Supreme Uprising Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Another Way

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Luo Yunyang didn’t care about Zheyuan. He just sat in a lotus position and thought about the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts that had crossed galaxies and torn up voids.

Although there was no certainty of defeating them during the Race Blood Battle, he had to at least prevent the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts from progressing any further.

Luo Yunyang believed that, given his current state, facing just one Heaven-Grade source beast would be problematic, let alone 10 of them.

Rapid cultivation base progress required rare treasures, so ordinary treasures no longer had much of an effect on Luo Yunyang.

For example, consuming extremely expensive medicine was no different than having food for him.

He needed even higher-quality medicine or rarer divine fluids.

Power: 35 (Fire: 13, Ice: 12, Wood: 9)

Speed: 4

Mind: 6 (Fire: 0.5)

Constitution: 17 (Dragon Bloodline: 10, Golden Body: 0.185, Fire: 0.568, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 383 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Bloody Sun Overhead: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Fire: 7.6, Space: 1.1, Yin Yang True Intent: 2)

When he opened his attribute regulator and saw the silver digits, Luo Yunyang had a flash of understanding.

He suddenly recalled the circumstances under which he had defeated the Martial God. Back then, he had converted all his True Intent into Power.

It seemed that, as long as he comprehended a different sort of True Intent, the figures of his total True Intent Attribute would increase.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes twinkled. He believed that he had found a way to rapidly increase his cultivation base.

If cultivation wasn’t enough, his True Intent could make up for it!

He currently had many ancient books and records in his possession. Practically every book represented a form of True Intent, so as long as he could raise each form, then he could rely on his attribute regulator to

Luo Yunyang hadn’t really intended to read through these records and books on the mountain top. However, after discovering their value, he took them out impatiently.

The Dragon Tiger Golden Core Technique was first!

Luo Yunyang was stunned when he picked up this manual. How had this sort of alchemy manual ended up there?

The Dragon Tiger Golden Core Technique might have an ordinary name, but anyone that read its inscription would feel a deep sense of veneration. This was probably a supreme sect treasure that had been delivered to help Luo Yunyang prepare for the Race Blood Battle.

Luo Yunyang flipped through the manual in a flash. The alchemy techniques mentioned inside it didn’t seem too difficult for him to understand.

He studied the Gathering Water Tiger and Flame Dragon and the Reappearing Golden Core next!

As Luo Yunyang was engrossed in reading about these alchemy techniques, he suddenly realized that he had reached the last page. Besides the two lines on the back, there was also a picture of a Golden Core wrapped around fire and water.

No one knew who had painted this picture, but as it was etched in Luo Yunyang’s head, he felt a trace of comprehension appear in his mind. The vital energies of the sun and moon converged in his hands and ultimately formed a small pill.

This pill wasn’t meant for consumption, but for attacking.

One could throw this pill and let it soar in the air and explode. Then, its power would scatter in every direction and make the void tremble.

Although the same amount of power would be used, it would seem about 10 times more effective than the force of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

When he opened his attribute regulator again, Luo Yunyang discovered that the True Intent column had a new section called Water Fire Amalgamation. Although the figure next to it was only 2, this was still an upgrade for Luo Yunyang.

Realizing his own idea had been the right move. Luo Yunyang had poured his enthusiasm into these scripts and manuals.

Most martialists would have bit more than they could chew, but Luo Yunyang didn’t face any problems.

One type, two types, three types

A fragrant spring breeze blew as the Flame Emperor stood on a large military drill ground where grown overseas soldiers were currently training. His eyes were full of delight.

Every single young soldier was dripping with sweat, as each of them practised martial arts diligently. Although their cultivation bases weren’t high, when they fought together, they seemed like a force made of steel.

“Martialists Do you think these kids have really become martialists?” Standing beside the Flame Emperor was the consul of Chang’an City.

Although the Rising Dragon Army was the most powerful army in the city, any matters concerning construction and livelihood were still handled by the consul’s office.

The consul and the Flame Emperor had quite a good relationship, which made his job easier.

The Flame Emperor nodded. He quelled the delight in his heart before he said, “The Rising Dragon Army’s soldiers are all martialists. Plus, 10% of our soldiers have already become martial masters!”

The consul, who had already thought that all the soldiers being martialists was startling enough, was truly astonished when he heard this.

He suddenly grabbed the Flame Emperor’s hand. “Is that really true? How could that be? How can they be martial masters”

Martial masters were extremely precious for the Da Alliance those days, so every martial master was considered an elite soldier of the Da Alliance.

