Supreme Uprising Chapter 324

Chapter 324 The Heaven Splitter

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The Martial God had been in control of everything ever since Luo Yunyang had stepped on the sky pillar. However, the moment Asura’s Fury was released, his expression turned ghastly.

Although the Martial God could be considered the god that controlled this star, Asura’s Fury transcended beyond his understanding.

Besides regular rules, there were also rules of destruction.

Based on these rules, the willpower of the star wasn’t very effective.

To the Martial Master’s knowledge, such a rule surpassed the power of ordinary humans, so it should not be in the hands of a mortal like Luo Yunyang.

Suddenly, layers of earthy-yellow armor appeared around the Martial Master’s body. Meanwhile, his palm had started to glow like yellow jadeite.

The slab made of earth crumbled as it came into contact with Asura’s Fury. This was a power that could practically obliterate anything made out of paper paste, so it made it collapse in an instant.

The power of Asura’s Fury and the power of the yellow glow collided frantically.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Both the Da Alliance and Atlantis shook. Meanwhile, mountains shuddered and toppled and huge crevices appeared on the ground.

The two satellites of the Da Alliance that hung high in the sky came crashing down like meteors.

One of them crumbled instantly, while the other one was left hanging in mid-air after falling partly.

The battle between the Martial God and Luo Yunyang concerned humanity as a whole. Thus, although many people believed that the Martial God would surely win, everyone was paying attention and watching for any anomalies.

The Martial Master did not object to their attention.

Many people cheered when they saw the invincible posture of the Martial God. However, when Luo Yunyang waved Asura’s Fury, silence prevailed all around.

Only one satellite remained. Although it kept transmitting footage after it was stabilized, the images had become blurry.

Through the images one could see that, thanks to the will of the Martial Master, the first peak had been formed by forcibly extracting the power of the earth that had collapsed.

The Martial God Mountain had been left in ruins!

“Is Is this really a human power?” a shaking voice asked.

“No matter who wins, an era of gods is about to begin.” These were the dark words of some wise people.

Although there were no satellites in Atlantis’ Sea God Palace, the water mirror reflected the situation. Qiongsi, the other three great Sea God Rider Captains and the four Zealots who had re-condensed were all sitting in silence alongside the high-level officials of Atlantis.

When Atlantis had reappeared, they had all thought that they would sweep through mankind with the snap of a finger.

However, the current situation had made them realize that they had been too arrogant and had indulged too much in their own fantasies.

Regardless of who won, the two people fighting both had the ability to resist their ultimate strength.

When the blurry mirror suddenly became clear, the Goddess saw a figure with only one arm and one leg.

This figure belonged to the Martial God!

The Martial God had always overlooked the world. However, although he had preserved his life against Asura’s Fury, he had only been left with half a body.

Nevertheless, it was undeniable that the Martial God was still alive!

Layers of yellow light constantly flowed from the Earth. In a moment, half of that yellow body had also appeared in the sky.

From a distance, the Martial God was still the same. However, when one looked closer, the vibe the Martial Master gave off seemed extremely strange.

“The Martial Master is still alive!” Qiongsi looked at the Martial God with eyes full of fear. The Martial God, who had used slabs of mountains and earth, had made Qiongsi feel too much pressure.

He believed that if the Martial Master had dealt with him this way, he wouldn’t have had the slightest power to retaliate.

His heart, soul and body would all have been crushed to pieces by this force!

“Luo Yunyang is also alive!” A restrained roar was heard inside the hall. This loud roar was inexcusable in Atlantis, where people put emphasis on manners and conduct. However, no one dared say anything about it, as deep down they were all still reeling from shock.

Luo Yunyang was alive, but he wasn’t in good shape. Although his body wasn’t like the Martial God’s, there were still seven wounds on his chest and abdomen.

Blood kept gushing out of his wounds. Although the wounds were shrinking rapidly, each time they shrank, they would be torn open again by an earthy-yellow force.

Luo Yunyang, who had a great understanding of his body, looked at the Martial God with a solemn expression.

If he hadn’t just broken the limits of speed and taken that step in the face of death, he would have died a long time ago.

“You constantly surprise me!” the Martial God looked at Luo Yunyang as he spoke frostily. He no longer maintained his elegant demeanor.

