Supreme Uprising Chapter 322

Chapter 322 There Is Someone Better At Every Turn

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Mountains converged, blocking out the sky and earth.

However, these vast mountains could not block out the inexhaustible light. When Xiao Luoye shouted loudly, he felt his body being bathed in this blood-colored light.

As this blood-colored light touched him, he felt as though his body was ripping apart. He suddenly sensed an unprecedented fear in his heart.

He couldn’t die. Xiao Luoye couldn’t die. He was just about to reach the absolute top, he was just one step away. He couldn’t die now!

However, although his plan had been good, he now had nowhere to go. As this light broke down, he felt as if his body no longer belonged to him.

“Luo Kai, save me!” Xiao Luoye shouted, sounding slightly hysterical.

Although his shout was loud, the Martial God didn’t save him in time. As those mountains crumbled in the air, the earthen Martial God had a furious look on his face.


The earth rumbled for thousands of miles. Meanwhile, the Setting Sun Plain filled with the Martial God’s wrath. Behind the earthen Martial God appeared a huge palm.

This massive earthen hand that covered the sky like a lofty mountain swatted down at Luo Yunyang.

By the time it descended, Luo Yunyang had already taken to the skies. Instead of retreating, his body pressed forward. The blood-red axe in his hand was brandished, using the 1,000-Mile Tracking Blood.

The most important aspect of this move was speed. The greater the speed, the stronger its offensive might. Thus, as that overwhelming attack descended, Luo Yunyang’s blood-red axe chopped away frantically at the condensed earth in the sky.


As the earth crumbled, Luo Yunyang bore a huge hole within the earthen hand. However, a trace of blood suddenly flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

The earthen Martial God behind the hand had turned into a pile of soil at Luo Yunyang’s strike.

It seemed as if he had never existed!

As the massive earthen hand crumbled in the sky, the huge Setting Sun Plain was turned upside down.

Luo Yunyang’s brows were knit tightly. After killing Xiao Luoye, he had just broken through the Martial God’s attack. However, during this clash with the massive palm, Luo Yunyang sensed that cracks had appeared on his three source cores.

Although it wasn’t serious, what he had just faced had only been a strand of the Martial God’s strength. He didn’t even know where the real Martial God was.

The skies were silent, but the earth was torrential!

As he stood on the Setting Sun Plain, Luo Yunyang felt extremely alone. Right now, even the endless skies seemed to be rejecting him.

“You should die, Luo Yunyang!” A furious voice reverberated through the sky before two tall mountains came from different directions and crashed towards Luo Yunyang.

This move, which could no longer be considered a martial technique, was extremely terrifying!

As he faced the two charging mountains, Luo Yunyang pondered his options for a second and chose to retreat.

After the previous clash, he had already realized that another clash like this would not do him any good.


When the two mountains crashed together, the world shook violently. A huge crevice that was 300 meters deep appeared ahead, while vast amounts of water flowed out like a fountain.

The world seemed to be transforming in a matter of seconds.

Although the Martial God had yet to appear, the Setting Sun Plain quickly fell silent. These god-like techniques had already allowed the entire Da Alliance to witness the might of the Martial God.

Who could even hope to match the all-powerful Martial God?

Lu Qubing sighed as he watched Luo Yunyang’s figure on the Setting Sun Plain from Shen’du. Although Luo Yunyang had ultimately killed Xiao Luoye, he had placed himself in a path of absolute despair. A path that would never allow the Martial God to forgive him.

Even though the Martial God’s doppelganger had crumbled, it had only been a puppet. Nobody knew how different it had been compared to his real body.

In the past, many people had believed that the Martial God was a truly unparalleled entity. However, now everyone thought that he was a true god.

A true supreme, divine entity!

The young man’s body seemed extremely frail on the Setting Sun Plain. After hesitating for a bit, Lu Qubing tried to call Luo Yunyang’s communication device.

“Sorry, the number you are trying to dial has been restricted!” a mechanical female voice said in Lu Qubing’s ear.

“Restricted? What is going on?” A hint of fury flickered in Lu Qubing’s eyes. Just as he was about to put down his communication device, he heard the mechanical voice again.

“This number is being monitored. Anyone who tries to call it again will be arrested by the Koi Guard for questioning!”

Lu Qubing was furious. As he clenched the communication device tightly in his hands, the expensive device started to malfunction.

“Old Lu, this is Shi Tiaochen. I know that you are very displeased. I feel the same. However, practically the entire Da Alliance’s representatives have made a decision. As military personnel of the Da Alliance, we can only comply with their orders.”

