Supreme Uprising Chapter 329

Chapter 329 The Yin Yang Convergence

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This simple word was worth a lot to the current human race.

This word was actually considered priceless!

The Earth had undergone massive changes. The space barriers that had originally protected humankind from the other dimension no longer existed, and massive amounts of dire beasts and source beasts that could block out the skies had appeared.

Although some martialists had advanced in rank and seen their cultivation bases soar, facing a dire situation like this was still too much for them.

In 10 years, they would perhaps be able to establish themselves.

This was what humanity’s powerhouses thought. However, the constant changes in the world and the influx of beasts didn’t give humankind any time or chance to do so.

Even Jin Zaitian and other people’s rich experiences were fruitless. The influx of beasts had already destroyed their plans.

Just when they had exhausted all their energy, power and strength and were about to retreat, Luo Yunyang’s voice was transmitted.

Both the source beasts and dire beasts suddenly retreated. There wasn’t a single beast in sight around the perimeter of the broken city walls.

It was clear that they were already safe.

Three days later, most of the damaged machinery was repaired and restored. 10 days later, the broken city walls were repaired and reinforced with stone.

Although most strong martialists knew that these city walls wouldn’t be much use against dire beasts and source beasts, they still gave the people in the city a sense of security.

After 10 days of rebuilding, the connection between the 37 cities was restored again. Unfortunately, top scientists discovered through radio waves that the distance between Chang’an and Shen’du had expanded. The two cities that had been only 1,000 miles apart were now several thousand miles apart.

Meanwhile, the far-off Free Cities were now hundreds of thousand of miles away.

A top scientist claimed that the fusion of the dimensions had expanded the planet tenfold.

Although there were no experiments to prove this hypothesis, most people chose to accept it.

While communications between the 37 cities of the Da Alliance had been restored, due to the individual battles of each city, the Da Alliance’s control over the 37 cities had become so much weaker that it could only be considered a union now.

However, the issue of the Race Blood Battle had been prioritized by the leaders of every city. Ever since they had found out about it through various means, their attitude towards Luo Yunyang had been surprisingly supportive.

They didn’t wish to hide this, but if the Race Blood Battle failed and Luo Yunyang fell, according to the rules of the source beasts, the race that had issued the challenge would be exterminated.

This meant that they would all die if Luo Yunyang died and live if Luo Yunyang lived. Thus, their fates were tightly intertwined with Luo Yunyang’s fate.

Although it was difficult for people to travel around, they used all sorts of methods to impart various cultivation techniques to Luo Yunyang.

For example, the telekinetic cultivation techniques of the West, martial techniques of various big sects and some of the hidden techniques of ancient martial families that were passed from generation to generation were included.

Luo Yunyang’s martial techniques started to accumulate.

Luo Yunyang didn’t have much confidence about the Race Blood Battle, as he only had a vague idea about the power of the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts.

Moreover, during this battle, he might have to face the simultaneous attacks of the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts.

Chang’an City was buzzing with activity and filled with people. However, Luo Yunyang was standing on a mountain that had sprouted in the middle of the city during the massive changes.

The concentration of sixth factor aside, he was there because it was quiet and peaceful.

The Flame Emperor had ordered everyone not to disturb Luo Yuyang’s cultivation practice.

At the top of the hill was a platform that Luo Yunyang had carved out himself. He was currently in seclusion so he could refine the mind power he had obtained from the Martial God.

When he had merged with the Heart of the Earth, the Martial God’s mind power had been shattered, so refining it completely would be no easy matter.

Although this consciousness had lost its dominating will, Luo Yunyang still felt that this mind power’s resistance was very strong. Thus, he needed some time to refine it.

Luo Yuyang’s mind power, which seemed to have split in two, was continuously crushing the Martial God’s mind power as it rotated.

Every rotation caused the Martial God’s mind power to give off some specks that were automatically absorbed by Luo Yunyang’s spiritual power.

As Luo Yuyang kept repeating these actions, the communication device he had left on a rock rang.

Luo Yunyang had changed his communication device, so only a few people like the Flame Emperor knew his number. These people also knew that Luo Yunyang was in seclusion, as well as how important this was, so they would basically not disturb him.

When Luo Yunyang answered, he heard the Flame Emperor’s solemn voice. “Yunyang, the Edgeless Spiritual Master’s disciple is looking for you. He has something to give you.”

The Edgeless Spiritual Master’s disciple?