Unlike Luo Yunyang, the Martial Master had nearly died. That power, which could obliterate anything, made him feel a lingering fear just by thinking about it.

Before merging with the Heart of the Earth, the Martial God had never imagined what death would be like. Death was a distant scenario for him after all. However, Luo Yunyang’s might had exceeded the imagination of the Martial God by far. This sick fellow had made the Martial God feel that death had never been closer before.

The Martial God fixed his furious eyes on Luo Yunyang.

“You have lost your last chance!” he said matter-of-factly. “I will never allow someone who can threaten my fate to exist in this world. You can go die now!”

As he spoke, the Martial Master moved. This time, a pike had appeared in his palm.

The yellow pike contained unlimited power. With the pike in hand, the Martial God looked really like the god of the entire Earth.

The Heaven-Splitter, the strongest cultivation technique of the Martial God, was used once again. Thanks to its majestic power, the pike streaked like electricity and pierced the void.

The pike-light locked onto Luo Yunyang as a wave of powerful ripping force enveloped him. The moment the pike-light moved, the illusion of a blue planet appeared behind the Martial God.

The power of the planet converged. This sort of terrifying ability could make one go crazy. Compared to the slab made of mountains and earth, the combined power of the planet could be considered one step further.

One step might sound minimal for the Martial God and Luo Yunyang, but it was actually really huge.

What should Luo Yunyang do?

Asura’s Fury had already been used, yet he could unleash it again. However, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that just relying on Asura’s Fury to parry the Heaven-Splitter wouldn’t work.

Although the Martial God was still wounded from Asura’s Fury, Luo Yunyang would probably be defeated by the Heaven-Splitter.

He had to make some attribute adjustments!

The various attributes of Asura’s Seven Axes had reached their max. This meant that there was no way to raise them any higher now.

Was he really going to die during this battle? Luo Yunyang was indignant. He didn’t want to die and he knew that he could not afford to.

When he instinctively turned on the attribute regulator, he noticed that all the figures on it had already turned silver.

Power: 28 (Fire: 10, Ice: 9, Wood: 9)

Speed: 3

Mind: 5 (Fire: 0.5)

Constitution: 16 (Dragon Bloodline: 10, Golden Body: 0.185, Fire: 0.568, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 381 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Decimation: 0, Fire: 7.6, Space: 1.1)

His True Intent was no good, so he had to use his Power. Without a second thought, Luo Yunyang frantically transferred all his True Intent Points to his Power.

After this transfer, his cracked ice and fire source cores started to collide frantically.

His fist grew to the size of a papaya and then to the size of a basketball

When his ice and fire source cores expanded to a certain degree, Luo Yunyang felt his body rupture suddenly and a vast space appear in his dantian.

This space was enclosed around the ice and fire source cores. Actually, the two celestial bodies, which were at least 100 square meters large, were at two different ends of the void.

Waves of ice and fire powers were produced as these celestial bodies revolved. Although Luo Yunyang did not know how to describe the changes in his body, he had a feeling that he had stepped into a strange realm.

Meanwhile, the pike of the Heaven-Splitter was about to arrive.

Luo Yunyang’s fist shot out at the pike without the slightest hesitation.

This punch had no variations or True Intent. It was just an ordinary punch, the simplest of punches.

The Martial God’s eyes widened when he saw this punch. He had thought that Luo Yunyang would fight to the death. Even if he was struggling in vain, he would never resign himself to his fate.

However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would do something like this. What was he up to? Had he given up completely and accepted that he had no chance of surviving?

The Atlanteans watching the battle through the water mirror had wondered whether Luo Yunyang had any more tricks. However, they had not expected that he would make such a simple choice at this critical time.

What was up with that simple blow?

Meanwhile, countless powerhouses of the Da Alliance were watching this battle. Although there was only one satellite left and the footage had become incomparably blurry, they had also seen this strange punch.

Some of the guards on duty thought that they had been mistaken. This was the battle that would decide the future of the Da Alliance after all.

How could this kind of non-intrusive maneuver be used between these astonishing gods?

Perhaps now that he knew that his death was imminent, Luo Yunyang’s heart had already died, so he had decided to accept his death calmly.

Countless people watched intently as the pike that had shattered the sky collided with his fists!

In a 10th of a second, the Heaven-Splitting Pike and Luo Yunyang’s fists had already collided. Many people felt like this moment lasted forever.