Supreme Uprising Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Stepping On The Earth Unrivaled In The World

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It was a pillar that held up the sky!

However, the person at the top of the pillar seized away all its brilliance as he stood loftily on top of it, overlooking the blue skies and the earth.

The person at the top trumped all!

It currently appeared as though the Martial God was standing on the highest peak in the entire world.

Although they were separated by more than 100 kilometers, the moment Luo Yunyang looked at the Martial God, the Martial God turned to gaze over at Luo Yunyang

His gaze was calm and emotionless. When their eyes met, a thought popped into Luo Yunyangs mind: This was the gaze of a real god.

I like your courage! A mild voice reverberated through the land. As this voice was heard, layers of earth swelled up, forming platforms that reached all the way to the Martial God Mountain Peak.

Luo Yunyangs fighting intent intensified as he watched the continuously rising earth form a stairway to heaven that reached the Martial God.

This time, he hadnt come to the Martial God Mountain certain of his victory. However, he also hadnt come to give his life away.

He still had a hidden trump card that only belonged to him!

It took Luo Yunyang a short while to ascend to the Martial God Mountain by stepping on the platforms of condensed earth.

Luo Yunyang, you are the first person on this planet that has ever astonished me, the Martial God said dryly the moment Luo Yunyang reached the summit.

As he said this, he waved the sleeves of his robe. Suddenly, the steps that had sent Luo Yunyang up slowly descended to the ground.

Do you know what the Heart of the Earth is? The Martial God didnt act immediately. Instead, he spoke with a smile.

The Heart of the Earth? Luo Yunyang really didnt know, but judging by the Martial Gods mystical expression, it had to be something great.

The Heart of the Earth is just a name. It is actually the willpower of some certain stars. The will of stars is usually hidden within a constellation, so nobody is able to refine it. There is only one reason I am able to refine the Heart of the Earth: I have shaken up the pace. The stars have gone through some massive changes, so the will of the stars began to converge until it chose me.

Suddenly, there was a slightly pleased look in the Martial Gods eyes. He looked down at the world below him as he said placidly with a tinge of arrogance, The vicissitudes of heaven and earth are determined by me!

Luo Yunyang waited silently for the Martial God to finish speaking. Actually, he was slightly appalled right now. He could understand how terrifying a persons will replacing the will of an entire star could be. However, it wasnt that frightening at this point in time.

Martialist, martial master, martial grandmaster, god-grade entity! the Martial God said calmly. The differentiation between these boundaries is actually wrong. You must have probably entered a dimensional fracture, so you should be able to understand that the boundaries of cultivation are classified according to source cores in every world.

The Martial God waved his hands before he said, God-grade is actually moon-grade, so I am a moon-grade entity. My source core hasnt reached the planet-grade state yet. However, I already control the power of an entire planet-grade entity.

Furthermore, because of the existence of the Heart of the Earth in this group of stars, even someone with a higher cultivation base than mine would not be my match. Understand?

Luo Yunyang knew why the Martial God had said this. His objective was to let Luo Yunyang know that he was no match for the Martial God.

Actually, the Martial Gods faint smile was already an attack.

The victor hasnt been decided yet! Luo Yunyang glanced at the Martial God as he spoke. I naturally am confident that I will be able to climb over this place today!

A newborn calf that doesnt fear a tiger Your cultivation base might be lacking, but your courage is laudable. Never mind, never mind I shall give you an opportunity today. I will stand here and let you attack as you wish. The Martial God flashed him a faint smile, as though victory was already in the palms of his hands.

As Luo Yunyang fixed his gaze on the Martial God, a feeling welled in his heart. Right now, the Martial God was as terrifying as a looming mountain.

Luo Yunyang quickly pushed these thoughts aside. In a flash, a red sun of mind power rose and headed for the Martial God.

During his onslaught on Atlantis, this red sun had only shone its rays of light, yet some god-grade powerhouses without very strong cultivation bases had trembled before it.

Right now, the rays of this red sun were shooting straight at the Martial God.

It was obvious how powerful the mind power contained within the sun was. However, as this majestic mind power flew over, the Martial God didnt show any intention of budging. He didnt even lift a hand to use a defensive technique.


When the red sun crashed into the Martial Gods head, the Martial God didnt even move in the slightest. His expression didnt change either. It was as if Luo Yunyangs attack hadnt landed at all.

