Supreme Uprising Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Massive Changes Massive Changes

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!

As he stood in the sky, Luo Yunyang overlooked the spot where the Martial God had been killed and got ready to leave.

However, just as he was about to leave, a tiny light caught his attention. When he waved his hands towards the source of light, a silver ring fell into his hands gently.

The ring seemed simple and ordinary, yet when his mind power swept through it, Luo Yunyang was stunned.

There was actually a dimension in the middle of the ring!

While it was only about 10 centimeters wide, it could be filled with lots of things.

When Luo Yunyang’s mind power enveloped a black book within it, it instantly appeared in his hands.


Two large golden characters that contained immense power emerged. Luo Yunyang was awestruck when he saw them.

These two characters seemed to contain boundless will, might and glory.

The Martial God’s strongest technique had been the Heaven-Splitter. For a long time, Luo Yunyang had thought that the Heaven-Splitter was a technique created by the Martial God. However, when he saw the book, he finally realized that this wasn’t true.

Judging by the Martial God’s cultivation base, he could not have written these words.

As Luo Yunyang flipped through the pages, a pike that ripped through the sky appeared right before him. Although the pike was on the paper, a feeling still welled up in his heart.

This was a long pike with a boundless intent to kill.

Luo Yunyang was in awe of this feeling. When he fixed his attention on the pike, he realized that although this technique seemed like only one shot, it felt like hundreds and thousands of shots in one.

This time, Luo Yunyang did not have the time to meticulously study this technique. He just stored the Heaven-Splitter away and turned his attention to other things.

Weapons, top-grade crystals, clothes

There were all sorts of top-grade objects around, including boxes of precious fruit that allowed ordinary martialists to shed their mortal body and become martial grandmasters when consumed.

After a simple examination, Luo Yunyang discovered more things that would be useful to him. In addition to the black book of the Heaven-Splitter, there was also a telekinetic cultivation technique.

This technique didn’t have a name. It was just a piece of broken jade. However, when Luo Yunyang touched the jade, he sensed the things within it. This technique seemed to be considerably stronger than his own telekinetic techniques.

Luo Yunyang put on the ring and started flying towards Chang’an.

Now that the world had changed so drastically, the only thing he worried about was his family.

On the way, he saw the devastating impact these events had had on the world.

A 10-meter-tall, three-headed ape snarled and destroyed a mountain peak with a gentle wave of his strong arms.

A huge eagle spread its wings, covering the skies and making the ground go dark.

However, none of these dire beasts dared lay a hand on Luo Yunyang. They could sense the power emanating from him, so they crept on the ground respectfully.

As the dire beasts left the forests, the source beasts also grew in number. The source beasts that could be seen in the dimensional fractures, as well as hidden in the rivers and lakes of the dimensional fractures, increased a lot.

Two hours later, Luo Yunyang captured a giant eagle and rode it until he finally was 200 kilometers away from Chang’an.

His communication device suddenly started ringing frantically. Luo Yunyang picked it up, only to hear the Flame Emperor shouting, “Yunyang, Chang’an is in danger! Source beasts are attacking the city! We need reinforcements!”

The Flame Emperor sounded anxious, so Luo Yunyang rushed over to Chang’an as soon as he heard his shouts.

The steel fortress of Chang’an City was in shambles. While it seemed like Chang’an had expanded 10 times in size, a 100-meter tall tiger was currently spewing fire without any restraint.

This tiger was no stranger to Luo Yunyang, who had seen it when he had entered Chang’an City and peeked through the dimensional fractures.

Even though a space barrier had been blocking it at the time, Luo Yunyang had had a feeling deep down that this ferocious tiger would reappear in Chang’an City.

Now, it had finally reappeared outside Chang’an with a large number of dire beasts and source beasts behind it.

Murat was holding off the tiger with her blood-red axe. Although quite a few wounds had already been inflicted on the massive tiger, they unfortunately hadn’t proven to be lethal.

The full force of Chang’an was gathered outside the city, equipped with all kinds of weapons. Wild roars rang out as dire beasts kept falling to the ground. However, many human warriors were also turned to ash and dust from the attacks of the source beasts and dire beasts.

