Supreme Uprising Chapter 325

Chapter 325 The Crumbling Skies And Earth

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When the pike descended, a faint look of worry appeared in Martial God Luo Kai’s eyes.

Right now, he really wanted to pierce Luo Yunyang with the pike and end this battle, even though his intuition told him that it was only a matter of time.

No, it would just take him a few moments!

However, the impatience in his heart caused the Martial God to feel slightly uncomfortable. His heart told him that something was amiss.

This worry meant that he was now afraid of Luo Yunyang.

How could he actually be afraid of him?

The corner of Luo Kai’s lips curled up in a mocking, sardonic smile.

Everything was coming to an end!

When the pike collided with Luo Yunyang’s fist, Luo Kai felt like Luo Yunyang was too close to him for comfort.

The pike penetrated Luo Yunyang’s body. After this battle, he would use Luo Yunyang’s blood to improve his reputation and establish himself as an unparalleled entity in the whole world.

However, as these thoughts flowed into the Martial God’s mind, Luo Kai felt a great power bombarding him. This ferocious force felt like torrential rivers and waves pounding away at him.

His body backed off frantically against this massive power. No, his body actually flew back violently.

Then, he fell heavily on the ground.The half-body created by converging the force of the earth was instantly broken.

Even his remaining good arm fell noiselessly to the ground. The vast earth might have been able to give him seemingly infinite strength, but the Martial God’s heart was trembling. He suddenly felt a deep fear.

Luo Yunyang was too powerful!

The Martial God felt like the strength of this force exceeded the power he had harnessed from the stars.

How was this possible?

According to his estimation, he did not think that there was any power within these stars that could rival his. However, this clash with Luo Yunyang had severely shattered the power he had been so proud of.

How could this be? How could there be a stronger power than his in these stars?

Unless Unless Luo Yunyang’s power surpassed Planet-Grade Power.

Perhaps this fellow could act very well. He hadn’t shown anything on the surface, but like the Martial God himself, he had acquired Planet-Grade Power.

Just as all these thoughts flashed through the Martial God’s mind, Luo Yunyang arrived eerily before him. The Martial God’s heart trembled when he saw Luo Yunyang’s faint smile.

He wanted to resist, but his body couldn’t take another attack. Still, he absolutely wouldn’t wait there for his death!

“Luo Yunyang, this time”

As the Martial God was about to speak, Luo Yunyang’s fist struck him hard.

His fist contained ice and fire powers, so the instant it hit the Martial God, the Martial God’s body shattered.

A yellowish light rushed out of his body and moved towards the earth.

This was the Martial God’s will. As long as the Martial God could rush into the earth, he would still have a chance of surviving.

He had cultivated the Heart of the Earth after all. Even though his body was broken, he could use the inexhaustible power of the Earth to re-shape it.

Anything else would have to wait till later!

However, Luo Yunyang couldn’t let the Martial God escape at this critical moment. The moment this mind power rushed out, his own mind power encircled it.

The Martial God had refined the Heart of the Earth, so his mind power wasn’t that much inferior to Luo Yunyang’s. As the two were stuck in a deadlock, Luo Yunyang’s fists pounded down on the yellow glow.

“I am the son of the earth, Luo Yunyang. You can’t kill me. If you kill me, the whole earth will crumble”

Although the Martial God’s soul was in danger, there was still a trace of calmness in his voice.

He acted as if everything was under his control!

Luo Yunyang had never heard that the earth would crumble if the Heart of the Earth was shattered. Even if what the Martial God said was true, it still didn’t stop Luo Yunyang’s hands.

Another heavy blow followed!

As this strike descended, the yellow glow of the Martial God broke and turned into a yellow mist.

The moment the Martial God’s yellow glow was shattered, Luo Yunyang’s mind power condensed into a sun and flames that enveloped the yellow glow.

In a matter of seconds, the glow became a pure white spiritual force. Luo Yunyang didn’t stop now either. It took him only a moment to absorb that spiritual force into his own mind power.