Shi Tiaochen’s voice sounded heavy as it came out of the deformed communication device. “Everyone has already abandoned him. You have to be prepared. Who knows, a violent storm could be about to start.”

Lu Qubing calmed himself down before he said dejectedly, “Did those people abandon him so quickly because they were afraid that he wouldn’t beat the Martial God?”

Shi Tiaochen fell silent. After a prolonged silence, he replied gloomily, “Beat the Martial God? He he I hope that he can come out victorious. However, you should understand that this is wishful thinking on our part. This is impossible. I have no idea what the Heart of the Earth is, but the Martial God has already become a true god. He can make the earth split with just a thought. The Da Alliance’s 37 cities simply can’t defend themselves against his power.”

“He has already become a truly divine being. Although Luo Yunyang is very strong and has reached the limits of a human being, he still can’t compete with a divine entity,” Shi Tiaochen added. “Given Luo Yunyang’s current status as a public enemy, everyone has to stay away from him!”

A teardrop trickled down Lu Qubing’s cheek as he shut off his communication device. A public enemy? He had never imagined that this young man, who had always pulled out pleasant surprises at every turn, would actually fall into such dire straits.

“Viceroy Lu Qubing, the Da Alliance Legislative Assembly has temporarily stripped you of your post as the Rising Dragon Army’s Viceroy!” a man in a black uniform said sternly as he walked slowly over to Lu Qubing.

Lu Qubing had been working for the Rising Dragon Army for so many years that it had seemed like this post had been specifically designed for him.

However, he had actually been removed from his post. On the letter was Jin Zaitian’s signature.

“Vice-Chairman Jin might have been unwilling, but he is now on vacation. The affairs of the 13 Eastern Cities will be handled by Vice-Chairman Nie!”

The man in the black uniform sounded a little pleased. As he spoke, over 10 first-class martialists walked forward.

Lu Qubing didn’t really care about them. What really made him feel apprehensive were the few powerful auras he felt.

Although these people didn’t show themselves, Lu Qubing could sense that these auras belonged to top-notch martial grandmasters.

If he resisted now, he would suffer an extremely powerful attack soon.

Lu Qubing remained silent for a bit before he chose to accept this. Although he was not too weak, he wouldn’t attempt to do the inevitable.

Even though Luo Yunyang’s communication device was useless now, Murat and his Great Snow Mountain subordinates still sent him all sorts of information.

The changes Jin Zaitian, Lu Qubing and other familiar people had gone through made Luo Yunyang’s mood even worse. He had already considered the consequences of killing Xiao Luoye.

However, he had never imagined that things would actually change so quickly.

Too many people wanted to sever any ties with him and express their loyalty to the Martial God.

Although his family was protected by Murat and wouldn’t face any problems for the time being, what would happen in the long term?

A few hundred kilometers beyond the Setting Sun Plain was the Martial God Mountain. As Luo Yunyang eyed a rapidly-ascending mountain pick in the distance, the resolve on his face increased several times.

Even though he couldn’t see the real status of the Martial God, he knew that he had no other choice.

Luo Yunyang moved in the direction of the Martial God Mountain with large steps once again. Right now, his objective was to slay the god that walked among the men of this world.

“Luo Yunyang is headed to the Martial God Mountain. He wants to challenge the Martial God!” This information circulated to the entire Da Alliance as soon as Luo Yunyang took the first step.

“Challenge the Martial God? He actually wants to challenge the Martial God? He must have a death wish!” a consul said bitingly.

Meanwhile, people were publicly calling for large quantities of taboo weapons to be used to kill the disrespectful Luo Yunyang on behalf of the Martial God.

However, no matter how resounding these calls were, nobody pandered to them. After all, they knew that the Martial God would definitely not fall at the hands of Luo Yunyang. It was clear that everyone had already reached a conclusion about him and the Martial God.

However, Luo Yunyang’s power terrified people. They weren’t like the Martial God, so they didn’t have the qualifications to try to harm Luo Yunyang.

“There is always someone better at every turn!” some older people lamented when they heard that Luo Yunyang was heading to the Martial God Mountain.

As this notion circulated, quite a number of people said that if Luo Yunyang had been born a few years earlier, perhaps the outcome would have been entirely different.

The Martial God Mountain lay ahead, growing taller and bigger. When Luo Yunyang got close to the mountain, its visible growth was so massive that it looked like a pillar supporting the heavens.

It was a sky-supporting pillar taller than any mountain!