Supreme Uprising Chapter 328

Chapter 328 The Race Blood Battle

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The Primordial Diabolical Bull left. Chang’an wasn’t a place where it could stay. A heavy feeling welled in Luo Yunyang’s heart as he watched the bull fade into the distance.

He stood atop the city walls, watching as men used brick after brick to repair the damages.

Although many people were already exhausted, they still worked without a pause. Even some people who already had difficulty walking continued to transport bricks.

“Greetings, Commissar!” A Blood Strike Guard trooper on duty saluted Luo Yunyang respectfully.

To this trooper, Luo Yunyang was a god-like entity. The commissar’s achievements were extraordinary, so anyone who followed him would prosper. This alone made serving him and being loyal to him worth it.

The busy humans glanced over at Luo Yunyang when they heard the Blood Strike Guard trooper’s greeting. They all put on their purest, most honest and reverent expressions.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know this trooper’s name. The Blood Strike Guard had experienced a massive expansion after Luo Yunyang had taken over the post after all.

“When will the repairs of the city walls be completed?”

“These are only temporary blockages, sir. We will need at least six months to restore them to their former sturdy condition.”

As the Blood Strike Guard trooper spoke, a flock of large hawks flew over in the sky. These hawks had a wingspan of 10 meters, so they created a powerful gale below them in Chang’an City.

Some hawks cried out and dove down towards the bustling masses. Their actions indicated that they were about to hunt some prey.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power transformed into several mind swords and dropped the hawks to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Although each hawk was completely intact, their souls had already been extinguished.

“The Commissar is mighty!” the Blood Strike Guard trooper exclaimed. Everyone who had been scared sh*tless also shouted in relief.

Luo Yunyang’s expression turned slightly graver when he saw their shocked faces.

If Chang’an was in such a state, then what about other places?

The Flame Emperor’s eyes were red. He quickly walked over to Luo Yunyang holding a piece of beast flesh that he bit into.

“Shen’du has been surrounded by source beasts!” The Flame Emperor’s voice was a little hoarse. “The Edgeless Spiritual Master has already fallen.”

The Edgeless Spiritual Master had been a friend of Luo Yunyang’s among the god-grade powerhouses. He had never expected that he would join all the other god-grade powerhouses that had targeted Luo Yunyang, even if he didn’t lend them a hand.

Not striking Luo Yunyang during such a crisis was probably the limit of what the Edgeless Spiritual Master could do under the circumstances. He still had to put his safety before his principles after all.

“What happened?” Luo Yunyang had never expected that the virtuous Edgeless Spiritual Master would actually die.

“When some powerful source beasts rushed towards Shen’du’s city gates, the Edgeless Spiritual Master lured them away alone and ultimately tried to bring them down along with him.” Although the Flame Emperor’s words were simple, as he finished speaking, a tear trickled down his cheek.

A top-notch warrior had ultimately chosen to die heroically.

Luo Yunyang could picture this scenario. Even if god-grade powerhouses were surrounded by source beasts, most of them would be able to escape.

However, the Edgeless Spiritual Master had chosen to bring these source beasts down along with him.

Luo Yunyang watched everyone fighting bravely for their survival. The land was filled with sixth factor, and bestial roars and shrieks were heard from afar. A resolute look suddenly flickered through his eyes.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know exactly how powerful the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts were. According to his estimations, each of those source beasts probably wouldn’t be any weaker than the Martial God.

They probably were even more powerful than the Martial God!

If he oversaw Chang’an now, he would probably be able to ensure the city’s safety. What about the other cities, though? Could he just watch idly as Shen’du and the other cities fell one after another right before his eyes?

The words of the Primordial Diabolical Bull had tempted Luo Yunyang, so the slight hesitation he felt deep down turned to determination in a flash.

“My name is Luo Yunyang and I am issuing the challenge of a Race Blood Battle one year from now!” Luo Yunyang’s mind power resonated through the skies and earth, transmitting this information to every direction in a flash.

The Flame Emperor stared at Luo Yunyang in shock. Although he was unable to understand what Luo Yunyang meant, he had a feeling that this Race Blood Battle would be a big deal.

All around them, the countless humans repairing the city walls raised their heads. Although they didn’t know what Luo Yunyang was saying, they sensed that the consequences of this Race Blood Battle would have an earth-shaking impact.

The Blood Strike Guard trooper that had held Luo Yunyang in the highest regard raised his head high.

He didn’t understand his respected Commissar’s decision either, but that didn’t stop the reverence he felt for him.