In Shen’du, many people were watching this intense battle with their hearts in their mouths. There were expressions of surprise, doubt and shock on their faces. Even though they knew that they weren’t qualified to pass judgment on the fate of the Martial God, it seemed like the Martial God was really dead.

These people were able to control the situation in Shen’du quickly. Besides the fact that all of them possessed considerable strength, they were also under the big banner of the Martial God.

“What shall we do?” the man who had replaced Jin Zaitian asked with a hint of panic in his voice.

Unfortunately, no one said anything. A number of people just glared at him.

Just as he was about to leave, some people blocked his way silently.

“We have to give him an explanation!” said his most devoted supporter with a determined look in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Jin Zaitian was released quickly. When he returned to Daxing Hall, he became the authoritative figure of the 13 Eastern Cities once again.

It seemed as though nothing had happened.

Everyone in Atlantis was shocked, especially the three Sea God Rider Captains, who now were no longer confident enough to fight with Luo Yunyang ever again.

At first, they had thought that even if they were inferior to Luo Yunyang, they would at least put up a fight. However, they now realized how big the difference between them was.

“It seems that only God’s return could destroy this man!” a bearded old man said.

In Atlantis, when a person’s hair started to turn white, it meant that their lifespan had already reached its limit.

Everyone nodded in agreement with the wise old zealot. Although they no longer felt any confidence, they still had faith in their own gods.

“Do you think that Luo Yunyang will continue to trouble us?” somebody asked without holding back.

Their relationship with Luo Yunyang was not good. Plus, they had participated in this assassination attempt, so it would be perfectly normal if Luo Yunyang came looking for trouble.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud booming sounds suddenly reverberated from below the great hall. Suddenly, the hall started to sway.

“What’s going on? Has Luo Yunyang come?” someone exclaimed in alarm.

“The earth is crumbling. Sea water is flooding in. According to our estimations, the seven seas must be expanding!” some Atlanteans who came running in frantically shouted in fear.

The seven seas were expanding? What was all this about? Most of the top brass of Atlantis felt as though their brains had turned to mush.

Luo Yunyang had just defeated the Martial God and made them try to think of a path of retreat. Suddenly, the seven seas were also expanding. They really had no idea what to do.

“To the altar! To the altar quickly!” shouted the old man with the white hair, who knew that he needed to stabilize this situation. At his cry, Qiongsi and the others began to rush quickly towards the center of the Sea God Palace.

Meanwhile, Chang’an, which was built like a steel fortress, was being twisted by a strong force.

Yes, twisted. Although the steel wall didn’t snap, it was pulled straight until it stretched and got thinner.

In Chang’an City, many people rushed out of their houses, as any houses not made of iron and steel began to crumble one after the other. In the meantime, more and more people rushed out to the land outside Chang’an City.

The soldiers guarding Chang’an were like a bunch of headless flies. Although they were all elite fighters, they didn’t know how to react under the circumstances.

“Chang’an has been breached!” the consul exclaimed in alarm when he convened his men.

Not only had Chang’an’s wall been broken, but the whole city had also been fragmented. A huge vacant land had appeared in the middle of Chang’an City.

At first, this vacant space had been densely packed with buildings, but the gaps between the buildings had already started to grow wider.

Of course, this was because most of the buildings had collapsed straight away.

When the power of the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters was restored, the situation in Chang’an was assessed through surveillance cameras. The viewers suddenly discovered that Chang’an City had expanded 10 times.

What exactly was this world?

The Martial God was dead, and the Martial God Mountain had started to crumble when Luo Yunyang had absorbed the Martial God’s spiritual force into his own mind power.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really care about this at first. After all, the Martial God Mountain was a mountain the Martial God had raised by force. Since the Martial God had died, the power that supported this mountain should have started to crumble.

However, when the Martial God Mountain collapsed, Luo Yunyang saw the world around him get ripped apart like crazy. The Setting Sun Plain alone had started being moved along by a powerful force and expanded 10 times in the blink of an eye.

The ground was expanding, the fractures between the dimension were expanding, and everything else was being enlarged as well.

Luo Yunyang’s heart was telling him that a new era was coming!