One martial master in 10,000 people was already a decent result, let alone 10% of Rising Dragon Army soldiers.

If this had happened before the apocalypse, they would have been a force that could have swept everything before them.

“Why would I lie to you? Soldiers are breaking through every day.” The Flame Emperor glowed as he added, “I also feel like I am going to break through soon.”

“Didn’t you say that you had no way of becoming a god-grade entity in this life?” the consul said in a shaky voice as he pointed at the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor laughed heartily. “I had thought that it would be very difficult to achieve a breakthrough, but luck sometimes beats everything. After these great changes, the blockade in my heart that seemed very difficult to pass through loosened considerably.”

The consul watched the young soldiers huffing as they practised their martial arts while he said excitedly, “If we had 30 years, we could”

Although 30 years wasn’t a long time, for humans facing the threat of an attack by countless beasts, it was nothing more than an extravagant hope.

The Flame Emperor didn’t say anything. His gaze lingered on the soldiers before he turned his eyes to the mountain range.

“How is he?” the consul asked the Flame Emperor quietly. Although he didn’t mention a name, the Flame Emperor knew exactly who he was talking about.

“I don’t know.” The Flame Emperor thought for some time before he added, “Y’know, the distance between me and him is too great.”

“This is like letting a human second guess a god.”

As the two of them were conversing, the consul’s communication device rang. The Flame Emperor’s communication device rang right afterwards.

“What’s the matter?” When the Flame Emperor put the call through hurriedly, he saw the image of a trusted lieutenant with a bloody face.

This trusted aide of his was a top-notch martial master just a step from becoming a martial grandmaster. The Flame Emperor had made great effort to groom him, so he had never expected that he would get beaten up this way at such a time.

“Who hit you?”

The Rising Dragon Army was the most supreme existence in Chang’an City and all of humankind. Even some god-grade powerhouses wouldn’t dare cause trouble in Chang’an.

As humankind had started to recover, the relations between the big cities of the Da Alliance had gotten closer once again. Meanwhile, many martial grandmasters had come flocking to Chang’an.

Although they weren’t able to see Luo Yunyang in Chang’an, just seeing the distant mountain that Luo Yunyang cultivated on was enough to satisfy them.

Some people would call such an action a pilgrimage.

No one would cause any trouble during a pilgrimage, so even the martial grandmasters were extremely courteous.

Even if they were displeased, they wouldn’t go as far as to hit his subordinates in Chang’an.

“I hit him, old head! Ha ha! That useless fellow actually dared to act arrogant in front of me. How funny!” said an extremely arrogant young man in his 20s who had appeared before the Flame Emperor’s eyes.

The Flame Emperor was stunned when he saw this young man. Although he was certain that this was indeed a person, the more he looked at him, the more he wondered why he seemed so awkward. He was just like a person deliberately mimicking a wild beast!

“Who are you? Do you know where this place is?” the Flame Emperor bellowed as he quelled the rage in his stomach.

“Of course I know. How could I not know? Isn’t this Chang’an? Ha ha Come to think of it, we must be considered old neighbors. 500 years ago, my house was in the vicinity of Chang’an City,” the young man said as he laughed delightedly.

500 years ago? What was this fellow playing at? Just as the Flame Emperor was about to order the soldiers to seize this young man, he heard him proclaim loudly, “How dare the people of this small city actually obstruct the Clear Sky Emperor’s crown prince? This is an unpardonable crime! You must be the leader of this place, old fellow. Hurry up and get over here!”

Who was the Clear Sky Emperor? The Flame Emperor racked his head hard in an effort to find anything related to the Clear Sky Emperor, but there was nothing.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on his communication device. Although it had a human body, it seemed to have a bird’s head.

It was like a cold lightning glaring at the Flame Emperor. Behind it stood a few similar freaks with human bodies and beast heads.

“There is a place called Golden Rock Peak 1,500 kilometers away from Chang’an City. It seems like the Earth-Grade source beast there is called the Clear Sky Emperor.” The consul, who was standing beside the Flame Emperor, suddenly recalled this.

That source beast was called Clear Sky Roc!

The Flame Emperor remembered it. He had even seen the extremely powerful Clear Sky Roc spread its wings. Some people said that the Clear Sky Roc had the qualities to become a Heaven-Grade source beast, yet he had never imagined that its heir would take human form.

The Flame Emperor felt that his perception was already a little muddled.

“We haven’t gotten to the bottom of this matter. Let’s find out more about this situation before we speak,” the consul counseled the Flame Emperor softly.