The source beasts shrieking loudly on the mountain range far away stopped. Their intellect was not inferior to humans, so when they heard Luo Yunyang’s message, they all stared silently at the vast blue sky.

Some source beasts turned around and left, heading deeper into the mountains in an instant.

In Shen’du, Lu Qubing and Zhuge Yi watched the densely packed group of dire beasts. Behind them were both officers and soldiers of the eight armies, as well as people taking refuge.

Although they had already done their best to let these people escape into the city, there were too many people seeking refuge, so it was hard to find a place in Shen’du for them.

The people who were able to reach Shen’du were the lucky ones. Meanwhile, people from small towns and satellite cities around Shen’du weren’t able to escape into the city

“I thought of all sorts of scenarios in which the space barrier broke, but this situation is much worse than anything I ever imagined!” said Zhuge Yi. Although he was still the same as always, there was now a deep scar on his face.

This scar had been left there by a top-grade dire bird called Golden Turtledove. If Zhuge Yi hadn’t reacted quickly, he would have lost his life.

Lu Qubing sighed when he heard Zhuge Yi’s words. He had never imagined that things would get this bad either.

Although the merging of the planes was a rare good thing for the world, it was also a hopeless calamity for humankind.

“Give me one year and I will construct a new defensive system!” Zhuge Yi extended a finger as he spoke confidently.

“Although I can’t say for certain that we will be able to ward off dire beast attacks at the time, at least we will allow most people to survive for a year.”

Lu Qubing smiled, but didn’t say anything. He believed in Zhuge Yi’s ability, yet he was certain that this world wouldn’t give Zhuge Yi a year.

Zhuge Yi, who also understood this, smiled bitterly when he saw Lu Qubing’s smile.

A ferocious roar was suddenly heard from the mouth of a savage lion. The skies and earth shook and the extremely exhausted soldiers clenched the weapons in their hands.

They all knew that they could no longer retreat. The only thing they could do now was keep fighting.

The source beasts scattered all over the area were roused by this roar. To them, the tiny humans were just a feast they were about to start eating.

“If I die here, make sure to burn me. I don’t wish to turn into source beast sh*t!”

Zhuge Yi glanced at Lu Qubing as he teased him, “I’m afraid I will no longer get a chance to see you wed a beautiful maiden in this lifetime. What a pity!”

Lu Qubing’s hands clenched the battered blade in his hands. “Have a little faith, you brat. Once this source beast attack is repelled, daddy will find a lady to wed.”

“Find a lady to wed? At your age, you’d be extremely lucky to even find an old woman to wed!”

Although the two of them mocked each other, there was a deep reluctance in their mutual verbal chidings.

The two men were battle-hardened, so based on the previous source beasts attacks, they already knew that there were no guarantees for the future

As the huge lion source beast strode over step by step, its massive body seemed to contain a vast power. While it drew near, the earth all around it quaked non-stop.

The soldiers and martialists clenching their weapons tightly all felt extremely tense. Although they were wide awake, this massive opponent filled their hearts with even more despair.

They didn’t know how many of them would manage to survive this battle

“Kill!” a Martial Master howled. He was using this howl to vent all the fear in his heart. As he roared, the massive lion started to rush over.

Lu Qubing, Zhuge Yi and the others were already ready to act. They knew very well that if they didn’t act, the ordinary soldiers simply wouldn’t be able to withstand this tide of dire beasts.

However, just as they were about to move out, a jolting sound wave echoed through the skies.

“I am Luo Yunyang and I am issuing the challenge of a Race Blood Battle one year from now!”

Lu Qubing was all too familiar with this voice. The instant he heard it, the hope that remained in his heart increased a bit.

Luo Yunyang was still around!

Meanwhile, the massive lion had rushed over to the warriors of the eight armies. Some people were even already beneath it. However, when it heard Luo Yunyang’s voice, the ferocious lion actually roared, turned its head and ran off into the distance.

Countless source beasts and dire beasts followed the lion and fled speedily.

In the Free Cities, soldiers wielding all sorts of weapons were fighting and retreating at the same time. Over 10 martial masters had been injured and were already on the brink of death, while big numbers of source beasts and dire beasts had surrounded the majority of them.

All they needed was to attack and wipe them out. One attack would leave them lying dead on the ground.

As all hope turned to dust, the humans suddenly heard about the Race Blood Battle and watched as the beasts disappeared like a retreating tide! They now felt new hope