Supreme Uprising Chapter 330

Chapter 330 The Mysterious Guest From Atlantis

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Jin Dongan felt warm tears well in his eyes as he watched the huge bell that illuminated the world. He believed that being able to see the Yin Yang Converging Fist made this trip worthwhile.

As the purple bell slowly dissipated, Luo Yunyang walked down from the top of the mountain. When he glanced at Jin Dongan, he smiled. “Thanks.”

“Mr. Luo, you are indeed the true master of the Yin Yang Converging Fist. You are the only one in the world who can cultivate it to this extent!”

Jin Dongan suddenly went down on his knees and said sincerely. “If you protected all of humankind, Master would rest in peace.”

Jin Dongan left. He wanted to let the Edgeless Spiritual Master guard the tomb, yet before he left, he took a communication device and said that when the Race Blood Battle began, he would surely return and help.

The small hill returned to its peaceful state. Although the Flame Emperor and the others really wanted to speak to Luo Yunyang some more, they knew how precious his time was.

If Luo Dong’er and his other family members could not disturb Luo Yunyang’s cultivation, how could they be allowed to waste his time?

This one year was really important for Luo Yunyang and humankind.

It was already night, so darkness had descended completely and all living things had gone to sleep.

Luo Yunyang felt the darkness calm down and quieten his mind like a cool evening wind or a cold wave. All the negativity and uncertainty of the day was now wiped clean. Luo Yunyang was just quietly flipping through the book in his hand. It made no difference to him whether there was light or darkness.

The contents of the Yin Yang Converging Fist had already been deeply ingrained in his mind. However, there was an inexplicable charm to this parchment, so Luo Yunyang felt like he gained something new every time he perused over it.

“Who’s there?” Luo Yunyang suddenly jolted and put away the parchment.

“Very alert and vigilant, as expected of the person who defeated the Martial God!” A faint voice rang out in the air. Along with the voice came a shadow that had strangely appeared alongside a blue glow before Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang’s face turned slightly grave when he saw this figure. He could sense that this person’s cultivation base was even higher than his own.

Blue eyes, blue hair and azure blue palms This person seemed to be completely blue.

“I am the Chief Zealot of Atlantis!” The azure figure gazed at Luo Yunyang as he bowed. He seemed extremely polite and gentle.

The Chief Zealot of Atlantis?

Although Luo Yunyang had taken a trip to Atlantis, he hadn’t really been inside it. Besides, ever since Qiongsi and the other Sea God Riders had participated in an attempt to assassinate Luo Yunyang, his relationship with Atlantis had been really hostile.

“My name is Zheyuan. I’ve come with no malicious intentions.” The man waved his arm and an exquisite chair made of beautiful jade appeared.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Zheyuan as he sat down casually. “What’s going on with Atlantis?”

“Nothing. Atlantis has the favor of the Sea God, so it naturally will not suffer any source beast attacks.” Zheyuan smiled faintly. “However, it seems like things don’t look very optimistic for you humans!”

“You came all this way just to tell me this?” Luo Yunyang replied calmly.

“Of course not. I heard that you actually initiated a Race Blood Battle, so I came specifically to see you,” Zheyuan replied calmly. “The way you fought was really admirable. When you defeated the Martial God, you displayed your true fighting strength.”

Based on Zheyuan’s words, Luo Yunyang could sense that he and the Martial God had probably had some sort of relationship.

“Martial God Luo Kai and I could have been considered friends.” When Zheyuan said the word ‘friends’, there was a tinkle of hesitation in his eyes.

“No, the relationship between us couldn’t really be called a friendship” Zheyuan pondered this for a moment before he spoke again. “You’d probably call us two like-minded people, or perhaps companions.”

Like-minded companions?

How had Martial God Luo Kai and the Chief Zealot of Atlantis contacted each other? Luo Yunyang didn’t ask, as he knew that Zheyuan would surely elaborate.

“Do you know how much trouble you caused by killing Luo Kai?” Zheyuan said with a tinge of regret in his voice.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed with a cold glint. “I hate preachers. If you want to stay here, you should speak properly!”

Luo Yunyang did not yield in the slightest. Zheyuan’s eyes flickered coldly for a second before he calmed down again.

“Alright, I will speak properly!” Zheyuan eyed Luo Yunyang and enunciated each and every word individually. “I came here to save you.”

Save him? Luo Yunyang, who naturally didn’t believe that Zheyuan would be so kind-hearted, smiled sardonically.