This mind attack of yours is very powerful. However, compared to the Heart of the Earth that I have fused with, it really isnt considered much.

As he said this, the Martial God stretched out his palm in a beckoning motion. Try again. Let me see what other techniques you have.

Luo Yunyang quickly unleashed the techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, particularly the Great Elemental Divine Eye. Although he didnt hold back, his attacks all landed on the Martial Gods body and disappeared completely.

After a wave of attacks, Luo Yunyang realized that the Martial God was standing atop this sky pillar in a powerful magic robe. Therefore, any attacks he launched vanished when they met this robe.

Even the Great Elemental Divine Eye was easily shrugged off by the Martial God.

You have gone even further than me on the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart. Many years ago, I sensed that a supreme technique was included in the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart. However, at the time, there were other techniques that I needed to cultivate, so I had to give up on this.

The Martial God watched Luo Yunyang calmly as he added, If these techniques are all you have, then you will die here today!

As he spoke, his originally still body suddenly moved and a fist flew over at Luo Yunyang.

Although this fist seemed very simple, the instant it flew forward, Luo Yunyang felt a massive attractive force pulling on him, making it difficult for him to dodge.

His own body actually flew towards that fist the instant it moved.

Luo Yunyang brandished the blood axe in his hands. When the fist and the axe blade met, Luo Yunyang felt an extremely vast power blow him away.

The Martial God didnt even move an inch backwards. He just looked at Luo Yunyang with a calm smile and said, I borrowed the power of five mountains for that punch!

While speaking, he pointed in the distance and said, See, the power of those five mountains has been condensed in my fist. I am a little surprised that you were able to withstand it. Although I feel a little admiration for you, you must pay attention. My next punch contains the strength of seven mountains.

As soon as the Martial God spoke, yet another fist flew towards Luo Yunyang. Even though this punch was just as straightforward, Luo Yunyang simply had no way of avoiding it.

Asuras Seven Axes were very powerful, so killing a god-grade entity was simple. However, it seemed very difficult to break through the Martial Gods defenses.

The bloody sun that the blood axe had formed clashed with the Martial Gods fist and broke immediately.

The matchless defense of those two fists could break countless techniques!

This was what Luo Yunyang gathered from this exchange with the Martial God. Although he had just used these techniques to probe the Martial God, this alone was enough to shock Luo Yunyang.

In his mind, Luo Yunyang had originally given the Martial God a rather high assessment. However, he had just become aware that his assessment had been way too low.

This was a true god walking among men! This thought appeared in Luo Yunyangs head once again.

If you really only have this much ability, then I will have to let you off today, the Martial God said gently as he gazed at Luo Yunyang.

However, as he spoke, his two fists flew in Luo Yunyangs direction.

Although this strike was as simple as the previous ones, the instant this simple attack was launched, Luo Yunyang felt like he was standing between two massive slabs.

The top slab had the crushing force of 10 mountains, while the bottom one was the vast earth.

These slabs will crush anyone who isnt immortal. If you can survive this move, then it must be your fate.

The Martial God folded his arms, while his feet stepped on the sky pillar again. As he spoke, he really seemed like a genuine divine entity passing judgment on Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang faced these slabs, which could possibly extinguish any life forms, with a grave expression on his face. Meanwhile, the blood axe in his hand was raised high.

He immediately used the Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre True Intent and the Bloody Sky-Rupturing True Intent of Asuras Seven Axes!

Then, he used the Blood Sun Overhead True Intent of Asuras Seven Axes.

Seven types of True Intent that had been painstakingly raised to 49 points gathered in Luo Yunyangs body and merged together in an instant to form a completely new set of rules.

Asuras Fury could obliterate everything now. This was what Luo Yunyang had relied on the most as he had walked persistently towards the Martial God Mountain.

According to the succession records of Asuras Seven Axes, Asuras Fury wasnt a technique an entity of Luo Yunyangs level could harness. However, Luo Yunyang had cultivated the forms of Asuras Seven Axes to their max and managed to touch a corner of Asuras Fury.

When Asura was furious, all living things turned to dust; when Asura was furious, the sky fell and the earth split apart; when Asura was furious, everything was thrown into chaos!

The instant all these types of True Intent gathered, Luo Yunyang used Asuras Fury. An ash-grey axe-light immediately split the air and cleaved towards that massive slab!