In an instant, the ancient spear was in Luo Yunyang’s hands. When the ice and fire energy from his two source cores poured in, the spear left his hands and flew towards the massive tiger.

The tiger swung its claws, which were like small mountains, towards Murat. By the time Murat felt the threat, Luo Yunyang’s spear had already arrived before the tiger. It was too late for the tiger to react.

The pike pierced through its defenses and its flourishing power entered the massive tiger’s body. In an instant, the mountain-like tiger crashed to the ground.

When the brightly-colored tiger collapsed, the dire beasts and source beasts intending to attack Chang’an let out sad cries and quickly made their way away from Chang’an and into the surrounding mountains.

In the blink of an eye, they had all completely disappeared.

Although the Flame Emperor’s face was covered in soot and ash, he ran over to Luo Yunyang the moment he saw him.

He raised a hand, punched Luo Yunyang playfully and said while laughing, “I knew you could do it, kid!”

Luo Yunyang understood the Flame Emperor’s overwhelming joy, which contained praise for slaying the multi-colored tiger and grief for defeating the Martial God.

Luo Yunyang nodded at the Flame Emperor and turned his gaze towards Murat. “How is everything?” he asked.

Murat knew that Luo Yunyang wasn’t worried about her. The fellow was just anxiously trying to ask about the condition of his family. Therefore, Murat replied straight away, “Ma’am and the little miss are unscathed.”

Luo Yunyang finally relaxed. Although he had faith in Murat, the sudden, drastic changes of the earth had made him feel afraid that something unexpected would happen.

“How did Chang’an City end up like this?” Luo Yunyang turned his attention to the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor sighed. “Never in my wildest dreams had I expected that Chang’an would end up this way. However this isn’t something we can change.”

The Flame Emperor pointed to a mountain in the distance and asked, “Do you see that peak?”

The peak he was pointing at was 3,000 meters tall, so it probably was the tallest mountain close to Chang’an.

On top of this majestic peak was a humongous tree.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t in Chang’an that often, he was still quite familiar with the city’s surroundings. Thus, he was sure that he had never seen this peak before.

“This is the Primal Imperial Peak!” the Flame Emperor said bitterly. “You might not have heard of it, but I have a deep impression of it. We have named every mountain within the space barrier around Chang’an City.”

This was a mountain that had originally been beyond the space barrier. When he heard the Flame Emperor’s words, Luo Yunyang asked, “Does this mean that the planet we live on now has merged with the dimension beyond the space barrier?”

“Absolutely. Take a look at this” the Flame Emperor said as he pointed to an injured soldier.

There was a wound the size of a baby’s fist on the soldier’s hand. Under normal circumstances, such a serious injury would have to be treated at the hospital. However, the wound was healing at a rate visible by the naked eye.

The sixth factor in the world kept increasing. Luo Yunyang, who was bathed in sixth factor, felt very comfortable.

Just as he was about to speak to the Flame Emperor, the great roar of a beast reverberated all around them.

It sounded like a dragon or a tiger had roared. After this roar, a message suddenly appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind. “I am the Cold Moon Dragon Rhino. This place belongs to me. Anyone who doesn’t agree will die!”

The Cold Moon Dragon Rhino? Luo Yunyang racked his brains, but found no information on the Cold Moon Dragon Rhino. However, judging by the beast’s roar, the strength of the Cold Moon Dragon Rhino made Luo Yunyang apprehensive.

Just as he was about to turn in the direction the roar had been heard from, a squawk was heard.

“I am the Divine Six-Sun Sparrow. Those who obey me will live. Everyone else will die!”

The cries of the Cold Moon Dragon Rhino and the Divine Six-Sun Sparrow were only the beginning. After the cries of these two big players, the roars of massive beasts started ringing out in the sky.

Just the thought of these two forces colliding in the sky made the whole city shake.

The Flame Emperor had an extremely worried look on his face. While he couldn’t sense the presence of the Cold Moon Dragon Rhino, judging by the might of its cries, the Flame Emperor felt like a baby facing a top-grade dire beast.

“How will we deal with so many source beasts, Yunyang?”