Zheyuan acted as though he hadn’t noticed Luo Yunyang’s disdain. “Don’t assume that I’m talking rubbish. The Race Blood Battle you initiated was a stupid, suicidal decision. You have no idea how powerful the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts are!” Suddenly, a crystal appeared in Zheyuan’s hands. “I believe that you will be able to understand what sort of enemy you are facing through these images.”

When Luo Yunyang’s mind power swept through the crystal Zheyuan placed on the table, 10 images were reflected in his mind.

The first was a giant black dove flying within the void. Its wings were like dark clouds that could create a black sea of fire with a flap.

The sea of fire swamped a mountain and instantly turned it into an expanse of black desert.

Although the image didn’t show much of the black dove’s power, Luo Yunyang could tell that its might surpassed his by far.

The second image was of a massive silver three-eyed wolf. The wolf moved like electricity, its third eye flickering as it ran.

A purple light was emitted from that eye, turning everything it touched into ash.

The third image depicted a giant ape with three heads and six arms that grabbed a mountain with its hands and threw it towards the starry sky.

Countless meteors fell like rain as the great ape raised its head towards the sky and howled in delight.

There was also a fourth, a fifth, a sixth image

By the time he had looked at all 10 images, Luo Yunyang’s brow was furrowed. He had originally thought that the gulf between him and the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts wouldn’t be huge, but now it seemed like he was far weaker.

Although Luo Yunyang couldn’t say for certain whether he would have the ability to retaliate if he was attacked by the black dove in the first picture or the giant flame beast in the last picture, if he were to fight all those beasts, the one who would die in the end would surely be him.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind as he thought about how he should deal with those beasts. However, all his ideas were overruled in his mind.

“What do you think, Luo Yunyang?” Zheyuan stared at Luo Yunyang with a mocking look.

Luo Yunyang tried his hardest to calm his spirit. “This is indeed extraordinary, but I don’t think you came here just to find me and batter my confidence.”

“Smart! Of course I’m not trying to undermine your self-confidence.” Zheyuan smiled. “I came here to deliver a gift. My gift to you is a treasure that can help you win the Race Blood Battle.” Zheyuan produced a jade tablet. “This tablet can help you communicate with the supreme god! If you devote yourself to God, you will be granted divine power and nothing will be a problem anymore.”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes fell on the jade tablet. When he made eye contact with it, he felt a majestic holy power appear in his mind.

Although his mind power was strong enough, he still couldn’t help but feel like kneeling under the pressure of this power.

This mighty power could move both mountains and seas! Luo Yunyang felt like an ant against this force. Suddenly, there was an impulse in his head, a desire to prostrate before its endless glory.

“Believe in me, my servant. You can have everything you desire!” A majestic voice echoed in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

Luo Yunyang’s mind rationally told him that this couldn’t be good. He feared that the moment he sank under the influence of this godly power, he would face something dangerous.

His mind power tried to break free, only to discover that it was impossible.

Luo Yunyang used his attribute regulator to instantly raise his Mind Attribute to its maximum.

The over 100 silver points of Mind Attribute allowed Luo Yunyang’s spirit to solidify. When he glanced at the jade tablet again, he saw the carving of a four-headed, eight-legged god on it.

Just as Luo Yunyang tried to find out exactly what it was, the tablet suddenly flickered with a strange light as bright as the sun.

When it was engulfed by the light, the tablet shattered into pieces and vanished completely.

Zheyuan was completely astonished by the changes happening before him. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually be able to break free from the power of the tablet!

“Luo Yunyang, you”

As Zheyuan looked puzzled, Luo Yunyang waved his hands and a huge purple bell descended on him.

He had already fully mastered the Yin Yang Converging Fist, so he could use source power to form this huge bell anytime he wanted.

While Zheyuan shouted and moved his palms, an azure glow enveloped him.

“Luo Yunyang, my wish to cooperate with you was sincere. You need to learn to appreciate favors.” There was a hint of pride in Zheyuan’s voice. “You must think properly. Only our god can help you walk out of this absolute despair. You will come begging eventually!”

As the huge bell fell, the azure barrier shattered. However, Zheyuan had already turned into a drop of water and vanished into the void.

Luo Yunyang didn’t pursue him. Although his speed was fast, Zheyuan had used a peculiar power that had allowed him to break through the void and disappear without a trace.

A jade-like stone was all that remained where he had been. The moment Luo Yunyang glanced at the stone, Zheyuan’s voice echoed in his head. “Worship our god with devotion and you will have everything your heart desires!”