Luo Yunyang had complex emotions regarding the Edgeless Spiritual Master’s disciples. Although they hadn’t betrayed him at a critical time, they hadn’t supported him either. Luckily, Luo Yuyang had an open mind. There was no such thing as permanent friends, only permanent benefits. Luo Yunyang understood that no one was obligated to speak for him, so he felt a little at ease.

When he heard that one of the Edgeless Spiritual Master’s disciples was looking for him, he replied, “Let them come.”

Given his current mind power, he could basically cultivate while also handling other matters.

Fifteen minutes later, the Flame Emperor arrived accompanied by a tall young man. The man bowed respectfully when he saw Luo Yunyang. “Greetings, Mr. Luo. I am disciple Jin Dongan.”

“I have heard about the Edgeless Spiritual Master. If you need any assistance in the future, feel free to look for me,” Luo Yunyang replied as he gazed at Jin Dongan.

Jin Dongan seemed moved. He knew very well that Luo Yunyang’s current status was extraordinary, so although his promise was too sudden, it was a blessing.

No one in the entire human race could stand shoulder to shoulder with this man. Therefore, just a sentence from him could send someone from hell to heaven and vice versa.

“Thank you, Master Luo!” Jin Dongan bowed respectfully. “I came all the way here under the instructions of my old master.” The young man suddenly produced a box and said, “I was tasked by my master to give you this item.”

The simple, unsophisticated box had a faint fragrance. Luo Yunyang could tell that the box was carved out of Calming Wood as soon as he saw it. Even a small piece of this sacred wood was worth tens of millions in the Da Alliance.

The fact that such a large box was carved out of Calming Wood was even more incredible. Luo Yunyang didn’t open the box immediately. Instead, he put it down and asked, “Did the Edgeless Spiritual Master have anything to say to me?”

“Master said that the Fist Art contained within this box is the strongest technique of our clan. Everything contained inside the box has yet to be fully comprehended by our forebears. I hope it will be of help to you.”

Luo Yunyang opened the box and saw a manual made of yellow parchment. On the cover was the title ‘Yin Yang Convergence’!

Yin Yang Convergence?

At first, Luo Yunyang didn’t think much of it. After all, he had the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart. One ape, one dragon, one Yin, one Yang The meaning was pretty much the same.

However, after he browsed through the 36 forms of the Yin Yang Converging Fist, a strange sensation welled in his heart.

Although the Yin Yang Convergence spoke about combining two different powers as one and reaching its limits, the way it worked was way more advanced than Luo Yunyang’s Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

“Wait a bit!”

Luo Yunyang quickly adjusted his mind power. In an instant, he tried to comprehend the Yin Yang Convergence Technique again. After closing his eyes, he started to deduce it in his mind.

Jin Dongan hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would get so obsessed. Although he seemed a little rude, Jin Dongan was well aware of Luo Yunyang’s status, so he didn’t utter a word.

This was the strongest god-grade powerhouse in all of humankind after all.

After 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour

The sky began to darken slowly and the stars shone high above the mountain peaks. The deadly silence that surrounded them made Jin Dongan feel at a loss.

Just when he started to wonder whether he should leave, Luo Yunyang suddenly moved!

He stood up without paying any heed to Jin Dongan and moved his fists unhurriedly. At first, Jin Dongan, who was able to see Luo Yunyang’s fist movements, didn’t think that his strikes were very advanced.

However, as Luo Yunyang continued to use these forms, red and blue lights converged in his hands. Jin Dongan slowly started to feel like he could no longer sense Luo Yunyang’s existence. Instead, what he saw was a big blue ape and a scarlet dragon that made the mountain peak tremble.

The ape howled at the earth while the dragon roared at the skies.

The massive ape got larger and larger. By the time it reached its final form, it appeared indomitable. Meanwhile, the scarlet dragon became more and more distinct. Its surging might made Jin Dongan’s heart shudder.

The man retreated continuously until, before he knew it, he had already reached the top of the hill along the mountainside.

He suddenly realized that many people were already standing on the mountainside. When these people saw Jin Dongan, they nodded their heads slightly in greeting.

The ape and the dragon eventually met. The relationship between them seemed to grow closer until they actually appeared to converge.

As the red and blue lights became dimmer, an extremely dazzling purple glow appeared.

In the end, the purple glow replaced the red and blue lights completely, so the entire sky and earth were illuminated by this glow. When Luo Yunyang waved his fists, the glow transformed into a purple bell with traces of the divine ape and dragon above Luo Yunyang’s head.