and the Martial God have become one.”

“He is a living god. He is the controller of this planet! If you’re wondering why the Martial God hasn’t come out all these years, that’s because he has been harmonizing himself with the Heart of the Earth. Did you know that, as long as the Martial God fuses with the Heart of the Earth, the threat of source beasts won’t be a problem? Nothing will be a problem.”

“Do you understand? You aren’t talking to a person right now, but to a god. A god that controls the fate of this planet!”

Xiao Luoye’s words were transmitted to the entire Da Alliance via the two satellites. The top brass of the Da Alliance was left dumbfounded upon hearing this.

They didn’t understand what the Heart of the Earth was, but the technique the Martial God had just used had already allowed them to sense that he was different.

Traversing 1,000 miles with one step was already a godly technique, but the Martial God’s will could actually go through the earth and form a body. This was simply

Although nobody could describe this adequately, they all understood. If god-grade powerhouses were legends that men spoke of, then the Martial God had already surpassed that state.

Before such a powerful entity, the best option would be to pledge allegiance and

The Edgeless Spiritual Master could see the Martial God in the distance. There was a zealous look in his eyes as he glanced at his concentrated form, which was made of yellow soil.

“How could we describe the Martial God’s current state, Master?” the disciple who had once been a viceroy of the 13 Eastern Cities asked.

“He is a god walking among us, a supreme entity that possess the strongest power!” the Edgeless Spiritual Master said respectfully. “We should revere such an entity, pledge our allegiance to it and worship it!”

The Edgeless Spiritual Master’s two disciples exchanged a look silently. They knew their master all too well, so they were familiar with his pride.

If he had uttered such words, then the Martial God’s state had clearly exceeded his imagination.

“He is what we expected of a Martial God!”

While the Edgeless Spiritual Master was lamenting, the Da Alliance Chairman spoke up in Mei’ya City. The two satellites had existed for many years, but the Da Alliance had added many functions to them.

However, these functions weren’t used under normal circumstances, as the requirements were too high.

In this case, they were used right away.

“We obeyed the Martial God’s commandment. Luo Yunyang should hurry up and pray for the Martial God’s forgiveness.”

Although the Chairman’s voice wasn’t high, it roused many people who had been shocked by the Martial God’s massive power.

In an instant, many god-grade powerhouses observing from outside the Setting Sun Plain pledged their allegiance.

Their cries were full of reverence and flattery as they spoke.

Among them were some people who were claiming that the Martial God had saved them from an impending calamity. These people asked Luo Yunyang to let Xiao Luoye go and pray to the Martial God for his wrongdoings.

The Edgeless Spiritual Master sighed when he heard these shouts. Right now, he felt like a fish on the chopping board that could only open and close its mouth as it struggled for its last breath. In the end, he released some vital energy from his dantian and shouted his pledge of allegiance into the sky.

From the Edgeless Spiritual Master’s point of view, at this particular time and place, nobody would get any leeway. Thus, all he could do was pledge his allegiance.

The Martial God’s step had been very powerful indeed. It was so overwhelming that it made them feel that there was nowhere to turn to. It was akin to someone using taboo weapons or steel fortresses during a close combat fight with swords and spears!

Jin Zaitian had also called out. Although he had a good relationship with Luo Yunyang and he really hoped that he was well, he was also the leader of a region, so he had no option but to make a choice.

After Jin Zaitian spoke up, the Goddess of Atlantis followed. The elegant Goddess that represented Atlantis paid her respects to the Martial God.

She had been hoping that Atlantis and the Da Alliance would unite under the Martial God’s leadership and resist the impending tide of source beasts.

When Atlantis voiced its allegiance, the Martial God rose even higher. It actually seemed as though he already overlooked the entire world.

“Martial God! Martial God!”

Xiao Luoye laughed hysterically. His laughter was maniacal as he stared at Luo Yunyang. Given his temperament, he should have stood aside expressionlessly and watched this victory that clearly belonged to him.

However, he really couldn’t help it.

Plus, he believed that the ups and downs of life were just too fickle and surprising. This operation’s goal had been to allow the Martial God to break through and have one less rival.

However, this seemingly easy operation had been ruined completely by Luo Yunyang. When the Sea God Doppelganger had been obliterated, Luo Yunyang had seemed to be possessed by a death god.

Johann had died, Luxi had died, Nie Tianyi had died, Kou Hangkong had also died!

Each comrade’s death had made Xiao Luoye fear that he would also be killed by Luo Yunyang. Yet, he had never imagined that just as he had gotten desperate, the Martial God would comprehend the Heart of the Earth.

He was now a true god that walked among men, an entity that had authority over the world!

“You have no other choice, Luo Yunyang. If the Martial God permits you to keep living in this world, you should pledge your allegiance to him and become his subordinate and devoted warrior!” Xiao Luoye roared heartily as he gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Most people thought that Xiao Luoye’s suggestion was Luo Yunyang’s best choice. No, it was actually his only choice.

He had no other choice. Unless he wanted to die there, he could only pledge subservience to the Martial God and live carefully under the pressure of his might.

Luo Yunyang could already sense the Martial God’s pressure as his eyes were staring intently at the Martial God’s body, which was made of concentrated earth.

Could he beat the Martial God right now?

As thoughts flitted through his mind, he thought about the consequences of compromising and everything that he could do.

The Martial God was already a god among men. Xiao Luoye’s words were probably true, so if they came to fruition, Luo Yunyang would live on like a dog.

Xiao Luoye was the Martial God’s aide, so he was someone who was close to the Martial God and

When all these thoughts were combined in his mind, Luo Yunyang became extremely resolute. In an instant, he made a decision.

Living like a dog was something he couldn’t do!

If the Martial God wanted to kill him, he would slay the god. If the devil wanted to kill him, he would eliminate the devil!

As Luo Yunyang’s heart filled with staunch resolve, he felt the crushing pressure around him weaken by half.

Xiao Luoye was a shrewd person, so when Luo Yunyang met his gaze once again, he immediately sensed the difference. However, he didn’t show any alarm. He glared back at Luo Yunyang without any fear.

“Are you aware of the consequences of rebelling? Not only will you be unable to kill me, but you will also become a public enemy! Do you know what being a public enemy means? Let me tell you It means that you will find yourself utterly deserted in the whole world. Nobody will support you! You will die as countless people yell at you in disdain!”

As Xiao Luoye growled, the Martial God’s yellow earthen body stood in his way. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang’s blood-red axe had become a bloody sun that blasted forward.

The earthen Martial God was the picture of calmness. As the blood-red axe cleaved out, he raised a fist.

When he did, a glowing light the size of a mountain shot forward. Xiao Luoye, who was behind this glowing mountain, felt that the distance between him and Luo Yunyang had become extremely wide.

They were separated by this mountain, so the gulf between them was really great.

“You have lost your last chance, Luo Yunyang. Anyone who ignores the god’s commands must die!” Xiao Luoye’s heart was shuddering from the thrill and fury he felt. He was both ecstatic and hysterical as he delighted in Luo Yunyang’s downfall.

He would live on. He wouldn’t die. However, Luo Yunyang already had no way out!